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    OK. And when you changed all cables it looks like a hardware problem and i would start a support ticket.
    Did you try to change the position of the ground switches? I don't believe that's the problem but the last thing
    you can try without opening and loose warranty...

    For me it sounds like a loose contact at the socket of the Kemper. But i don't understand your
    second sentence " It strange that output problems have same impact on input"...

    Difficult to say whats going wrong there. In the past i had harsh tones with my Strat too. I change to Humbuckers
    and it was a different world.
    I you want, you can chose a free profile (which make harsh tones to you) and send me that saved profile. Also send
    a record made with spdif.
    Then i will load this profile and will do a SPDIF record too. So we can see if it is something with your Kemper or not.

    Sorry. Ich steh imm mer noch auf dem Schlauch und kapiere nicht warum der Drummer in den Kemper muss.
    Wenn ich auf dein Ergebnis hinauswollte, würde ich den Drummer erst einmal komplett auf eine Spur in der DAW
    aufnehmen. Dann hast du den Drummer im Kopfhörermix und kannst das die Kemper Signale (Left:Clean und Right: Effect)
    auf 2 zusätzliche Spuren über SPDIF aufnehmen und hast diese auch im Monitor-Mix.
    Die Routing-Möglichkeiten in deinem Focusrite kenne ich jetzt nicht aber so bräuchtest du die auch gar nicht.

    My future project will be nearly similar. I choosed the arduino nano with using of shift registers to manage more buttons.
    I purchased a POD HD 400 cheap and will integrate my Arduino solution in it. With a switch from an old printer switch
    i can switch between HD 400 and Kemper-Arduino. So if the Kemper will get out of order i can do an emergeny switch
    to the POD and can play futher on.
    I just started the project and must pause now because i have no time. But when it will be ready somewhere in future
    i have a robust switcher for the Kemper and a reserve modeller just in case.

    Hallo Kay,
    ich verstehe noch nicht warum das Drummer Signal überhaupt in den Kemper soll. Vielleicht kannst du dein Wunschergebnis mal erklären.
    Ansonsten ist das Reamping über SPDIF eigentlich sehr einfach. Du solltest am Focusrite die Clock auf external stellen (der Kemper muss
    immer der Master sein). Dann kannst du, je nach dem was du für SPDIF Out am Kemper einstellen zwei getrennte Signale vom Kemper in
    deine DAW bekommen. Z.B. linke Spur unverarbeitetes Sigal für Reamping und ein Signal mit Amp und Effekten.
    Auch beachten: Der Kemper kann nur 44.1 kHz (24 bit). Also auch in der DAW die korrespondierenden Werte einstellen.

    Don, thank you that you have yet replied, although it is clearly written there. I've overlooked this part...
    Indeed this makes more sense than my setup ;-)
    By the way, "The Healer" from Scuffham's "S-Gear" is the best Marshall Sim i have ever heard.
    It's a bit like Plexi and Park mixed together.
    So i will try how Kemper will simulate a simulation.

    Hi Forum,
    did anyone try to profile software emulation? Is it the same way best like profiling a real amp? I gave it a try but the result was not satisfying.
    The setup:
    Guitar -> Kemper -> Direct out (send) -> Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 in -> Scuffham S-Gear -> Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 out -> Yamaha DXR 12 (FRFR Box) -> Sure SM 75 -> Kemper Return -> Start Profiling

    I had to put the Mic very close (to reach a right level) but then i had to choose the 12" OR the Tweeter of the DXR12. So i choosed the 12"...

    May be there is a possibility to to this stuff with out mic? Or other ideas or experiences?

    Thanks in advance

    If you have time and want to make some expiriences i would go for the cheapest solution ever.
    There are many Micro Computers on the market, for example a Raspberry PI for a few Dollars.
    (Very small dimensions and runs with USB power).
    This Little Computer is able to run Linux (which costs nothing at all). And for Linux there are
    existing DAW's for free.
    So that would be a good start to see what your Needs are.

    Sorry Tritium,
    sure, i mean an Audio Interface and not an Audio Card. I find those compact Audio Interfaces with USB or FireWire very useful.
    You can carry it with your Notebook to the rehearsal room etc.
    If you plan to get a new one, i would recommend a S/PDIF in and out to be able to make a high Quality reamping...
    I choosed a all in one call MBOX PRO 3. It has S/PDIF and MIDI and enough In and Outs, balanced and unbalanced so that
    i have a complete Studio in one thing.