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    Thanks ATV! Got a few from Amazon (here in the US). Looks like, for these feet, M4-0.7 x 18 mm work very well. Of course, get the SS screws. Feet come 8/pack. Don't make the same mistake I did and put them in your cart twice (anyone need 12 of these, cheap???!!!)!!! :D AND, went to Home Depot for the longer screws, their shelves are VERY confusing, got Philips screws (wanted T15's like the originals), found the 18mm long ones, 2 per pack, so picked two off the same rack, second bag was 25mm! [email protected]!T! Anyway, seems that 25mm will work also.

    See image, On the Kemper is the new 1" feet. In the baggie is the original feet from the Kemper, there is the new, two bags of M4-0.7, the desired 18mm and the "not-so" desired 25mm, and the Amazon bag with the remaining 4 feet of the 8-feet bag. Not shown, the shameful other bag with the other 8 feet!

    Other photo showing Kemper Straddling Line6 PowerCab! Also straddles the Orange cabs I so love! Sorry, no pics. Oh, the guitar? Line 6 JTV 89F, Blood Red! It's all dressed up, but I don't take it out. If it fails in the Studio (it has once - but after repair, seems VERY reliable???!!!), that's one thing. So, yeah, I don't take it out, without a SERIOUS backup (i.e., it is just there to perform "if it can!" - I'm sure it will be great from now on! :D)


    Anyway, thanks again forum, for the inspiration!


    Just updated via Rig Manager! Successful! Not even sure what version, it just worked! So far. Will it break? No indication here. I'm not being paid. AND, IF IT DOES BREAK - YOU ALL WILL HEAR ABOUT IT! I hope I don't have to post bad news here EVER!

    I am TERRIBLY sorry. HOW THE HELL DO I WORK THIS DAM*ED THING? Is a college degree required? I just cut the output of a 600W Profiler AMP off, on purpose. That worked. Ok, now, let's reverse the process. CAN'T GET IT BACK ON! This is INSANE! THE F*NG "OUTPUT" light is ON, just like before, but NO! External speaker is quiet! WHY TF IS THIS NOT INTUITIVE?! Ok, all you "I KNOW THE BIG K INSIDE AND OUT" people, don't fuel my fire. AND, HERE IT IS . . . If I inadvertently turned it off, the light should go out. It did. Great! I pushed several buttons, and . . . lo and behold, it came back on. But guess what, NO OUTPUT! My speakers were thirsting for power where none existed. FACTORY RESET! Seriously? C'MON! Can we all say it together . . . HOW ABOUT ACTUALLY "INTUITIVE???!!!" Rant over. Deep sigh feels good. So, I tried SOOO hard to NOT factory reset. WHY WAS THAT NECESSARY?