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    Personally, I have not noticed the Kemper tuner being different to a Korg Rack, or a clip on tuner.

    I used to be obsessed by tuning, but cured myself by getting an Evertune guitar:-)

    I don;t know much about monitors but you want them as flat as possible.

    The Yamaha HS series are pretty good. I have the HS8's and I like them ( although they don;t get much use)...

    I have these too and they're great value for powered monitors with good balance for guitars. Even the smaller HS7s sound good.

    Very good point! Ofcourse one would benefit from practicing in a worst case scenario environment.. I often practice my elguitar unplugged, and I do all my legato and shredding unplugged, to really nail it. I guess it's just a bonus that the low end "chest punch" is there during a live scenario :)

    You just have to make your best guess based on what you can afford in the end and give it a go. The transmitter and receiver make a difference in quality too and are not cheap!

    What does single drivers mean? And would this one work with full band in it? I need to hear the full band and also my vocals, but I want it to accentuate my guitar most of all.

    This means one speaker in each ear covering the whole sound. Multiple drivers separate the frequencies, typically with bass, mid and treble frequencies. The most important thing is getting custom moulds if you want a full mix. Getting that seal protects your hearing and creates a better sound from any in ear speaker.

    I have full band mix with live drums, bass, guitars, keys and vocals. It is all perfect for me because the guitar benefits and the cost is minimal compared to multi drivers.

    The best in ears I have used are not the most expensive! Full range triple drivers make my guitar sound fizzy and it turns out a single driver is much better suited to the Profiler.

    I ended up with custom moulds from ACS all in for £200 and that included the impressions. It was the ACS Evoke2 Classic series.

    Other companies probably make single drivers too, but the price was pretty good in this case.

    This is brilliant if I understand you correctly, you get your profiles to sound good with the FOH and then listen to those profiles through the headphones and adjust the output EQ until they sound similar. Save both presets then you can tweak your profiles with the headphones and it should sound similar with the FOH preset?

    This is not quite my experience. Even with the custom moulded in ears, you will still hear a real and pleasant power of the bass end from the FOH.

    In rehearsal it sounds a little sterile and lacking power, but as soon as you enter a stage environment it is amazing. I don't use high volume either.

    TBH it was probably over a year ago. Happy to share what profiles I use if it helps but....Im not actually saying I think I've got a great sound, but others telling me means more to me than anything.

    I've no video from that show, I have a few audio and videos from other shows but I honestly would not put them up against any sounds or tones I hear from others on here. As you also hint at, it won't really sound like it did at the show itself anyway.

    Anyway, happy to share but not sure it will really help you except go " I think I sound better than that" :)

    I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel the live tone is nailed and the next time I hear it there is doubt:-)

    Very true and nothing wrong with either of those points. In fact I definitely miss hunting around and researching new gear but conversely its also a release not having to find what I need.

    I have never had so many external positive comments....a friend of mine picked up some FRFR cabs from me yesterday and he commented on how good my Kemper sounded...he had seen me play at a gig many months previous ( pre lockdown!!) and said it sounded brilliant.

    Why would I want to change that :)

    What profiles were you using and are the any clips online to hear from the shows? It is so difficult to know exactly how the sound will translate at volume in a venue.

    Trying FRFR is what drove me to in ears in the end. It was just too inconsistent for me. Every stage and rehearsal sounded different depending on acoustics and where it sat.

    I go for the best possible FOH sound and then taylor the in ears eq to match that as best I can. One thing for sure is that you will always continue to tinker as a guitarist for the perfect tone.

    I do understand it from a live perspective. You don’t want to put your faith in a computer for this task albeit a Mac probably would do the task to A+. But a solution you trust is of course better.

    But what I cannot seem to wrap my head around is the fact, that it’s 0’s and 1’s and that it somehow is required to be handled by a physical unit. Aren’t we, the Kemper followers, fooling ourselves? In the regards to the tube tonalities. “We” always considered the Kemper the only real option regarding catching the tube tone of an amp. But if others are doing it this way, what makes the Kemper the go-to machine? Beside the fact if you need to profile your own amps of course.

    I still like my 0's and 1's in a black and green and understand that tone is mostly to do with eq. That is why the IR is well over half of the tone in traditional modellers like Axe and Helix.

    The only way I could see a plugin version of Kemper is if you had to connect the hardware to make it work. I guess the USB lead is not able to do this though. For me a piece of software being hacked would devalue the special nature of the product and divert development time from what we have come to appreciate.

    There are so many good guitar amp plugins, I am sure you can get a good sound that way. If not, Kemper is still way easier than setting up a tube amp to reamp the signal.

    Eventually every plugin version is hacked and why would Kemper expose their hard work and secrets to thieves?

    Spot on Alan. Don't keep trying to second guess front of house once you have your sound.

    Speak to the foh engineer and if it is way off, think about whether you have the right profiles. If you have crazy eq settings, they are probably not the right sounds. Darker profiles with more of a mid bump usually work, as higher volumes will give you the classic "loudness" curve (Fletcher-Munson).

    One of the things that sent me to the in ears route was that I often found on stage wedges to be overly bright and made me panic about my tone. I guess if you are low passing at 3.5k Kevin, that would account for you boosting treble. My cuts are usually about 6k if anything.

    I totally understand. I have always just been fearful of being onstage with an awesome stereo sound killing it, chin in the air wailing on a solo thinking it sounds amazing, meanwhile out front it does not sound as good. I always want to be reassured it sounds better to the FOH Than it does in my monitor. If I have a mono mix out front, I try to get the stage sound exactly like people will hear so I know what's up. That being said, the importance of making it sound good to the artist on stage is paramount. I have never been that "professional" to where if it sounds like crap, I can just go on and do my thing. My performance depends on how good it sounds to ME and if it sounds good, I'll have a good night. That being said I can't tell you how many times I've felt I had sub standard tone or performance then a fan tells me afterward how great thing were then I get upset because I feel like they were BSing me. Then I have nights where I think its amazing and amazing tone and someone would say "I really couldn't hear the guitar that well". Grrr.

    1 Just try and get someone to record the show. Even a phone recording will tell you something about how you fit into the mix.

    2 Try and stand out front for a brief part of soundcheck to hear yourself alone and then with the band.

    3 Ask the FOH engineer to tell you if relative levels are about right and if they needed any corrective eq.