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    I hope you get it all sorted. I had a different issue (I have contacted support a few days ago but have not heard), I updated Rig Manager before updating the profiler so they stopped talking to each other. I then manually updated Profiler, but unfortunately they are not talking to each other. Now I'm worried that some rigs may be gone like the OP. I'll have to check tonight.

    So are some of you saying that even though you had a backup, it hasn't worked? I always worry about this.

    1959RR ch2 vol6 boost by David G Burns.

    My early fave for vintage-rock mojo. Dial the treble back a tad and reduce Definition for extra mojo and character. At first your ears will think it's too-dark, but play for a bit and you'll see what I mean.

    The tweak will increase graininess, but it's "good grainy". Try it through a good wah too.

    I listened long ago on this one and Monkey is right, it has something going on for sure

    Just thought I'd share an issue I had in case anyone else gets affected, Kemper support knows about this and I believe it's being addressed but; the "Quad Chromatic" reverb setting that I have (which I got with Liam Thompsons awesome rigs of RE) now make my Kemper squeal it's head off after the update. I have had to disengage it from a few rigs or avoid them altogether. Even with guitar volume off the profiles start to softly squeal and then the volume goes up. I must stress Kemper has acknowledged it, but just in case someone else experiences it hopefully will be resolved in a update fix. Has anyone else actually experienced this?

    Yes brother Ash, I uninstalled and then loaded back up for the same result.

    D Man, I have it on the highest resolution which is 1920X1080, my old computer was 1360x768. As I said everything else is fine. I also got a message saying to click on a setting which helps "some" aps look clearer but doesn't work on all. Guess which one it doesn't work on?!X(:cursing: Trust me it's blurry, on my ole computer its sharp as this forum!

    The new Crank and Go pack is definitely less dark than Michael's previous offerings and therefore some humbucker players may like them more. I haven't tested them at gig volume but the Friedman BE50 is worth the price of admission alone. I was hoping someone with a good ear would profile this amp so in Mr Britts hands this sounds great (to me), then with the other gems in this pack I couldn't resist. I definitely fall into the category of too many profiles(is there such a thing??) but am so glad I pulled the trigger on this. The 78 JMP is not getting much of a mention, I'm loving this one in the pack as well.

    Welcome aboard sir. I had a similar path I followed, I was tossing up between the Axe and 11R and for the difference in price I went for the 11R. It took me awhile to get it up and running to my satisfaction and then had a couple of years gigging it but there was that something missing. I then went the custom amp build and pedals..........anyhow. I started researching again and the Kemper hit the radar. My biggest regret???? I didn't purchase it 3-4 years earlier!! And now that i'm done with gigging (for the time being lol) I have better tones than ever (between Mbritt, Cililab, LRS, NickK and some random Rig Manager stuff). It's made me a better player to I believe. And this forum (other than the recent changes!) is bloody fantastic. Awesome people barring a couple, but they have been pretty absent recently lol. Enjoy

    Michael there are no superlatives that I could say that haven't been bestowed on you already (that was a mouthful!) I'll just say you had me at the first 1st minute of the clip. Purchasing now!

    I'm a bit late to the party but I just want to thank Liam for these profiles of a great amp. Very cool that you've done some tweaks and updates. Ive saved a few in my performances but alas its only for home use as I've retired myself from live gigs, which is where I think these will shine most, but you just never know when this old fart might just decide to rock out with Kemper? 8o

    Alrighty! I guess I really set myself up here taking so long to do the review as the other 4 have done there's! (4 kids makes it hard to get anything done)
    With sooo many BE100 profiles out there (I literally have probably 1000) it's proving a very popular amp and obviously profiles very well. I will say from the outset that some of my favorite vendors haven't hit the mark (for me) with the BE and some packs only yield anywhere between 1-5 keepers. I'm a live guitar player and do not record anymore so I have to put that out there because I believe Matts BE100 v2 is more suited to the recording artist(not a bad thing). However I think when you have played for over 35 years you have to trust your ears and your setup to judge profiles on their merits. My setup is Kemper with Main out to a powered Alto 212 and then from the monitor out to a Crate Powerblock (cab off) into a semi closed back Blackstar Cab with Celestion 70/80's which is pretty cool because with the volume of the guitar cab a little lower than the Alto, I get the frequencies that are missing from not having to run the rig up to gig volumes, but i can also switch one or the other off to judge profiles sitting in different situations. For the purpose of this review I used a PRS 22 with Dragon 2 pickups which is my go to guitar for testing profiles as it is pretty balanced across frequencies, also a G&L Strat Maple neck/fingerboard with a custom wound Seymour Duncan Humbucker (think EVH) and 2 Suhr single coils, and also for lower output pickups but closer to a LP, I used my PRS 594. The new pack is definitely a very balanced pack with regards to frequencies, the palette is there for tweakers to find "their" tone, (as one of the other reviewers mentioned not thin or lacking in bottom end) but not slanting towards Mids or Trebles either . I usually like more bottom end type tones (more like Matts first BE) and when testing the V2 against V1 and other BE profiles at first I wasn't sure it was for me, but when I went in fresh at the start of each day it sounded pretty cool so I decided to stop comparing to other packs (you know that feeling, your ears hear too many different frequencies, then you go back and forth thinking the next one sounds way better or way worse than the other). As I went through the profiles its pleasantly apparent that there is no top end fizz or annoying tones to try and subtract, rather I just had the urge to add Bass....but I didn't. I also kept hearing tones that sounded like classic rock tones, think AC/DC, Aerosmith, Zep, Bad Company etc (dare I say you could coax some VH out of them!), so I started playing along to those bands and comparing to some of the isolated guitar tones you can get out on the interweb, and some live albums. I think Matt has picked some great cabs to profile with, but I found that where I liked one of the cabs more than the other 2 in one set of Gain settings, I liked one of the other cabs in higher gain sets so it is a very versatile pack. Case in point the Clean Studio 1, 2, and 3 set with humbuckers, one cab will sound better for strumming chords where as another cab sounded better for picking/arpeggiating notes. With the single coils, one cab would sound better in the neck position, and then another cab would work better in position 2 or 4 which to me is very, very cool. I particularly liked the lower/mid gain profile HG2 with the elite 80's 212 where as the MG4 set (which were amongst my favorites) i preferred the Greenbacks. This pack is geared towards more low to mid gain but the HBE 100 is great for more modern rhythm tones and the HBE 100+ (especially the Greenbacks) is great for that lead tone that is on the edge of feedback although I don't usually play with that much gain on the Kemper. Kudos needs to be given to Matt for the HBE profiles especially because this is where a lot of other packs fall down with the BE 100. Some other vendors seem to go from a reasonable BE tone to unusable HBE, usually with that fizz that I mentioned earlier. Whilst the pack has a good range of gain levels from clean to high gain, I did raise the gain on the HBE 100 to about 6.5 (I like it there for hard rock rhythm) and also lowered the HBE100+ to the same level to create some great new tones. This pack is smoother to me than some of the other packs out there but you can easily coax nastier tones (in a good way) with a few tweaks. To wrap this up, it took me a few days to get my head around this pack and appreciate it. Once I get my grubby paws onto the EQ knobs and the Definition parameter I think I can get "my" tone quite easily but I think he has captured the amp in a good light with the cabs and mics. I hope I have done your generosity justice with this review Matt, you have quite a few fans and followers on here and I think your improvement as a profiler is the reason why. Cheers from Downunder