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    Hi Kempers,
    i'm looking for an amp to use with the Kemper and 2 EVL 12 Speakers. I think in order to get the Kemper-tones in the air the equipment should be mostly neutral.
    The EV's are very neutral. While looking for an output stage i wondered if i can use my TC Classic 450 Bass Amp for that. It is loud and wheight is only 4 Kg ;-).
    Are there any pros or contras to that idea before i have to make cables and setup stuff? Or do you think it sounds much better to get a Rocktron Velocity or
    something linke that. I don't know why it should be not OK to put the Kemper in the insert of the amp so that only the power stage is in use.

    Ok, i got it know but:
    Only per preset (much work) and the range of the pedal is to small (even when i put the lower to 00 and the highest to 127).
    The way is:
    1. Select your preset
    2. Hold button "Down" untill green switch-light is blinking
    3. Press button "Up" (green switch-light is on continiously)
    4. Press button "Up" again (green select-light is on continiously)
    5. Hold button "8" or "9" (depends on wich expression pedal you want to use) until light is on
    6. Press button "8" or "9" until light is blinking
    7. Press button "Up" (green number-light is on continiously)
    8. Press button "1" for cc-number 1 in Kemper and not 7 as mentioned
    9. Press button "Up" (green value1-light is on continiously)
    10. Push down the Expression Pedal A for getting 00 as value
    11. Press button "Up" (green value2-light is on continiously)
    12. Push up the Expression Pedal A for getting 127 as value
    13. Hold button "Down" untill all parameters are saved
    Better ideas are welcome...

    Hi Kempers,
    i spend the whole day to get Volume control with the FCB1010 (normal UNO-Chip) runnig. I tried with FCB edit-software and manually
    on the floorbard. Program Changes are easy and going but the Volume Control Change won't give any reaction.
    Please, can anyone with FCB1010 experience give a step by step hint for that volume stuff. I know that the wah-wah would be a problem
    but i don't need this at the moment. But volume is nessesary for me.
    Thanks in advance

    Ah OK. So i have to check if my FCB1010 can send several CC's with one touch, right?
    Or may be with an UNO4KEMPER Chip? Or another standard footswitch that can do this.
    And if not i have to build an arduino project that sends a packages with several CC's over
    a 5-pin socket. Is that the way i have to go?

    Comparing the effort and the costs it may be better to buy a Boss RC Looper...

    I just found out that the FBC1010 (even with the UNO Chip) can send just 2 CC at a time.
    So i think it will be a Boss Looper. Thank you all.

    Thanks Mirek,
    but if i got it right the looper can't be used with the midi-commands. But may be the arduino can produce NRPN?
    So i need information how to feed the Cat-5 input of the Kemper without damaging. Is there anywhere
    a NRPN-implementation-chart of the Kemper?
    Is it the right idea:
    Some switches to the arduino -> generate the NRPN-commands -> Cat-5 output -> Kemper's Cat-5 input?

    Hi Forum,
    i know, it has been discussed but not solved and i don't really understand the techique behind the theme. Is it possible to control the looper without the Kemper remote?
    Is it still impossible via midi (especially the FCB1010). Does it only work with the NRPN protocol? Only via network cable? Any tricks about it? Does the UNO4Kemper
    the job?
    If not, any ideas about some DIY-hardware?
    Thank you all.
    Greets Harald

    Yes, i agree to Clutterbilly,
    if you earn not enough money with your gigs, they may be not that professional than our chart-stars. So in case of damage you listeners wouldn't
    be dissapointed to hear a POD for example. In my case (when i will get my kemper) i will keep my HD500X as backup. For most gigs it will be
    good enaugh and it has some more advantages as the money. You can used it pretty good at home for exercising with its looper and pedal and stuff.
    And once again: It is only for just in case...
    May be (and i hope for you) you never need a backup.

    Yes Sir, i will do so. On the other hand i've got all the good infos about the KEMPER only from internet.
    It is pretty much money and the reason for me is to get a better sound than the HD500X which i own.
    May be the difference is not worth the money i have to add on. But i know, i could give it back to the store...

    Thank you Guys,
    i asked, because i'm planning to buy such a rack-version. And i would be dissapointed if a new version
    comes out some month later...

    Hi Forum,
    does anyone knows (especially the manufacturer himself) something about the roadmap?
    Is a new hardware-version of the KEMPER planned?