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    I just joined a "Song A Week" challenge on forum.

    Wrote and recorded this song quickly last evening. 8) I sing and play guitar+bass.

    Next week may be something in style of Napalm Death or Ultravox, who knows :D

    I have been extremely unhappy with my mixing skills the last couple of years. My mixes have been extremely thin and trebly.

    But I discovered something recently that MIGHT hopefully take me in the right direction.

    What you guys think about the mixing? =O

    Not very convincing.

    Of course, when you know by looking.

    It's called cognitive bias.

    I would dare you to try a blind test with a few different guitars + "bias matched guitars" and see if you can decipher which is real and not 8)

    Since my bands going nowhere (I cannot find a good singer!!!) I was thinking about trying something else to pass the time.

    Maybe try to write some game music? I like old RTS / RPG games from the late 90s / early 2000s so that's my main inspiration I guess.

    My initial thought was trying to get in touch with some indie game developer and make music for them, there should always be some who makes old school RPG / RTS games and I think I could deliver decent enough music for that kind of games 8)

    What do you others think?? :rolleyes:

    I was depressed for a couple of months a while ago, and to steer myself in the right direction I decided to sell, throw and give away lot of old records, photos, movies, books, magazines, stuff like that. Also deleting all my Youtube content (100+ videos...) and band history on Facebook since 2011 ||

    Oh well, another thing I did was selling and giving away guitar parts, bodies, necks and hardware. But some were unsellable, like this body below. I had routed the Evertune hole a bit wrong, and gave up on it. A year later it was lying in the swedish winter snow for a few months :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I was curious about how it looked so I actually walked out in the woods and looked for it. It was still there, but was slightly deformed and the finish (which I had sprayed myself, by the way) was REALLY cracked up.

    But there was some appeal to it, so I decided to bring it home and now I'm thinking of getting a new or used Warmoth neck for it and get it up and rocking.

    And then I STILL have 2 more Evertune bridges for other projects XD

    Yeah, of course.

    If I had more money I would just hire some professional musicians, but I'm not really rich...

    But that's my own problem. Ha ha

    Anyway, I guess there's not gonna be a section here as it looks

    There's a few "find band member" pages in Sweden but they are useless 99% of the time.

    The few answers I get from pages like that are from complete hacks with no self awareness. As expected... But...

    Often real talents know they have it and dont resort to pages like that... They get jobs anyway

    So... Yet another Running Wild ripoff is being churned out at April 26th :lol:

    Last album with Erik Forsberg on vocals, so I'm looking for a new singer (within Sweden, but if really fucking good, possibly within Europe)

    I also recorded our live shows this year with some temporary hired guns:

    Philip Forsell on vocals (Antham)

    Daniel Sjögren on drums (Twilight Force / Bloodbound)

    Jimmy Mattsson on bass (Isole)


    Oh, and regarding Kemper; I used Kemper for the studio album, the live albums are GSP1101.

    Profile used for studio album is Thumas Peavey Rage but it's heavily post-EQd so it's not even close to original.

    In addition to that, while I'm fairly happy with the mix / master, this might be the last time I do it myself. I've tried for years but I'm never satisfied.

    Next album will probably be mixed and mastered by a professional instead.


    Yeah I begun as a drummer when I was kid but I wish I had time to practice more... I only play a few times a year, mostly when recording my albums or Youtube covers. But I live "far away" from my rehearsal so I cannot just spontaniously go there anytime I want...

    The basics are definitely there, but if I could practice at least a little every day I wouldn't have lost so much speed and endurance as I had a many years ago

    A band member section looks a great idea to me. These days it's pretty easy to work together with musicians from all over the world. The drums for our new album are recorded in Canada, guitars are recorded in Germany, the singer is from Sweden and I live in Belgium.... It's true most people here are guitarists, bass players, producers.... but they can have very useful contacts. So I surely would like to have a band member section at this forum.

    Well, I'm not really looking for internet collabs at the moment...

    What I need is to be able to go out and play live with real life musicians...

    Which whould be way too expensive if flying people around the world...

    It's not like I'm a big band like Sabaton or something like that... So I'm pretty much stuck where I am

    But sure of course a member section could be good for finding collab musicians over internet too

    The drummer of Starblind couldn't attend a certain show so they asked me to fill in for him this occasion.

    We only had a couple of rehearsals but I had recorded two of their albums in the past, so I was already very familiar with their material.

    Apparently they also multitrack recorded the show so here's one of the songs!

    Yeah sure, most here are guitarists / bass players

    But I'm also a pretty decent drummer for example, and to some extent a singer myself :D

    So I shouldn't be the only one being a multiinstrumentalist

    Would anybody be up for another forum section "find band members"?

    Sure, this would probably be only guitarists and bass players but maybe useful for somebody...

    At the moment I'm trying to find a good metal singer in Sweden and it's almost impossible... The best two I've come across so far are douchebags that I don't wanna work with, and all the others are either highly mediocre or plain out terrible... I guess that's true for many countries, but the big issue with Sweden is that the country is quite large in size, but cities/towns are small and scattered with long distances, unlike Germany/Poland/France etc that has smaller size but a lot more population.

    So the chances to actually find a good singer, who's not either busy with another band AND a complete douchebag, is making me pulling my hair out at the moment.

    I have already killed off one of my main bands in the past because I couldn't find a decent singer. And now I may have to kill off my recent band (Blazon Stone) :(

    I guess it's a curse of having a band that already has it's sound, because even if I came across a good singer, they might not have a voice that actually fits the sound...

    I've suggested these many times. The "secret" is in the cabs. The "Mesa mk3 Merged 02" was my main rig for a while.

    I had to look it up to see how it sounds...

    Turns out this exact I had already marked as Favorite 8)

    And I have narrowed down my favorite section to only FOUR distorted tones.

    After going between this one and the Rage one I think I should use the Mesa mk3 Merged 02 more for rhythm guitars, and the Rage as lead tone.

    The Mesa has more bite

    And the Rage is smoother

    I guess thats why my mixes has been a little on the "soft side" since I have used the Rage so much lately.

    Gonna try using the Mesa more soon!