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    The thing is, the FM3 costs €1,200. Also it is something like half the processing power of its larger format.

    I didn't wish to make a complaint and we can find ways to work around this.

    It would just be interesting to know if this is a difficult thing to implement, as I can see it being useful. Almost every application I ever came across on a computer (and the Kemper) have copy & paste.

    I find a good workaround is to drag the effects I want to the desktop. Then I can drag them into whichever rig I need them.

    Copy & paste would be useful, but not the end of world if it doesn't come. I just thought that features on the front panel of the profiler could easily be duplicated in the editor.

    I tried all the permutations with merged profiles and IRs so I could run a cab and go to front of house direct. In the end I found that straight studio profiles always sounded the best and went to in ears.

    You can take advice, but personally I had to try everything before making a decision. Choosing IRs can eat up all your playing time by the way!

    Would copy & paste be something easily achieved in Rig Manager, because I always end up going back to the Kemper to do this job.

    Often I need to copy my gate or delay effect to other rigs and it would be so simple in Rig Manager. The same goes for the entire Stomps or Effects section. This is possible again on the hardware.

    Seems like an easy fix.....either an individual turner (like an electrical wire nut turner) or maybe those mushroom footswitch covers and use the underneath par.

    I'm more worried about the screen with the amount of savages running around these days.

    Either get your band to use remote switching from a computer, or buy a cheap midi pedal board. It does look a little delicate for live use on a stage floor.

    I know of professionals that travel with a usb stick in their guitar case and rent kemper backlines to do shows. Wouldn't that be the lazy way to go!

    The only problem there is that I've seen people saying the 2 Kempers they have hired were on other stages at a festival when a band overran. It is still a risk.

    I actually don't even think about the price... what I find important is the size and the weight, so it could be used for situation where a minimal equipment is needed - with maximal sound.

    I would be willing to pay for that.

    This is the real point. With airlines hammering everyone on luggage, it is getting harder to take both a Kemper and guitar, while still being able to have a change of clothes! Also there are those that want to get on public transport for a show.

    I have resorted to getting an HX Stomp when I can't carry the Kemper, but it is a compromise. I even go for a 1u Kemper rack without a screen in preference.

    I had issues with two Smoothhound systems after the owner was kind enough to send a 2nd unit, but got a G50 that has been working generally. I am still a bit nervous about these Wireless devices after so many cutouts in the past though.

    I kept my analog Sennheiser G2 for backup, but could never work out if it is still legal and in which countries.

    A DB meter doesn't really work in my experience, as a lot depends on the frequencies. Just try it in any DAW.

    I record each live patch and then listen back to help balance them. Then ask live engineers for anything that sticks out as too loud during a gig.

    Which market? Can you define the "market"?

    Would it make sense for Korg to release a 25 mini-keys pocket sized version of their flagship Korg Kronos? Or is it possible that they just serve another market?

    With respect, this analogy doesn't hold up. The guitar you play would be the same size with a tiny amp, although mini keys are not pleasant to play.

    The market is for people travelling either by air, or to small gigs on the tube. Portability. If they think it is not reasonable to make one, then fine. It is interesting for some of us and I certainly would keep my other Kemper too.

    The problem might be that it is not much cheaper to make. I can see it would be quite easy to reduce the size if you let go of the big screen and controls. However, it would be quite a niche product if you reduce the connectivity, so there is not much of a saving in production.

    I love the idea for gigs. HX Stomp managed to keep midi and all the in and outs with loops in a small box.

    They must mean that the Euro price is always the same. I doubt Neural can control the international exchange rates, so the GBP price would fluctuate like Thomann.

    Maybe the perks are cheap price on Neural plugins? I guess you have to buy those to import into the Quad Contrex if you don't already own them.

    I wanted to see if you can pan the effects returns. That was you only need a mono loop to use a TC Mimiq and it would leave the 2nd loop free.

    Same here. I started with SE215s as well before going to ACS Evoke 2 customs. It all seems more immediate than studio headphones.

    Also, I think the single drivers probably work in favour of guitarists, because it is primarily a mid range instrument.