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    I was thinking of the Digitech pedal, but I find it great how I can have a slot in performance mode for each song that has the transpose set automatically, and I don't have to change an external pedal to do this.

    Wondering if it's worth tuning to Eb, and then using the transpose up a semi-tone for standard. I'm new to the band, so guess it depends on how many songs are in standard vs. how many are in Eb...!

    EDIT: Seems the Whammy DT has midi as well.... am I right in thinking I can automatically set the transpose level on the Whammy DT based on the performance slot I select..??

    I would choose the guitar tuning that you use most and just transpose when necessary. Having everything in the Kemper patch is why I use the the internal transpose and it sounds fine.

    The only problem is getting used to playing with a little latency. Of course, clean parts are where you will notice the delay is more pronounced. Let us know how the Whammy compares.

    Generally I stick to 1 or 3 semitones transpose, but do have one section shifted down 3. This is just some straight chords and it seems alright.

    Smooth chords improves the shifted sound, but seems to add a little more latency. I love the all in one solution of the Kemper and I use this now, but the Digi pedal just shades it in terms of feel for me. Would great if there was a further improvement for this in the future.

    I nervously upgraded to OS7 on Friday. It wouldn't work in the usual way through Rig Manager, but a USB stick went through without issue and everything is fine.

    An updated Rig Manager is not compatible with OS6, so that was the problem I guess.

    Even when the final product is released we’re still going to find some bugs. It’s no big deal to me so give us the beta!!!!

    You say that, but just look at the complaints about the Stage running on early software. I wonder what happened to the acoustic sim slated for OS7?

    I have bought a Kemper Stage, I am sure I will enjoy it.

    but first learn how exactly it works.

    There are loads of instructional videos on the site and it will be fun to learn. Good luck and you should have missed most of the firmware issues by now:-)

    I totally agree its something to get used to... I still struggle a bit with IEM's...I just miss the thump of the band...until I get home and my ears are ringing and I think why did I have to do that.

    It took me a bit of time to "like" FRFR but now I prefer it.

    One of the good things for me with IEM is getting the volume down and preserving my hearing. Again, you have to adjust, but it is well worth it.

    For feedback, I get a little guitar volume through the wedge.

    Naturally you only hear from the people with problems on a forum, just like iphone updates! If you are about to perform live with it, I would go for the rack or toaster. Otherwise, I'm sure the floor unit will be fine after a few more updates and the extra loop might come in handy too.

    I mean, none of those things are an issue for me. But I can see how it could be for beginners and stuff.

    I don't think the issue of tuning is that of a beginner. If you put a capo on a guitar, it often needs retuning however good your technique is.

    I think within the Rig Menu there's no option for pure tuning.

    For some reason you lose "Smooth Chords" on the rig version, so I always use it in slot A. This tick box stops the string sounds beating against each other, although there is increased latency. Select it when needed and leave it off for solos and single note riffs.

    Yes there is lag but as said above if you can hear the "normal" guitar you will notice it more, plus dissonance . When its loud enough you can compensate.

    My view is:

    1) its useful for the occasional song - more than a few and I prefer a detuned guitar. BTW for dropped D I use a quikkey, its brilliant!

    2) It's laggy but no more laggy that a drop pedal in my experience, so there is no perfect solution out there.

    1) Agreed. I use it on one whole song and a couple of section that do not involved quick riffs, so probably that is why I am comfortable. I used to use the Pitch Key too before I got Evertune, if that is what you mean? Great invention and very cheap.

    Maybe better to transpose normally or a capo for cleaner stuff then...

    I think most people using transpose are doing so in a live environment and wish to carry less guitars. A capo cannot help you in going down and I have never considered it on electric guitar.

    It is clear when using a clean sound, but quite manageable for distorted guitar. Both lead and rhythm work for me, although less latency would be ideal.

    With the Kemper Stage software allowing for a second loop, would it now be possible to utilise the S/PDIF connections on the Toaster and Rack for a second fx loop?