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    That’s a cop out. Its your assertion. Not my job to prove your point.

    You’ve either got something to back it up or not

    Um, yeah, whatever. My assertion that software is better workflow than knobs and switches? OK, perhaps that’s just me.

    ...or asserting that mechanical knobs and switches wear out over time and people have reported this on these boards and elsewhere? And that software would help extend the life of said buttons and switches?

    Have fun beating the contrarian drum on this particular thread.

    I know this is OT but i'd like to ask you. I see you're a helix user also. What is your opinion in the comparison between the two?

    Helix user here. My Helix gets the nod over Kemper for one reason and one reason only. Editor. Workflow is easily 10 times faster, and no worries wearing out knobs and buttons, which we have seen on these boards is an issue. 5 year old technology without an editor is inexcusable.

    Ugh......such a ridiculous set of comparisons.

    “ridiculous”, how, exactly? Small shops selling cheaper, less quality hardware, yet find a way to provide buyers an easier way to interact with their product via software? Only thing ridiculous is this ticking clock on software that should have been in the making 7 years ago. Period.

    Hi Y'all, I might be interested in selling my Kemper PowerHead with Remote, also interested in selling 2 Yamaha DXR10 Speakers with bags and trying to figure out what a good price would be? Everything is mint condition and has never left my studio. Can anyone Chime in and give me an idea what I should ask for it? I'm thinking around $3000.00 for everything plus shipping. I'd appreciate any input. Thanks, Bob

    Have you sold this stuff? If not, what general area are you located? Might be interested in the DXR10s, depending on where you live

    FWIW, Kemper's response to editor requests has and, seemingly, shall ever be:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Alternatively, when asked about an iOS editor over in Fractal-land (in addition to the existing PC/Mac editor) for their new Axe-III product, the company founder / owner / visionary responded:
    [Blocked Image:]

    TD;DR - be patient. Your request may or may not ever be delivered, and certainly won't be addressed before it's out of the oven.

    Just sold a JTV-59 - nice axe, but I didn't use it as planned (banjo, acoustic, altered tunings) after the novelty wore off. Also felt it was very heavy and I never fully trusted the battery system. Might have felt differently if I had connected through a Line 6 Floorboard that provided power. I do believe there is standalone power unit or something from Line 6 that can provide power without needing a full floor board.

    Exactly. The profiler's raison d'etre was originally to profile amps. People are trying to steer this purpose towards one of a glorified modeler for live use and they get impatient in the process, requesting better effects, an editor, a floorboard version and all sorts or things that the KPA never signed up to be or even provide in the first place. Seems like some of you got the wrong product. ?(

    I would have agreed to your argument until the Remote and expanded effects selections were offered. If the intent was only to ever offer a profiler, then limit the hardware and clearly set the expectations.

    Since expectations have not been set and since nothing has been communicated, here we are - a group of consumers who have received really nice incremental upgrades who are asking for more helpful computer-based editor similar to what we see from competing products .

    Are you a patch tweaker or a set-it-and-forget-it kind of guy? Meaning that a few amps and a few settings for those - delays, boosts, etc- would make you happy? If so, yes, TONS of options out there and once you've dialed things in, you are good to go.

    Sharry above wrote that there is no editor, which can be a big deal if you've used, or plan on using, a computer to dial in patches.

    In other words, if you want to tweak, for instance, a delay setting, there are 5 screens to toggle between, and 4 knobs to turn options within each page. If you are using a preset and want to change the amp that you are using, you will need to hit a button and turn a knob to change your amp preference.

    None of this is uber difficult, but if you are a tweaker who likes a computer editor, you need to be aware of this limitation. I was not, and coming from Line 6 products and the Atomic Amplifire, I was rather bummed out about the lack of an computer-based editor and find myself using a Fractal unit because of this issue.

    Despite a few years of rather heated discussion over this missing feature on these boards, Kemper has not officially responded to this request other than a passing comment last year that a software engineer had been hired to work on an editor.

    If any of the above is of interest/concern, best recommendation is to watch some YouTube videos on building a patch and also how to build a performance, which is a bundle of patches (intro/verse/chorus/bridge/solo, for instance) for use with a foot controller. If any of the above is incorrect, folks reading can eel free to correct me.

    I picked up a JTV59 about a year ago hoping to find something to provide some flexibility in giving me good-to-great electric and acoustic tones, as I'm a utility infielder for a church band (electric lead & rhythm + acoustic).

    So far, the experience with the JTV59 has been very underwhelming, and I've only really users it for oddball stuff like a resonator, where the tone is close enough.

    My normal guitars are a PRS McCarty, Suhr SSH, Collings OM and Taylor T5. I'm thinking maybe my expectations for the JTV are too high, but if anyone out there is really happy with theirs, I'm open to suggestions :)

    Deja thread: Editor pétition.

    Congrats boys, we are nearing the 27 page mark, where the last longish "we need an editor" conversation took place. In 2013.

    What do we know?
    - We've been told, kinda, maybe, that *an* engineer was hired to work on an editor.
    - There seems to be a divided camp in terms of new reverb algorithms vs. editor. Totally understandable. If I were waving a magic wand, I'd say get the Reverbs nailed down before the editor.
    - Kemper Kamp, as is habit, has remained vague and non-committal (in terms of reverb release) on both sides. Maybe it was the delayed Delays of 2016 that has quashed the promise of features and prediction of release date. Hush-hush from Kemper is part of their culture. This is too bad, as over in Fractal World, communication, releases and fixes are fast a furious. Hell, the captain of the ship over there is known to directly answer questions from the masses. Different strokes.

    OK, head back in sand. Hopefully this knob won't wear out...