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    Hi, hope this is a valid place to post this. Both are great and deserve more attention. Mr. Cordy is using a KPA from time to time, but this is not the point. Great Utubers out there but I feel these two are under the radar. Cheers.

    this is more about efficiency in general than about guitar playing but nevertheless worth being checked out.

    I can totally relate to that analogy but it isn’t really that different from real amps and pedals. Its just quicker and cheaper to try searching for that potentially better tone.

    Good point.

    If the thing limiting us from chasing this imaginary better tone was lack of access to the amps/cabs/pedals/mics etc required then all we need to do is place a similar limitation on ourselves in the digital domain. By simply saying “I won’t spend any more than 15 minutes selecting basic rigs to load onto my KPA” then limiting the actual loaded rigs to say 5 we are back in the same place as the analog analogy but with a lot less debt 🤣

    Tried this of course... I ended up recording 15 sounds that I liked for a certain song (actually my basic rock tone) and compared them.

    Problem: A sound seems right, I switch to another sound, seems wrong, play, suddenly seems right, go back to first sound, seems wrong ^^:saint:

    This is not the KPA's fault of cource, it's mine ;(

    Totally agree with that.

    The alternative (to me) ist not a tube head + pedalboard, but a small board (think Iridium + Collider + drive pedal.) straight into mixer or foh. No more thinking about settings. Still, I just consider this...

    strangely enough, I would look at it the opposite way round. If was going to be doing lots of live work and rehearsals I just might consider a real amp but for playing at home and recording the Kemper is the natural choice.

    Same tendency here, too. Though this does not seem to be the common perspective (according to youtube comments...) ?

    2 things hat seem to haved changed over the period of guitar digitisation:

    POD : "Great quantity in a small package, thanks guys, now please give us the quality."

    Iridium: "Thanks for the quality, now please take away the quantity."

    Back in the days: "For recording a modeler is good enough. Live I still use my tube amps, due to sound feel. "

    Nowadays: "For live a modeler is good enough. Straight to foh. I don't lug my tube amp around anymore, just use it for sunday coffee playing."



    I think what makes some of us rethink the latter (me at least) is option paralysis. In the end I personally need 3 sounds and only delay & reverb. Finding the right sound for a recording takes so long thanks to millions of options, that in the end I don't record. Maybe there is some better profile matching the song even better somewhere out there... let's go and find it. This is what turns me away from modeling gear these days. But selling the KPA for a more simple solution is a tough decision of course. It is a great innovative piece of gear.

    I think these are useful requests. May I add that an option to handle multiple presets (e.g. chorus + delay + reverb = preset Ambience FX) would be nice.

    Thx to the Team.

    Mostly I'm facing the challenge to transfer one or more performances from one device to the other

    Haven't worked with performances yet, but shouldn't it be possible to arrange them in Rig Manager, (Local Library) and from there place them on each device? :/


    Ah ok, I guess I can't be of help here. Actually I must think about which music I like these days :/ ... no specific genre I guess.

    Soundwise I'm reducing gain the older (not wiser) I get. Currently I'm into players like Nick Johnston and Mateus Asato. Then there's a Youtuber called Jonathan Cordy that I enjoy very much listening to. So playingwise there's a lot to do ^^


    That profile hunt is fun yet can become frustrating. But was necessary for me and obviously many others. For some reason some of the most recognized profiles here on the forum just didn't do it for me. I was about to give up, when I finally found sounds that worked for me and that showed me how the KPA can sound. I'm glad I stayed with the KPA.

    What kind of music are you into?


    I was a little hesitant as one is a Toaster the other is a Rack and I thought maybe there were different properties that were unique on each

    :thumbup: Inside they're the same. Have fun with your units. Good thing about this strange situation is that many providers sell profiles at a reduced price.


    Would a transfer from the Studio unit via USB to the Gig unit work?

    Works and will be the best option. System backup to USB stick (think the file belongs into the root folder (you might want to look that up in the manual though)) and then import from USB (or similar) on the target device.


    Actually I don't believe they will come up with such a thing simply because it's not the idea behind the whole product concept. I might be wrong of course. Nevertheless I would love an (even smaller) form factor. But please, don't forget the digital output.