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    Shipping anything internationally is a disaster at the moment. The lack of passenger flights carrying mail adds significantly to costs and USA leaving the Universal Postal Union made postage rise 49% in total.

    Maybe when things return to something like normal.

    I think they also had REALLY bad luck launching their most important product ever during a global lockdown without anyone able to do any gigs - neither professionals, nor the smallest hobby band players. Lots of places would not even allow reherasals during months.

    You could also say that plenty of people had time on their hands if they wanted to get a QC. Normally it would be a battle to find time to fully get into a new modeller and prepare a full live set of patches.

    From what I have read, they seem to have done well and have enjoyed a lot of coverage on both the Kemper forum and The Gear Page.

    I use a Sennheiser EW300 system because I have it for live shows.

    If you are looking for a budget system for home use though, I am sure I saw a demo of the Koogo guitar wireless system that does it. It can be used as a guitar pack, or in ears and is very cheap. There are youtube videos that explain the positives and negatives.

    My problem is: The Kemper does everything I need, so how the hell can I keep supporting the company? Can't even buy a t-shirt :)

    They're definitely missing a trick by not making merchandise available. I would take a T shirt and cap:-)

    Yes, Kemper keeps getting better after 10 years. So does the Helix after 6 years. 6 is not far away from 10. With line6's innovation and gear production speed, I hope they will never crack the code of Kemperlike profiling.

    Agreed. Line 6 don't need to crack Kemper code, as they are different products that both work really well.

    I don't understand why people WOULDN'T ask for a new Kemper. Again, it's technology. There's always room for improvement.

    I remember interviewing Christoph for the Guitar Center Pro video we did on the KPA shortly after it was launched. He mentioned that there was no need in his mind to improve the profiling algorithm, because to his ears it sounded as good as/indistinguishable from the real thing. Which, of course, is a fine opinion for him or anyone to have. However, we know that it is mathematically and physically NOT a 1 to 1 - so, for the sake of advancement, there is definitely a usefulness in others continuing to evolve the technology, which is exactly what the QC has done with it's more extensive capturing process (more varied test tones, significantly more processing time to assemble the "capture", more CPU to harness). Not to mention the other additions such as stereo, tri-and quad amping - which is something I've been wanting the Kemper to do since day 1.

    It is not all the request for features in a Kemper II that are exciting for me. Dual amps, more processing, or a colour screens all seem a bit dull and probably won't make me sound any better. It is what C Kemper will come up with that we don't expect that keeps me interested.

    Sadly he might well just move on to a completely different product if history is repeated.

    I’ve owned a KPA since day one, and have owned a second for the last 5 years so I could do stereo amping. The easiest way I can say it is this - after having the Quad Cortex for 2 weeks, I’ve sold both my Kempers. The KPA was a game changer. But, it is not an amp, it is technology. Technology doesn’t age well, and isn’t built to. Technology evolves and improves, and the QC is the latest evolution. I will always respect Kemper for being the trailblazers they are. I don’t say this to start any inflammatory discussions, but I did not find any area in which the KPA did as well as the QC, with the ONE exception of the QC having fewer effects at this point. But I lived through the development of the KPA effects arsenal, so I know that it takes time. From form to function, feature set, design, sound, feel, build, and convenience, the QC takes it. Neural is the new king on the block for me. Anyone who is the least bit interested in guitar processing technology should try one for themselves.

    Fair comment, but I'll probably do the same thing I did with the Kemper and wait a year or two for the kinks to be ironed out.

    Just nudge the reamped track backwards visually where there is a strong transient. I doubt most guitarists or bass players play so accurately that they are less than a few milliseconds off anyway.

    I always find that you either suffer some sort of phasing with 2 amps at once, or you have to get the tape measure out to try and eliminate it. Personally, multi mics or amps have never given me a better tone in the high gain world and tracking one at a time is much tighter.

    Of course, it is probably easier with IRs.

    i dont use backup! I have never needed a backup amp or a backup guitar!! i have played live 28 years never more than one amp. I usually use 2 or 3 guitars so thats not a case. I have never broken a string in 28 years. But i look after my gear and make it work before i go to a gig!

    That's pretty fortunate not to have broken a string, but it is usually down to the guitar. I constantly broke strings on an 80s Charvel and it turned out to be the Floyd bridge. With a recent Evertune bridge it never happens and sometimes use the same strings for 3 shows in a row now.

    I have a rig called "off" with volume zero like above.

    For quicker muting within a song, I put an eq in slot A with the volume at zero. Then you use control change to enable the slot and mute the guitar. You could put it in any position, but essentially this reacts a lot quicker than changing rigs.

    On several of my rigs for live use, I’ve used reverb in the reverb slot, a delay in the delay slot and either a crystal delay or something similar in the modulation slot when I want to create a really huge ambient stereo effect.

    Recently, I added the Delay Widener in the “x” slot on nearly all my rigs to get a more “doubled” sound and a better in-ear sound. The problem is, ever since I did that, it seems like the crystal delay effect that I’ve got in the mod slot is not nearly as noticeable. The delay tails seem to be washed out. As soon as I shut the Delay Widener off, they pop up nicely again. Is there any routing technique or tricks that I can do to get them both working together without washing away the delay tails? I love both of these effects. I just need them to play nicely with each other.

    Did you try putting the widener before the stereo delay? Also some of the delays have widening built in anyway.

    The delay widener can introduce some phasing if the outputs are not fully panned.

    I didn't realise you wanted to use in for recording. Just playing the double will always be the best and you have already learnt the part by then.

    If I need to double something from a band that are not available or can't play the part twice, Antares Duo usually does the job.