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    <a href="">@Burkhard</a> Unless I doing something wrong I cannot get the morphing to work with Uno4Kemper v1.2. The only way I can morph is to assign the QUICK button to MORPH and press it.

    I have the RIG BUTTON MORPH checked but still get no change when pressing …

    Hi Liam, it works with Uno4Kemper v1.4 and not v1.3, I have purchased this and it works very well.
    Only problem I have at the moment, is when you push button 1-5 to load a rig, for the second time, it loads an other rig that is not programmed.
    Can be annoying when you play live, this is still not fixed in Public Beta 4.0.4.

    I have another issue after the FW4.0 upgrade.

    When I, for example, load a rig pressing bank 1 switch 2 of my FCB 1010 floorboard, when pushing switch 2 again it loads another rig (I think the previous from my list of rigs).

    Will this be solved with UnO4Kemper 1.4?