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    I'nm not sure if it will do what you need but let me know how you get on.

    Tried it today and yes this does the trick thanks, although Pro Tools meters say something different. I guess the volume is a perception thing with the mids grabbing your attention. It is particularly noticeable on in ears.

    There's already the widener effect but CK has stated that there are a couple of extra wideners (phase widener?) in progress.

    The existing one also sums to Mono with no negative results.

    Thanks Chu. Definitely interested in the new phase widener, as CK said it was mono compatible too.

    This effect could be great for playing live in a single guitar band. If you are unwittingly put into mono through the PA, there are no consequences with phase.

    However, because it boosts frequencies on one side, while reducing on the other, there is always a volume disparity. Would it be possible to have a left & right volume adjustment to compensate?

    I simply create a new rig with more mids, a bit more saturation for sustain and added delay. A boost pedal usually adds the first two elements if you want the same amp and if you are in a two guitar band, you can add more volume. I never understand limiting yourself in rigs with a unit like Kemper; just change patch.

    That's fair...and I have. Was hoping to find some nuggets that I haven't stumbled on.

    The problem I saw in the past threads is that eventually pretty much every profile maker appears in the thread. Try youtube videos to get a flavour of what the sounds might be like, but your playing dictates more than you think.

    More likely would be a a 1u rack with all the same connections and functions. Now there is an editor, the large screen and knobs are not essential. I don't see the advantage of changing the format financially, when it might only appeal to a few.

    I didn't get why you would want a Mini Kemper while carrying around other units too?

    Upgrading the Kemper is a bit like an iphone; you only hear the bad news stories. I waited until 2 weeks ago and haven't run into problems.

    I wasn't really in need of an editor after owning the Kemper for so long, but updating a large amount of live patches was considerably quicker with it.

    There were people still on a waiting list for the last product (AX8) when they discontinued. I was interested in trying the FM3, but after waiting nearly a year so far and now further delays, I got an HX Stomp for backup.

    It is a matter of how you look at things. You deemed the Kemper worth purchasing as it stood at the time and now you are getting something extra for free.

    I wish the bias mod on my 6505 had come for free:-)

    I don't get the criticism. I want to record an acoustic guitar, I use a mic. If I want to play a whole gig with an acoustic, i take an acoustic. If i want to play a gig with a few sections where i need to swap quickly between, I'll use this.

    It sounds really good to me. Definitely not like a world class acoustic guitar in the room but enough to service the song and please the audience.

    I fully agree. Those disappointed with the acoustic sim are missing the point. In one of the videos CK explains it will never be a perfect acoustic guitar, but thinks this is one of the best effects of the kind.

    The whole point is for an electric guitarist playing live that has one or two moments of acoustic in a set. This sim (and free update) should blend well in a band mix.

    Ahhh. That's why it works (you're not using a foot controller). From what I've seen, there is no way to use 2 Kempers and 1 Kemper Controller to get both Kempers to switch at the same time (or relatively simultaneously).

    I would have thought a midi program change is the same, whether it comes from a computer or a foot controller. I have never used the Kemper controller though, as I have an old Boss FC50.

    So how do you control them? Are you controlling both units with one Kemper footswitch? Can you explain how you’ve got them all connected? Are you still able to use expression pedals with this setup? I basically want to have two Kempers with the exact same settings. Plug my guitar into my Mimic pedal and take the left out from the pedal and send it to one Kemper and the right out to the other. Then when I hit my Kemper footswitch, have both Kemper’s change normally.

    We have a computer changing patches live and just use the midi thru to send to both guitar setups. There are no controllers, but both units change in sync.

    I use this thru box with plenty of outputs, which changes the keyboards too:…I-Thru-Unit/user_reviews/

    HX Stomp is portable enough to carry as a backup, although the Kemper never had an issue. You have limited slots available, but great tones if you find the right IRs.

    I would love to know how you're doing this. I bought a second Kemper to have as a backup but to also use along side my first one. But I have yet to find a way to hook the two of them up so that my Kemper foot controller sends change signals to them and have it respond immediately. I've tried the ONLY video online about this (ToneJunkie) but it doesn't work. In that video, he tells you how to hook it up, but you never hear him playing while switching rigs. When I switch rigs, my first Kemper switches immediately like normal, but there is about a 1/4 to 1/2 second delay between that and when the 2nd Kemper switches. So if I'm playing on a distorted rig and switch to a clean right, it's very noticable and makes the whole setup completely useless.

    I have a really simple midi thru box. You can probably find something on ebay for next to nothing. Maybe if you are daisy chaining the Kempers it causes the latency on the 2nd unit.