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    How to use editor on unsupported OS - you can try virtualization ...

    Windows 7 users

    1. install Windows 10 as virtual machine (client) into VMWare Player program (free for personal use)

    2. Install Rig Manager inside Win10 VM.

    I haven't try this yet with RM, but every piece of the software on the planet i tried is working inside VM. Virtualization is a very reliable solution.

    On Mac, or as alternative to windows VMWare, you can use free VirtualBox virtualization software.

    edit: haven't checked VMWare Win7 host compatibility, sorry, maybe you'll need older version of VMWare player or find other virtualization software, which is Win7 host compatible.


    I've found some strange behaviour with my Kemper - tried with firmware 2.7.4 and 3.0.2.

    When turning Delay Mix or Reverb Time quick knobs in browse mode, strange things are happening. Values are often changed in wrong direction, when changing Delay Mix, Reverb Time is randomly changed and vice versa.It looks like both controls would be somehow connected in and blocking each other. Completely unpredictable and unusable, hard to explain. Info on display is constantly switching between both controls, like actually both would be controlled with one knob without any sensable logic.

    When editing delay or reverb using menu, everything is working as expected.

    Any help would be appreciated - brand new Kemper rack here. I really hope this is not a hardware error.