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    Hey guys, just got a Torpedo CAB on a trade. After some noodling, I think I got some nice results with a Wampler Pinnacle straight into it. Currently building a board around the Torpedo CAB for fun and for when I do not want to bring the Kemper with me.

    Hope you enjoy it! Excuse the non sense and sloppy playing.


    Sorry for the delay, viabcrose. Thanks a lot, but I would pay taxes even in private parcel (unless the total amount is less than 50 dollars, including shipping).

    But anyway, got me a Voodoo Lab CGP yesterday night. Spent about forty minutes and it was all configured in Performance mode. Took it to rehearsal today, and it worked beautifully! Muche cleaner setup than the FCB (with the uno4kemper), IMO. Only downside is that I don't see the tuner. However, I will just use a Polytune (much prefer it than the tuner display on the FCB).

    Will try to set up an expression pedal I have laying around here for some wah this afternoon.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

    Cheers from Brazil

    I do it the same way, works great.
    But some effects or stomps are on, when I switch profiles/rigs... you can do that with the 4-presets-mode.
    Just press the buttons of the IA´s that should be on, when you switch to the rig... and press store: easy!
    Best regards, Mario

    Thanks man! Glad to hear that!

    Would having the unit bought by someone in Europe and privately sent to you be a solution budget-wise?

    Hi, well, it would depend, actually. Sending it overseas would imply significant taxes. I can purchase directly from Kemper and have it delivered here, but I would pay additional 60% to 72% in import taxes, not to mention a terrible exchange rate. If someone comes to Brazil in person, the limit to bring goods from abroad without paying taxes is U$ 500. So, if you plan on coming to Brazil, let me know! Thanks! Cheers

    Hey guys, so I have been using a FCB1010 with Uno4Kemper as a Midi Controler. Works nice, but I think I wanna change.

    Ideally, I like the idea of the Kemper Remote, but I just can't justify the cost here in Brazil.

    A cheap option I have is the Ground Control Pro by Voodoo Lab. Now, I am aware it does not do bidirectional communication with the Kemper, and it has its limitations. But, from what I have read, I think it is possible to do what I intent to. Just want to confirm with you guys.

    I plan on having 4 presets to control the amps in the Kemper, and use 8 IAs to turn on/off stomp/fx. I would basically use this as a pedalboard, meaning, when I change rig (amp) using the 4 preset buttons, the IAs would be turned off initially. Then, within that preset, I would turn them on/off as I intend to. As I change preset, all the fx/stomp would be turned off, and I could just turn them on individually.

    This is doable, right? I mean, despite of the limitations, I just want to turn the 8 stomps/fx on/off within a "clean slate" rig.

    Thanks for the help guys!


    Hey guys, just wondering what you are using as backups for the Kemper (if any)? I am thorn between building a small pedalboard to use with whatever amp the studio/venue has available, of if I get something like a POD HD500... Just curious about what you are using.


    So I'm looking to do a number of Direct Profiles (I believe that's what they're called) of amp heads by connecting the speaker out of the amp to a dummy load with a line out and connecting that to the Kemper. Is this the best way to silently profile an amp head (with no speaker cabinet)?

    I've heard running a dummy load can change the sound of the amp in a negative way, though. Is this true? Should I connect the amp head to a direct box that can handle the speaker load then put the Cab out of said DI box into a dummy load? would this work?


    I did some DI Profiles like this using a Suhr Reactive Load. Sounded good to me, especially the AFD100. Cheers

    Hey guys. So, I did a DI profile of my Marshall AFD100 using a Suhr Reactive Load. Sounds killer with a Marshall 412 with V30.

    Since I have been playing in some studios that do not have a cab, I am running the KPA through the PA system. And I wanted to use my own profile, so I was just looking for a cab preset on the Kemper to make a merged profile.

    So I selected my DI profile, pressed the cab button, and scrolled through the options. Came across the Mars MP from MBritt, and it sounded great! Then I pressed the soft button "Merge Cabinet", and the tone was not the same, it was way worst...

    Does anybody know why? I just stored a new profile without hitting the "Merge Cabinet" soft button, sounds awesome. Not sure what this is, though. Am I using my DI profile with the cab (although not merged)? I know I am not using the full profile Mars MP, because it sounds way different. I was only able to play with headphones in this scenario so far, but very happy with the result. Just curious as to what exactly I am playing here. LOL


    Thanks, I created this post because I am still having doubts. I am just protecting the KPa with a regular cheap strip. But I have the opportunity to go with a Furman P1800 AR or something cheaper for me me, like a Panamax designed for home theaters. Guess I have doubts whether something designed for a different apllication will work on the KPA or not...

    Hi guys, I am going nuts here. I am searching for a good solution to protect my KPA from bad power and surges. I've read tons of posts and decided that a simple power conditioner may not be the case for me. So I went looking for voltage regulator, came accross the Furman P-1800 AR, but it is just so expensive...

    I also found some cheaper solution designed for home theaters (from Monster Power and Panamax, mainly) and computers (UPS with stabilizers and surge protection). And these are much cheaper... Do they do essentially the same thing as a P-1800 AR? Do you see any problem using those with the KPA? Is anyone doing this?

    Thanks a bunch!


    Does anyone actually use this Monster HTS conditioner? I mean, it is specifically designed for home theaters, correct? Is it safe (and effective) to use it with the Kemper?? Cheers!

    Agree with others' suggestion of the Powered version. I got the Power Head after a long debate with myself, and I am glad I did. Sounds awesome with a traditional cab, plus you have the option to go FRFR or other active solution, should you want to. It´s just more flexible a simpler all-in-one solution. You won´t regret.

    Cheers from Brazil

    I must be one of the few people excited about Axl... I saw GNR in 2010 (not bad) and 2012 (terrible, sweared I would never pay to see them again). But the latest shows of the reunion tour... I don´t know, I am kinda enjoying the videos... Did you guys see him doing Whole Lotta Rosie in Coachella with Angus?

    BTW, great videos jjborsa! MBritt profiles just kick ass!

    Hey guys, I´ve seen a couple of threads about this matter, but I don´t seem to find a definitive answer.

    I am looking for the safest way to run my KPA at home, rehearsal studios and live gigs. My concern is more about qualiity of energy and protection against surges and spikes.

    I had my mind set on a Furman PL-Plus C, which is a power conditioner (not voltage regulator or stabilizer). But I´ve seen a great deal of posts and info telling me that these are nothing but pretty power strips... Then I started looking at those UPS that are usually used with computer and other electronic devices. I would have to look for one with 1200 VA (or more) to power the KPA, which runs at 600w. This is actually cheaper than the Furman down here, but I also heard that such devices are not made specifically to use with musical instruments...

    So, I am torned here... How are you guys (with KPA heads, not racks) doing? Are you using Furmans and getting good results? Or just going with UPS?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards