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    Still struggling to get a tone i like straight to foh.

    Do you guys take more beefy/full sounding profiles or just takes the profiles that cuts?

    Cause getting a tone that cut is ok but getting a bodied tone that is great that also cut is not that easy

    For live shows you will need a less cutting darker tone with more mids. The highs and lows will always be emphasised at volume and you are in danger of turning a great studio sound into a thin rasp. Check out the Fletcher-Munson effect.

    You often find people complaining that Britt profiles are dull sounding, but then they translate really well live. Of course you can find many others that work too for different styles, but this principal applies generally.

    It is hard not to be influenced from reading posts in the past highlighting a wah tone on Kemper profiles. All I can say is that it never happened to me when profiling.

    Comparing the Kemper with the real amp from separate room has either fully worked, or been a complete mess. I tried a Marshall Jubilee and that amp was just nowhere near on both occasions it came into the studio.

    I seem to recall CK saying that the profiling process was as close as it could get within reason.

    There is an inherent risk in using this live that is more of concern than drop outs, which I doubt many would notice. That is if the PA is not wired correctly, or the engineer fails to fully pan the outputs. Anything other than full left/right will sound horrible.

    I think this is one reason Kemper released all sorts of other widener options first. Most. like phase widener and the eq widener, are not a phase problem if they collapse to mono.

    I had to get my head around this software too. The Focusrite interfaces are great, but I never really understood why we needed this application instead of some straightforward drivers.

    Surely input 1 on the interface should just be input 1 in whatever DAW you are using and so on. I eventually came across a preset for my Saffire Pro 40 that enabled that through this software.

    Used live since 2015 and carried a backup rig for no reason at all on over 200 shows.

    There have always been delays on modellers changing patch, but who can tell in a live situation. I now use a computer to remotely change patches and drag the track forward on Pro Tools.

    This. I have been to tiny events and to large million dollar events, and an unperfect sound is what they have in common. Add to that, where you sit in the audience. But I would lean towards the smaller the venue then the better the sound.

    In the days you could tour Europe (pre-pandemic/Brexit), it was always a lottery with venues. You are at the mercy of the acoustics in a venue, badly maintained PAs with phase issues and occasionally grumpy local crew.

    The best sound is generally in mid-sized theatres, or open air festivals from my experience.

    That's what I do.


    It doesn't matter if live or studio.

    Drop outs or a changing from left to right and back are a NO GO.

    Hopefully the issue can be fixed, but live sound is anything but perfect usually. It might be an accepted trade off when you can make such a big sound.

    I thought I'd seen everything. Free updates to improve the Kemper beyond what I was buying at the time and now there are complaints.

    The only issue I ever had in 7 years was when I chose to try a Beta and it was a minor inconvenience. Also, unlike other companies, you are allowed to reinstall earlier systems if you wish.

    I'm pretty sure it's psychological. Our ears are notorious for playing tricks on our brains and this is just another example.

    Wherever the sound comes from first will always sound louder, just like the Delay Widener. That is how we detect where as sound comes from.

    The DT effect It must start as the Delay Widener and then manipulate delay time and pitch over the right channel. Either being able to boost volume or brightness might help, but there is always some compromise and I think Kemper have done wonders with another free update! The TC Mimiq is no better.

    The panorama control is a good workaround and surely you don't use DT on all the patches? I would have thought the main rhythm sound is the point of it.

    An option to boost the effect side of the DT by a couple of db would be a good addition by the sound of things though.

    I would never see a DT effect as being intended for a recording situation. It is always better to actually double track the part than simulate it. DT is really only a live effect for a single guitar band and in that situation some phase issues probably aren’t going to be noticeable.

    Yes. All these type of effects are just to help bolster the sound for a one guitar band live.

    Once you have played a part once in the studio, it should be fairly routine to play it again and get a much more natural result than an ADT effect.

    The wideners are most useful for imitating double tracked rhythm guitars. Unless it is a specific effect, I don't find reverb to be useful in a live situation on rhythm parts. It only serves to blur the sound and you are playing into a room anyway.

    The delay widener is a fixed delay on the opposite side from the original signal. Mimiq/Double tracker probably has some variation in the delay time and pitch to give the impression of 2 guitarists. Both are subject to problems if the FOH isn't working in full stereo.

    Not with digital profilers it is not. They can update it in respect to their programming cost , and give us more value by creating new more versatile eq sections, that take up less effect slots. If I have a reference sound , and the eq space I can make a iic+ sound like any iic+ I want given that I can get it react the way that I want during the refining process alone. If Kemper gives us the options we ask for then I do not have to spend more money on the overpriced versions of these physical devices , I can spend that money on Kemper gear instead. I have bought two near mint condition Triaxis preamps why would I spend more money to buy more Triaxis profiles? The only thing it would make sense to spend more money on is Impulse responses, so I can cheaply afford all the speaker curves I want. Given the argument that no two amps are the same they should just give us equalization that we ask for so long as it is cost effective , and we can own virtual versions of long lost amplifers , and equalize them to bring out our favourite aspects of them in our playing space.

    I wouldn't argue against there being a more expansive eq at all. Maybe that will come one day and the Kemper is barely recognisable from what was originally released as we get more and more value from gear I bought nearly 7 years ago.

    One thing you should consider is that you might be missing the best of the Kemper if you look to use IRs. For me the thing that sets it aside from other modellers is the way cabinet sounds in a full profile. Try and set up those amps you like with a cabinet and take the whole rig.

    When I first went to Kemper, this is what I used to do.

    After borrowing an FRFR for a few weeks, it sounded terrible to me and I took my Mesa 4x12 for live shows. The full profile went to FOH and then I monitored through the Mesa with cab off on the monitor output. Later we went to in ears with the band and I am fully utilising the Kemper without anything else attached, apart from wireless.

    That is why we have five band equalizers, some equalizers even have master q settings. The higher your q value the more specific your selectable frequency may be. So you can adjust to taste during the time of profiling which takes less than 5 minutes which is hardly time for those components to drift in most cases.

    I can't speak for Alan, but I think he meant that it is hard to accurately replicate the 5 band eq, as the sound differs from amp to amp. Also the the components change over time.

    I have occasionally stacked more eqs to deal with problem frequencies and you could do that to create your 5 band. In the end though, the strength of the Kemper is that you can just find a more suitable profile instead. There are thousands out there and modelling just takes all your playing time up.