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    while we're here though,

    something I wonder about:

    Their instructions are clear that when reamping one should use the RETURN Input and not the Alternative Input.

    Anyone now why exactly??

    I have used a Reamp box and then into the front input. It sounds the same as playing the guitar directly. Is this wrong?

    That's what's so great about the Profiler: You can do it either way and it's totally fine. People who are used to the smell of hot valves can go digital without even noticing while people familiar with the digital domain can integrate the baby without hassle.

    Conversion losses (non-linearities, noise of different kinds) is not a matter of bandwidth BTW.

    I just find that mid-range frequencies are less critical.

    Being as I have always used analog with a Reamp box for real amp heads, I have continued with Kemper. Switching clocking is something I am likely to keep forgetting anyway.

    With guitar signals not covering a huge bandwidth, it doesn't bother me anyway.

    Yes, I wish the routing was more flexible in the Kemper sometimes. If you could pan the return, I could feed just the effected side of a TC Mimiq and then use the alternative input for an acoustic guitar or 2nd effects return.

    These things are amazingly possible on the Stomp, but I guess the limitation might be hardware on Kemper. It was built almost a decade ago now.

    Nice video and it seems exciting, but let's wait and see what really transpires. Personally I think Kemper would be looking for a game changer to justify a version II hardware.

    Agreed, but you got these three wrong, just in my opinion:

    Routing - Helix and it is very simple to think through

    Easiest to understand - Helix again with a brilliant and fun editor.

    Most impressive front end - The Kemper is the only unit that doesn't look like a computer rack and stands out as being different from the crowd.

    From my use, the Axe and Helix rely heavily on IRs and that leaves me sifting forever through variations of cabs. The Kemper took the pain of that away.

    You can get a great tone out of any of these modellers or indeed plugins too now. The point is that guitarists occasionally simply need new toys:-)

    From looking inside the rack there is a lot of spare room. I guess the size was dictated by the front panel and screen.

    Something with all the current connections, but 1u or HX Stomp sized would be brilliant. Now there is an editor, that would be possible.

    I thought they were built with the same processor? The Stage has an extra stereo fx loop that might come in useful, but the classic profilers have better access for programming on the unit. You can copy stomps, stack and effects as a block.

    I've had 3 tours cancelled so far this year and bizarrely the only shows left are both in the UK. They are scheduled for October and I expect the promoter is just putting off the inevitable. Those that book gigs will be having the toughest of outcomes unless something changes soon.

    We were told that German shows could go ahead, but venue restrictions meant that it was not financially viable.

    Fortunately I have mixing work in the studio that is not attended.

    To be honest I dort understand the concept off the fm3.It is not "small" is big enough for at least two more buttons..

    But again IMO Fractal decided to go the way of "max the profit out" sane player will go on stage having set up the fm3 separately for 20 different songs using just three buttons which have double and triple functions..

    So an additional floor controller for gigging is a must.Cashing in at least some more hundreds of bucks.

    These days there are many guitarists receiving their program changes from a computer, so the buttons are of little consequence. The FM3 interested me initially because of the size for flying, but waiting more than a year and other markets getting priority have left me cold.

    The price of Fractal has always been an issue in Europe. Now I just wish there was a small form factor Kemper to carry so easily.