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    In case anyone has this same issue, mine has been solved. It turns out that the springs on my floating trem are causing the noise. It was recommended to cover the springs with cloth or rubber tubing to remedy the problem.

    Well I don't have a floating trem, so I'm still none the wiser as to what the cause of mine was! Glad you're sorted anyway.

    Really?! Have you tried it?
    I've tried just before posting to make sure. It's not working.
    Take a distorted or crunch rig, put the gain to minimum and the pure boost to maximum. Do you get the same result? I don't think so.

    By putting the gain at zero, you're telling it to be clean. I've had a couple of valve amps in the past that had clean channels which were designed to stay clean and putting a boost in front of them did the same, it just got louder and eventually unpleasant.

    When I use a Pure Gain stomp, I use it with a low gain amp setting but not at zero gain.

    Andy, thanks for the freebies, I had fun today with them! The WEM Clean even ousted a Fender model I use live, it's stunning. Admittedly, I forgot to put the SLO profiles into Rig Manager so that's for another day!

    Whilst I don't play metal, I probably use what others would describe as a high gain sound. Despite the quality here, your original Friedman BE100 and Diezel Herbert still remain as my main tones. They just work at any volume with headphones/FRFR cab/PA and a second guitarist. I guess you've your work cut out to make me move away!

    Extra to what you see in my profile picture, I've a 70s Kawai electric, a bass and an acoustic.

    My absolute go-to guitar at home is the PRS SE Zach Myers. It's been modded; locking tuners, handwound pickups, bridge studs and knobs. There's just something about the semi-hollowness, weight and satin neck that inspires me to be creative at the moment.

    In my band though the only one that sees the light of day is the USA PRS Custom. Basically, it just does everything so well. There's nothing else I need. I've taken all the rest along at some point but there's simply no reason to unless it's for a silly tuning (which I'm currently avoiding doing!)

    I've got my HD500 working differently with the Kemper.

    It's set to Pedalboard mode with Footswitches 1-8 sending only midi program change data; each selecting a preset on the Kemper giving me instant access to 8 Kemper profiles. I have preset 1-3 running like this with preset 4 set to send CC messages, toggling stomps and effects. You could create a hybrid but it's really easy to toggle between the patches on the HD500 to have good control.

    The only downside is that it's one way communication so you get no lights on the HD500, which makes much less difference than you'd imagine.

    Ok, I'm confused! You play wireless guitar at home?

    I agree completely that if you're playing guitar wireless that having a headphone cable is pointless but I can't imagine needing to use a set up at home with two transmitters, two battery powered receivers for a quiet practice session.

    There are products out there designed for situations such as on aeroplanes but Ultimate Ears IEMs aren't amongst them and there are plenty of off the peg noise isolating earphones out there for a very reasonable price which sound good. It's worth remembering as well that your ears will change shape naturally over the years and all custom mould IEM manufacturers recommend having a refit every few years. Whether your existing IEM drivers can be rebuilt into the new ones isn't guaranteed either so you're not buying into a lifetime investment.

    Ok, I'll stop now. I'm not trying to be rude or a party pooper and we all gotta do what we all gotta do. I just don't want to see someone buy a very expensive sledge hammer to crack a nut.

    You're planning on buying a wireless IEM rig to keep the noise down at home? Sorry, but this makes no sense to me.

    I've got a wireless custom moulded IEM system for when I gig with my band but I'm also the lead vocalist. I'd gotten fed up of relying on soundmen I'd never met being responsible for the ability to hear myself on stage that I decided to take control of myself - "Can I have more me please? A bit more. Still more please. Forget it, that'll do!!"

    It's brilliant and makes it so easy to focus on playing a great gig but I never use them at home.

    Custom moulded IEMs are great at isolating your eardrums from external noise but they're mostly pointless for home use. A lot of the cost of IEMs goes into making the tiny drivers produce deep, natural bass. This isn't anywhere near as difficult with a pair of large, closed back headphones which (at sensible volume levels) won't be any more disturbing than the acoustic sound from an electric guitar.

    As for going wireless, it's horrible to have your head tethered on stage but I can't see why you'd need to do so at home, especially when factoring in batteries and sound quality. My studio headphones (also designed to produce a flat response) sound far superior to my IEM rig but cost less than 10 times the price. I'd be stunned that anyone else would advise you on a wireless IEM system for home practice to be honest.

    If I've misunderstood your requirements, then my apologies. I'll climb back under the rock.... ;)

    I came from a POD HD500 & DT25 amp to a Kemper Powerhead.

    I'm going to contradict what everyone else has said, it wasn't a night and day experience for me. In fact I was quite underwhelmed the first time I plugged in the Kemper.

    The Line 6 stuff is genuinely capable of producing brilliant tones. I moved on from it because the amp models weren't really what I was looking for and it seemed to excel at styles that I don't cover. That said, I've sold the Line 6 DT amp and only use the HD500 as a foot controller now. The Kemper definitely has the edge over the Line 6 HD series but it isn't huge. Whether that distance is worth the money is only something you can decide.

    I bought a used Matrix FRFR212 on Friday and coming from a Celestion K100 loaded 2x12 guitar cab it's very different. If I'm honest, I didn't warm to it immediately but after a few minutes of playing I started to get over the difference and find it rather enjoyable. Pure Cab has been quite fun too.

    I'm not 100% sold on it yet, I'm planning to stick with it exclusively for a few weeks and will then try the guitar cab again to see what it feels like coming back to it. The loser will probably go on Ebay.


    I'm considering getting a Kemper Remote to replace the Line 6 HD500 I'm using to control my Kemper Powerhead. I'm very pleased with the way the HD500 works with the Kemper but the Remote has some advantages for how I'm using it. One question:

    With the HD500, I can use the integrated expression pedal as a wah and a volume pedal as the toe switch toggles the HD500 between the two. With the wah set to autoengage, this is perfect. Is this possible with the Kemper and a standalone expression pedal (such as a Mission Engineering expression designed for the Kemper with the toe switch)?

    Thanks :0)

    I've been using my Powerhead for a few months now, most of the time with a Celestion loaded closed back guitar cabinet and the cab simulation deactivated on the monitor output. Of late, I've been experiencing some bad tone days and haven't been able to figure it out until today.

    I created all my patches through the cab but also use the headphone output, main outputs to PA and also main outputs to in ear monitors. I'm mostly using profiles from The Amp Factory and despite creating some great sounding patches, i end up relying on a small handful that sound good through everything.

    My eureka moment today came when i considered what my favourite patches had in common; the profiled cabinet. I realised that a patch i make with a Marshall type cabinet in the profile still sounds great through my cab, as it is very much like a Marshall cab and also sounds great through the main outputs. If I select a profile created with a different type of cab, that's when it starts to go wrong. If I find a Vox profile that sounds good through my cab, it doesn't sound so good through the other outputs. You're always going to tweak an amp to suit the speakers so if you profile with Alnico Blues, you'll want to tweak it when using Celestion V30s but you'll also be adjusting the main outputs as well. As the monitor and output EQs are global, there's no easy way to fix it between patches.

    I've accepted there's always going to be a compromise when using the Kemper the way I do, if I want to mimic a ton of different amps I'll need to stick to using a FRFR but I really don't need that, I just want a good selection of tasty tones. Ultimately, once the drummer starts, the subtleties of my tones become rather pointless!

    I've now changed my patches by selecting profiles that sound good through the cab and the main outputs. It didn't take that long and it's always fun creating new patches on the Kemper.