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    Does we consider that delay widener and phase widener act as automatic double tracker or not ?

    I bought a TC Mimiq for live shows and I'm not even convinced about that either. If you are recording, just play the part twice and it will be the best time you spent on a production.

    Maybe this question is wrong here,

    but could somebody post the settings for a Gibson Les Paul Standard if I want to use the

    acoustic simulator?

    I think most of the acoustic sim demos have been with single coils. You might want to try pre-eq with a humbucker.

    My continuing efforts to get to a usable profile with at least the Tele. This is all now entirely in the Kemper. Thoughts welcome on whether this is better or worse than the last attempt. Sounding a bit ‘bronze strings with piezo pickup’ but I quite like it. Or does it just sound like a Tele?

    This sounds wonderful Ed. You have the chunk of the real acoustic that I thought was missing now. Will you post on the rig exchange?

    Here is my second video. This time I compare it to an actual mic’ed acoustic. It gets real close. I wonder if Chris has plans to add an IR in the future to get it even closer? I tried one that worked pretty well but maybe a custom IR for the simulator could really nail it. Acoustic Simulator 2nd Test

    Sounds really good. The only thing I noticed is that the real acoustic has a bit more somewhere in the upper mids (surprisingly) and a bit less sparkle.

    We have been using program and control changes from Pro Tools since 2009. The Kemper came in from 2015 and I had to make some changes to allow for difference in response time.

    I use it in browser mode and keep an eq with the volume turned dow in slot one to mute the signal with control change. This responds much quicker that a rig change to a silent patch.

    You can only guess, but the acoustic sim has been seen for months in clips and sounded amazing from the off.

    There was one other thing in 7.5 with high and low pass filters added in various places. I think it was the master outputs and cab section?

    I have the PSM300, which is stereo, which I use with some RHA earbuds. I tried out a PSM200, which is mono and I could not get on with it, personally.

    8ms is outrageous for a wireless system in modern terms it seems. IIRC the Line 6 G10 and G30 stuff is under 3ms. I still have an Audio Technica analogue system that has no latency, but doesn’t sound too great. It is also only just clinging on to a bit of channel 70 in the legal spectrum - the MoD have taken all its other channels ?

    You're right; it was the 200 with 2 separate inputs, but in mono:-) I ended up with the Sennheiser EW 300.

    This might surprise you (it has me), but now I remember why I bought the Shure PSM system; I measure the latency at only 0.667ms ! A quick check on the Shure website to make sure and yep, they quote 0.7ms end-to-end. I'm using the P3RA belt pack for reference - others may differ. There are surely much slower digital IEM systems out there - I seem to remember Line 6 options I looked at are 4ms, which seems unreasonably slow by comparison.

    Anyway, that means a round trip latency of 3.2ms for a Kemper + PSM + analogue mixer system. That's the same time it takes sound to travel 1m through the air... 8|

    That is incredibly low, but I avoided Shure when getting into in ears because the system I looked at (PSM300 ?) was mono at the time.

    I had a Smooth Hound guitar wireless system at one stage with 8ms quoted latency! That seemed a bit much with other delays in the system, so I moved on.

    I’m intrigued. Is the software you’re using the driver for the interface with built-in low latency monitor mixing then? Like the Audient, Metric Halo or Motu stuff? Sounds like a powerful solution.

    It is just Pro Tools. We were already running a click with sound effects and loops with the laptop and just started putting guitar, bass and keys in on aux tracks to monitor. It helps with rehearsal and makes playing live enjoyable when you get a consistent mix.

    We have a Macbook, Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and Behringer ADA8200 that gives you additional outputs for the monitor mixes to in ears. As I said, latency is no issue when you are used to hearing a delay by standing away from a speaker. If your mix comes from a desk at the side of the stage, that is likely to be digital with latency anyway.

    The only issue is that the keyboard player complains about carrying all out in ear transmitters in his rack.

    Until I got a complete stereo mix with in ears, it all sounded congested and not very useable. You need the full width to get clarity on individual instruments and make the most of your playing.

    We ended up with the whole band going to in ears and making our own monitor mix through the keyboard players laptop and interface. We just ask for a feed of the drum mix and lead vocals to add to our DIs. This means most levels are set before leaving rehearsal and you have a really quick setup for festivals too.

    Do whatever you can to get a stereo mix and get the full benefit of hearing everything clearly. Your playing will improve!

    But I didn't see any explanation for why SPDIF is experiencing more latency and I'm wondering if someone from Kemper has said whether or not it's being looked into. I thought the extra latency through SPDIF was the issue at hand?

    Am I missing something?

    I'm feeling like I'm not understanding all of the thread and I'm very interested in using SPDIF instead of the main outs for recording but, I'd like to avoid using it if the latency is so much more when using SPDIF.

    From what I understood, the SPDIF signal is slower after having to make conversions to other sample rates. CK is looking at a bypass on this process for 44.1K use?

    Be mindful of phasing issues when delaying one side. Further down the signal path (somewhere you may not be aware of) the non-delayed + delayed signals could be summed and introduce some unpleasant side effects. Yes, it does sound big when hard-panned L+R but i believe it’s important to maintain mono compatibility where possible.

    Good point when you are playing live and cannot guarantee what is happening with the house PA. Apparently the new Phase Widener in 7.5 is mono compatible though.

    OS 7.5, which comes soon, will have a delay widener effect that does just that. You could currently do it with stereo delay and set one side to 0ms and the other to your favoured 5ms.


    "For the variable sample rates in the Profiler we use a sample rate converter which is build in the DSP hardware, since 2018. This is again comparable to the filters of AD/DA converters. We have no access or control about its latency as well."

    External hardware converters may be "faster" than sample rate converter. When CK implements 44.1 bypass, it will be lower latency on par with firmware from before variable sample rates were implemented. Only for 44.1 though.

    Yes, I read that from the statement thanks. It seems like even the SPDIF bypassed signal will only match the analogue converted signal though.

    It is not a criticism, as I am happy using the Kemper like a real amp with XLR outs. I just expected like others that the straight digital path would be quicker.