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    Wow, Chris. I am so sorry to hear that.

    I was also very disappointed to see that you had disappeared. But was also glad I had snatched up so much of your work.

    I will be very glad to see more of your stuff in the future.


    Hi Chris,

    I'm enjoying the heck out of Mega packs 1 and 2!! I've never had more fun playing guitar. I can't wait for pack 3!!

    If I could make a few requests?????

    Breaking Benjamin, from the new record Dark Before Dawn (?Failure?)
    Three Days Grace, from One X (?Never Too Late?)
    Journey (?Stone in Love?)

    Would be great to get these. If not, I'm sure I'll still love it!

    Thanks for all your work, Chris.

    Ordered the Mega Pack 1 and quickly received Pack 2 via E-mail. Have only used Breaking Benjamin and AC/DC so far, but VERY satisfied! Great work, Chris! I also ordered the AC30, JCM800 and Dual Rec, but haven't had a chance to try those out.

    Anyone who actually tries a Kemper very soon stops caring about how it's actually done - I really wouldn't care if there was a genetically modified hamster in there who can fart 'God Save the Queen' in between takes. If this thing sounds as good as it does with minimal tweaking and without the valve issue of having to crank it to ear-bleeding levels at home then why would anyone say anything other than 'good job' to Kemper?

    OK!! I'm in!! Now where do I buy this device with the genetically modified farting hamster?!?!?!? Now I thought I liked my Kemper. Can't imagine what that would be like!!


    I've looked through. It seems that many of these profile posts are older, and no longer contain the appropriate links.

    R_U_Sirius, any way you could hook me up with these links?

    I don't see a way to do PM, unfortunately.

    Thank you.

    Please excuse me if I'm dense, but I just recently got my Kemper, and I'm still learning.

    Just installed the Rig Manager this afternoon.

    I have a Diezel VH4 at home. I have read wonderful things about RU Sirius' Diezel profiles, and I was very excited to try out his various Diezel profiles.

    When I look in Rig Manager, I see one profile, for a Diezel Herbert.

    Please let me know if I'm missing something, here!!!

    Thanks for your help, in advance.


    With firmware 3.0.2 you can use CC48/CC49, please read the updated MIDI documentation. But PC is always absolute.

    It looks like my MIDI pedal has fixed CC commands from 80-87, so I don't think I can do this. Without the ability to assign them PC commands, I suppose it just won't work for me. Thank you for your input.

    Thank you.

    That is what I was afraid of!

    Looks like I'll have to invest in a different MIDI switch moving forward.

    Another quick question in the interval.

    OK. I can assign individual rigs to each pedal using PC numbers. I'm looking for easy access to as many rigs as possible. So let's say, in Browse Mode, I assign 6 buttons to 6 different rigs using PC numbers. Is it possible to assign a PC number to a 'forward' or 'backward' browse command? I could use my last 2 buttons for these commands. Then, I would have easy access to the 6 rigs as well as the rigs directly ahead and behind each of them.

    Thanks, again, everyone. Still trying to figure this stuff out..... while I sit on the waiting list for an Atomic CLR...!


    Thank you for the reply. My footswitch has 8 buttons. I can set them each to a different PC number and be able to call up 8 rigs.

    I was hoping to use the CC commands for performance mode so that I could use 5 buttons to call up 5 different rigs per performance, and use 2 more buttons to advance forward or backward to different performances, where I could again call up 5 different rigs using the aforementioned 5 buttons. Not sure it is possible using my footswitch, though.

    Please excuse my naivete. I am VERY new to this midi stuff.

    I have the following, basic Randall RF8 Midi controller:


    Based on what I am reading, it allows fixed CC commands from 80 through 87.

    I am mainly interested in the Performance mode changes, i.e. CC 48 through 54.

    It appears that my controller sends fixed CC commands, and that the CC commands I am looking for are fixed in the Kemper. Does this mean that I am out of luck? Is there a way to change the Kemper CC commands to correlate with somewhere between 80 and 87?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


    I'll definitely do that. Quite overwhelming thus far! At least I've spent quite a bit of time before the purchase scoping out some profiles I can't wait to try!! (Not that I even know how to get them on the unit, yet!!!!)

    Unfortunately, my Kemper is sitting in mothballs while I sit on the Atomic CLR waiting list. Ugh...


    Great stuff! Hope you have fun with it.
    I've had one for a few months now and I'm still finding interesting and useful things out about it.
    If you haven't already watched the tutorials on you tube, I suggest you have a look at them.