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    Since I upgraded to Rig Manager 3.3.50, there were regular corruptions of a profile. This happens in the amp section. My live set has many of the same rhythm and lead presets with different delay times, so a repair is easy.

    Everything is stable if I avoid the Rig Manager and with a tour coming up, I dare not use it until I return.

    Being as you are already in a live room, I wouldn't use reverb as a matter of course. However, if it is a specific effect with something like a Big Sky. why not.

    Having said that, didn't David Gilmour use reverb on his live sound and it didn't stop him getting a great tone.

    Listen, I'm not trying to upset anyone and it was just my opinion, so not what will necessarily happen.

    Maybe the best thing would be to have an option of installing such a device during a software upgrade, if a metronome is essential. I just don't see a click being a feature expect in an amplifier and I would not want that possibility in a live show. I've seen odd things happen with our keyboard player and computers on a dark stage and the Kemper is just that, albeit a very reliable PC.

    Those using it in a live show might be a bit nervous about the idea a metronome could appear on the outputs.

    It has probably been mentioned that most people have a phone and metronomes are free.

    I think you need to check the omni setting to off. By default it is set to on.

    By default, the PROFILER receives MIDI commands on all sixteen MIDI channels (“Omni”). However, if you want to control multiple devices independently, you can set a specific channel in System Settings on the “MIDI Settings” page. Now, the PROFILER will only receive messages on that channel.

    I have a few ideas:

    2) Pannable effects- the ability to pan a reverb, delay, etc. all the way right or left. Yes, I know you can do this in your DAW, but it'd be cool to have on the Kemper. One of my most favorite and most legendary guitar sounds is Van Halen 1. The dry guitar sound is mostly panned to one side, and only reverb panned to the other side, totally separate. So it sounds awesome together, but the reverb doesn't cloud up the guitar signal. Even better, to reverb, delay, maybe flanger, phaser, add a dry pan, and a wet pan knob to each, then you could have total fx pan control.

    You might be interested to know this Van Halen effect is already achievable with Delay Widener. Just watch out that it isn't summed to mono live though.

    This is ofcourse OT, but i wonder what the cpu limits of the KPA are, and if we are close to reaching them.

    I think CK has intimated a few times that efficient coding is worth more than extra processing power. Given the age of the Kemper and the processor, it amazes me that the quality of effects is so high.

    Imagine the quality of the reverb and being able to run another 7 effects, plus one of the best polyphonic pitch shifters at the same time.

    If you have an imbalance out of the Kemper it would likely be a bad connection. If a pan was needed it would usually be per rig, which is already possible.

    I know you want to control directly from the unit, but what would be the reason for globally panning a Kemper?

    I already asked this a few years ago and got put in my place:-) It is still a good idea to be able to passcode lock the machine on stage though and simple to implement. At the height it is in my rack, there have been a few times local crew have accidentally leant into the rack on a tight stage. That moved parameters to leave me on the wrong sound at the beginning of a show.

    If there is a worry about forgetting the code, it could be overridden by the editor these days.