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    Thanks for the input! I currently have a mesa boogie dual rectifier as a backup. I am however trying to sell it to help fund the second Kemper. Having the same tones no matter what happened would be great since we use in ears. On dates when we are only gone for a weekend I wouldn't be that concerned but when we are out 15 days or more at a time is when I get nervous lol.

    Hey guys, I am debating on buying a second power rack as a backup. I am currently using one for my love rig, but the fear of if something goes wrong I can't fix it is starting to make me paranoid. This year has been a little slow for us but we are projected to pick up in May. So in everyone's experience would you buy a second for a back up? my money situation isn't great at the moment but I can make happen. Thoughts?

    Right on thanks guys! I didn't think it would be a problem. It all depends on if this venue has their stuff together lol. I would prefer to turn it off though.

    I was wondering for people that gig is ok to the kemper powered on during the other acts? My band is headlining this week end and I wanted to see if leaving it powered on during the two openers (1 hr sets a piece) if it would be ok?Thanks guys!

    Hey guys I thought I would let you know of an issue I have found. If you are using a ground control pro and performance mode on the kemper and the controller isn't powered up before the kemper it will not switch rigs or performances. I am not sure if this happens with other controllers as well or not.

    Finally had some time today to give the kemper it's first go! Holy crap it is amazing! I purchased the Diezil and Mesa profiles from premier profiles and they sound pretty killer. I will hopefully have some time next month to do some profiles at the studio! Thank you guys again for the warm welcome and the wealth of knowledge!

    Absolutely! Today is dragging by. I work tomorrow too and have a gig Saturday in North Carolina. Looks like I won't get to play to much until Sunday and that's If Fed Ex actually delivers on time. Does anyone have a recommendation on which usb to midi to use? I have been looking at the Roland mk2.

    I keep my wireless receiver back at my rig. It's just what Im used to (I have been using the tuner out on my Mesa). I may have to adapt to the new setup but that is no issue. I'm hoping ,sooner than later, that the computer will be handling my switching anyways. Thank you guys for responses!

    Already downloaded! As soon as the girlfriend goes to sleep it's time to cram lol. I also happen to have a local studio to profile amps in. I found the wiki and plan on watching the tutorials on getting the best profiles. I'm definitely going to profile my Mesa before I sell it as well as the 5150ii and III that the studio has.

    Ordered my first kemper (power rack version)! Delivery will be Friday and the only thing I regret so far is I didn't order it a couple days earlier so I can use it during my gig Saturday. I have been looking around the forum for a couple of days and I'm glad to see the wealth of knowledge available to us.

    I ordered my Kemper Power Rack and it will be here Friday! I only have a couple of questions. Is there a way to use one of the outs as a "tuner" out while maintaining DI for my iem's and front of house, and line out to my cab? I plan to start using my kemper with my ground control pro and a boss tuner. I am wireless so I like to keep everything at my rack and run a single line to the front of stage for my tuner. I would also like to eventually have my switching done by the computer running our clicks. We use studio one producer and I was unsure if a Roland USB to MIDI would work. Thank you in advance!