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    I mean, none of those things are an issue for me. But I can see how it could be for beginners and stuff.

    I don't think the issue of tuning is that of a beginner. If you put a capo on a guitar, it often needs retuning however good your technique is.

    I think within the Rig Menu there's no option for pure tuning.

    For some reason you lose "Smooth Chords" on the rig version, so I always use it in slot A. This tick box stops the string sounds beating against each other, although there is increased latency. Select it when needed and leave it off for solos and single note riffs.

    Yes there is lag but as said above if you can hear the "normal" guitar you will notice it more, plus dissonance . When its loud enough you can compensate.

    My view is:

    1) its useful for the occasional song - more than a few and I prefer a detuned guitar. BTW for dropped D I use a quikkey, its brilliant!

    2) It's laggy but no more laggy that a drop pedal in my experience, so there is no perfect solution out there.

    1) Agreed. I use it on one whole song and a couple of section that do not involved quick riffs, so probably that is why I am comfortable. I used to use the Pitch Key too before I got Evertune, if that is what you mean? Great invention and very cheap.

    Maybe better to transpose normally or a capo for cleaner stuff then...

    I think most people using transpose are doing so in a live environment and wish to carry less guitars. A capo cannot help you in going down and I have never considered it on electric guitar.

    It is clear when using a clean sound, but quite manageable for distorted guitar. Both lead and rhythm work for me, although less latency would be ideal.

    With the Kemper Stage software allowing for a second loop, would it now be possible to utilise the S/PDIF connections on the Toaster and Rack for a second fx loop?

    If it is drop tuned distorted guitars I certainly wouldn't recommend compression. Also lower the gain a little at higher volumes will bring clarity.

    Ask front of house engineers for tips on whether your eq is working. Don't forget the Fletcher Munson effect comes into play with more volume in a live situation. You will need those mids that sound too much at low volume.

    I highly doubt they're as preoccupied or bothered with the "whining" as the people on this forum who thrive on petty squabbles and get reflexively defensive.

    The things that were teased at NAMM, after the previous year of having nothing new, was necessary. Thus far they've also promised by summer, which is still within that window. A handful of guys getting antsy and irritable really isn't reflective of the vast majority. There also seems to be more people complaining about the complainers than complainers themselves, honestly. If 1 out of every 10 people complain, then the other 9 talk about the complainer, makes it feel much more significant than it is.

    Besides, it's not like the editor thread wasn't continually the most active thread on the forum. Those who are less than happy would have just been posting there instead. Either way, I think by far most people are patient and understanding enough.

    This forum is very helpful on the whole, but you have to remember that a vocal minority making complaints don't represent the whole. Most Kemper users probably get on with playing guitar and take the updates as a bonus.

    Does anyone have any idea how many Kempers have been sold?

    It will be nice to get the editor out to clear the forum of the issue and also concentrate on other things. It seems to dominate so much for a tool that doesn't affect tone amongst guitarists.

    I thought dual amp was not possible with the current hardware. You can see what the list of priorities are by checking through this forum. Editor, os7, updated stomps, sweetened tunings etc. I'm sure they have a few other surprise ideas too.

    Bias FX is quite a different product and not something I found in the same ballpark to Kemper personally.

    Guitar sales have gone down across the board pretty consistently over the last decade, year-by-year. Mainstream music hasn't been significantly guitar-driven for quite sometime, while iDevice sales, softsynths and computer-driven music have been on a steady incline. Is there a parallel or connection? Probably so. In fact, a pure leap from analog to digital really wouldn't involve a guitar at all, as the guitar, as we all think of it, is 100% analog.

    Most of what constitutes popular music nowadays is nothing more than Ableton Live. Sad, but, unfortunately, true.

    That might be the case in chart music, but you're speaking to the wrong crowd here. We are all guitar enthusiast and there are still a lot of guitar based music fans too - especially in rock and metal.