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    Just select Dual Delay and 0ms one side with 50ms the other. No feedback needed, but 50ms might be a bit too much.

    There is also a stereo widener effect that uses eq in the Kemper. It reduces a frequency in one channel and adds that same amount in the other. That way, if the PA sums to mono, you won't suffer phase issues.

    Seems hard to argue that an updated Kemper offering Stereo rigs with either two amps+cabs or two full signal paths (at a price point less than purchasing two Kempers, in the convenience of one unit, and controllable with one remote) would make them a lot of money. They've walked away from a lot of money before, though. So who knows.

    The Stage has probably taught them a lot about what people say and then what they do. There was always an outcry for a floor unit, but have they sold as many as expected?

    Watching Kemper over time, I think they would be looking at something more ground-breaking than just dual rigs to justify a completely new product.

    Transpose has always been a difficult one and I just got used to dealing with it live. Kemper made a significant improvement an update or two ago and that helped. It gets even worse with some digital wireless systems adding up to a further 8ms in one case I tried. It is also easy to get 30ms delay just by walking across a stage. None of these issues are Kemper only and they would apply to a tube amp as well.

    Although it is old, I will add some comments. I have also the problems with latency.

    - First, in headphones it was OK with usual rig.

    - When I added pitch-shift it becomes large (I measured 12 ms).

    - I plugged to Cab and stood in 2-3 meters. It means there are delay up to 4+10 ms,

    2-3 meters away means 6-9 ms delay for where you are standing. Sound travels at about 3ms per meter.

    I converted to Evertune a year ago now and it was mainly with live performances in mind. Open air gigs benefit hugely when temperature changes happen during a show. Tunings are Eb and drop C#. The standard springs work fine with 10-46 strings and I have not experienced and lack of sustain anywhere on the neck.

    Simplicity of setup is a great benefit of Evertune and intonation is the best I experienced in any guitar.

    My guitar is a Solar A1.6 etc, but watch the ESP demos of the Evertune bridge to see how the 3 zones work with string bends. I leave the bottom 3 strings in the middle of zone 2 and the top 3 strings on the cusp of zone 3 for bending.

    Why does it have to be complicated playing? Anyone with the same profile agree on a chord or simple riff and upload a sample.

    Try adding for example a big stereo reverb to a profile with high decay time and keep it wet enough, you'll notice that :

    -the reverb with master left output it will sound louder and with more frequencies

    -the reverb with master mono output will sound weaker = phase cancellation

    Master mono output is actually creating phase issues with stereo FX modules.

    I never use a lot of reverb live, so I didn't encounter that issue. I meant stereo time-based effects like flanger and chorus. There is no option to select mono or stereo versions, so I wondered how this is dealt with.

    Your delays sound louder than the original guitar because it is before the amp. This reduces the clarity of playing a bit, but you are getting there.

    Surely dual delay cannot work because the stomps before the amp are mono?

    There's a great deal of selfishness in this thread. If you don't want a metronome, simply don't use it if it appears in a future firmware! There's many features of the Kemper I'll never get around to using. NEVER! But, I'm not mad at the bloke who will get some use out of those features.

    That is fair comment, but I was concerned that Kemper already spent a year on an editor that does nothing to improve the sound. I am looking forward to them getting back to putting resources into updates that actually count on guitar tone.

    The Kemper was always primarily an amplifier for me and I just meant that we nearly all have a phone next to us that could be used for practicing with metronome.

    There are many metronome apps available on your phone or tablet. When Kemper are still sorting out the editor and other features are already slated, it seems a bit pointless really.

    We know the original schedule, unless there is a surprise in store. Bring the editor to full release, Kone, acoustic sim and then stomp updates in the future.

    It was almost 5 years ago I moved to Kemper and the more time I put in, the better it gets. For 2020 I would like:

    1. A more portable Kemper, but with all the same ins and outs. The original unit was designed with huge interface, but look inside and there is no reason it couldn’t fit 1u or a different design with the editor in tow.

    2. The already announced acoustic simulator.

    3. A TC Mimiq type effect for those of us in a single guitar band live.

    Whatever happens, it will still be brilliant for me live and in the studio. Wishing you all a Happy New Year with your Kempers!

    I brought it up a couple of times too, but nothing since a year ago when it was announced. If you think about it, all improvements in sound had to be shelved since the editor sucked up the resources. I guess it was a big job.

    Whatever gear you buy, it always takes a fair amount of time with it to get the best. Different profiles suit different people and applications.

    If the sounds are too "buzzsaw" for you, put a studio eq after the amp block and bring the low pass to around 6k. Alternatively, the Nick K early profiles are definitely fizz free.