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    JedMckenna Hey Jed, you started out a big advocate for MBritt and now Bert M seems to be more your preference (for live). Was it the BE pack that swayed you that way? I was using both of these legends for gigging (I have that illness where I use about 30 profiles live just coz you can with the Kemper :P), but the difference in tones from these 2 probably drive the sound guy mad as I switch from song to song. I have found with Bert's BE pack that there is a weird transient (thats the best way I can describe it) in some of the profiles. I also found they hide in the mix a bit, so I have to tweak a little to push them forward (not too much). Not putting them down BTW, I too use both these guys probably 54% Britt to 45% Bert 1% a Friedman SS100 from RE that I added a cab to (but I think that one will go soon).

    If I can throw my 2 cents in (and I'm not saying anything bad about any genre), I think most metal guys will not like many (if any) of Britts profiles. Having said that he has tried to expand and have profiles that can be used in that territory, Driftwood, and his Wizard and Mesa Boogie profiles that I believe Wolf H might've helped with? I'm into hard rock and metal, but I don't record and I don't play metal live. I find that a lot of the profiles that metal guys love around here, sound terrible to me on my rig. I will also say I am a 25 year old trapped in a 52 year old's body, and I like tuff sounding profiles. To me, Michael's have that full, beefy sound, and at gig volume they are glorious. I don't what to mention other profilers by name but I concur with people saying some are very thin, and fizzy. I know most of this stuff has been said before but if Michaels stuff sounds muddy/bassy even after tweaking the Definition parameter and bass/mid/treble/pres just move on, it's not for you. I have plenty of buyers regret with lots of commercial profilers (even some really highly credentialed ones), I'd say in the $1000's (i know, i know, I'm a glutton for punishment but a lot of people have that same affliction!). I get sucked in by profilers clips, then when I get them and use through my rig its a bust. I also concur with Monkey_Man his more recent packs, I think he is trying to cater for the crowd that thinks his older stuff is too bassy/muddy, but I also think that has made them in the wrong spectrum when cranked loud. In fact I wish he would re-do his BE 50 profiles to be more like his older stuff(sorry mike) with maybe a whole set with different speakers ala his Peavy 5150 pack (which speaking of might suit some the metal guys a bit?). Anyway my lunch break is over back to reality......Hope I haven't put any noses out of joint. As you were.

    tryhardhack , good job on this profile! I am not all too familiar with the Jose modded amps but, IMHO, your profile can hold its own character. :) Now I'm looking at your other profiles on RE. Cheers!

    Note: Tried it out through a tube power amp and a pair of V-Types.

    Thanks for the feedback, however I don't have any profiles on the RE. Just to clarify I mixed 2 profiles from the RE based on what was used in that video by Pete Thorn. I didn't want to put it on RE because it's really not my work, I just mix and matched 2 profiles. I have had some great results getting some of the modded Marshalls and putting various MBritt cabs on them but I will not be sharing those as they are paid profiles. Cheers

    hafi19 I have checked out all the Jose rigs on RE, I think there is even a JCM800 modded one on there. There is also a Dan Gower modded rig on the RE (which are similar to Jose Mods I believe) but none of them sound like the video I posted. It's like all the rigs out there, everyones versions are different, or else we wouldn't need a 1000 versions of a JCM800, or a BE100. I have found with my rig (at least) and with the tones I'm after, that 90% out there don't sound very good. Thanks for chiming in though, thats whats great about this place everyone is trying to help each other in our mad pursuit of chasing the tones in our heads.

    Btw has anyone besides rik777 tried it? Tonight I hooked everything back up and I think for the particular rig I posted, pure cab "on" sounds closer to the vid ;(. It feels like it loses some mids and girth with it off. I'll have to play around with the EQ's again and see if I can get closer.

    Just an addendum to anyone interested in this. I just realized that my pure cab was on, not sure how maybe with one of the updates? Anyways for those that don't use pure cab this profile may now sound different to what I had initially eq'd and possibly changed harmonically as well. I cant test it right now because i moved my kemper downstairs due to illness and can only listen through headphones. Apologies if I've wasted anyones time. Cheers

    rik777 I think he may have used a different cab at the start to get that tone for Shyboy because he says "for the second video, I used my blackback loaded cab", it does sound different to my ears from the first vid but it could be the effects and how he mixed it to that backing track.

    Let me know how you go once you've checked it out.

    Not sure how many of you have seen this but its very cool. I tried to re-create the tone in the middle of the clip where Pete creates his own song.

    I used 2 RE profiles, started with the Jose Arredondo from Craig Sorrenti and used the cab from Marshall JCM800 Mod from Alan (similar speakers to what Pete used).

    I'm not sure if I'm going deaf but with my setup (listed below), I think I got close. I made a few tweaks, but if anyone wants to give it a crack and let me know what you think. I don't think I have broken any rules because both were free profiles but I didn't want to put it on the RE all the same. If this is an issue for anyone please let me know.

    G&L Strat (with Seymour custom shop pup), maple neck and fingerboard, into Kemper then from main out into Alto TS112 powered speaker, also from the monitor out to a Crate Powerblock into a Blackstar 2x12 with Celestion 70/80 speakers just slighter lower in volume than the Alto to give me a bit more live feel. This is all at home volume so not sure how it will go cranked.

    P.S The effects were just some random ones pulled from another profile just to give me some reverb and delay rather than trying to match those Mr Thorn used.

    T-Man JMP Jose Arredondo Mod 3 - 2020-05-25

    I hope you get it all sorted. I had a different issue (I have contacted support a few days ago but have not heard), I updated Rig Manager before updating the profiler so they stopped talking to each other. I then manually updated Profiler, but unfortunately they are not talking to each other. Now I'm worried that some rigs may be gone like the OP. I'll have to check tonight.

    So are some of you saying that even though you had a backup, it hasn't worked? I always worry about this.