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    If you doubt my expertise in Floyd Rose setups you can watch my video below and you'll see that I know perfectly well how to setup guitars for GOOD tuning stability.

    The cheap Jackson above simply has the following issues, just like I said:

    A) weak neck

    B) plastic nut

    I could change the nut for a Graphtech or similar, and that would help, but nothing can help a weak neck.

    Well if I say the neck is weak and bendable, I say that because I know it, not because I'm a beginner at guitar setups or whatever.

    I have compared it to my other guitars and the pitch shifts more when I'm bending the neck on this guitar than my Warmoths, Solar, Barrington, Fender etc etc.

    It's a a WEAK neck. And plastic nut doesn't help with tuning stability.

    Doesn't really have anything to do with truss rod adjustments. The first thing I did when I bought this used from a guy was to straighten the neck.

    Please dont assume me for a beginner when it comes to guitars :rolleyes:

    And at least look at the picture before coming with irrelevant suggestions... It doesn't have a Floyd Rose...:rolleyes:

    I bought a cheap used Jackson JS11 I could keep in my rehearsal in case I'm too lazy to bring my Solar :saint:

    It's a totally ok guitar. It's hard to keep in perfect tune, probably because the combination of fairly weak/bendable neck and plastic nut... But then again, I'm used to Evertune so... I shouldn't expect more. But yeah, it's fine, and fun to play. I'm not gonna use it in studio or live anyway, so tuning stability isn't super important.

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    Thanks! Haha yeah I'm satisfied with the solo etc but I certainly miss a few notes, but since I dont play live so often, it's not so surprising.

    I definitely play better now after a few gigs this year, than I did when I only played live ONCE a year. That was quite terrible.

    If I ever get a tour booked for 2-3 weeks, I'm sure I will be on fire after a few days of routine ^^

    So... Until Kemper releases a more a more compact version (1U rack space version, please8) I'll buy two if it ever happens!) I'll continue using GSP1101 live.

    Despite the age of these units, they sound REALLY good. Here's a live clip of my band, and the tones are all straight recorded GSP1101.

    All patch changes are automated from a Cymatic Audio LP-16 via MIDI.

    Yeah, I would rather use Kemper live, but I can't get around the size of the original version. 6U rack space for two guitarists is just too much for me personally.

    Our entire liverig is cramped into a 10U rack box, and I still want to make it even smaller... MAybe possible if I skip a patch bay, and go for a splitter with outputs on the front instead of the back.

    If so, I could get myself another wireless transmitter and let the bass player have his own mix, finally :saint:

    Or I could have my own personal mix :love: (right now drummer has one mix, singer has one mix, and guitar/guitar/bass have a shared mix)

    Oh this turned into a whole different thing than GSP1101.

    Oh well.

    Kemper is definitely my favorite unit to record with:

    but GSP1101 wins for convinience and space efficiency in live use.

    I use 009-042 strings in E-standard with regular Evertune saddles and it works just fine for me :)

    I haven't tried any lighter than that, but maybe 008-040 is too light for regulars? Not sure myself

    One thing I've noticed.

    When I record regular guitars, I tune my bass to +-0 cents.

    When I record Evertune guitars, I tune my bass to circa -10 to -15 cents.

    And I DO NOT cramp the strings too hard on regular guitars, I have a fairly light touch, and I've always been really hard on myself about intonation (to the limits of which regular frets allows, I have tried True Temperament frets, but even I feel that's a bit overkill... If I was a billionarie I would replace all frets on all guitars with TT, but I wont have one, and leave the rest regular)

    But yeah, I really need to record bass at -10 to -15 cents otherwise it doesn't sound right at all.

    . It's also pretty damn cool to be able to put on a new set of strings without ANY tuner whatsoever, and have it rock solid even before the strings are broken in.

    I have a couple of Evertune guitars, and have had a few in the past (and tried others...)

    Neither of them stays in tune when putting new strings on. I always have to fine-tune a couple of cents. Not that I'm complaining about that, I rather do that once every two weeks than tune every songs / take. But I just don't believe this since I've had my hands on a number of Evertune guitars, where NONE works as you describe :huh:

    Yeah, every now and then you have to tune up above bend-stop and back down a notch to get back to "normal bending mode"

    But thats easy and fast to do, you dont have to look at a tuner trying to get it right like a normal guitar either.

    It takes 20 seconds max, if that... I haven't clocked it but its fast :)


    Yes, the Evertune has a little threshold before the bend kicks in, as you say. That's just part of how it works, it's physics...

    And I'm personally fine with it. And you know how much passion I have for good vibrato, right? No problem for me :)

    I never had to readjust my senses to get used to Evertune. The difference is so little when setup properly that I don't even think about it ever.

    Oh man, just go ahead and make us a compact version you know it will sell :D

    Oh and another thing for a proper Kemper 2:

    playing through dual profiles at the same time and mixing each volume in mono, or even going stereo with these different profiles.

    THAT would be awesome and something I think many would like to use. Lately I've liked to mix different profile (one brighter, one darker) and this could save time when recording.

    The latest Axe FX III allows A WHOLE BAND to play through it, 2 guitars 1 bass, so a whole band can use a single Axe FX III unit live :love: that is some awesome forward thinking in my opinion. A Kemper 2 with 3 front inputs for differnt musicians would be selling like butter among bands who wants super compact live rigs on the fly. <--- this would probably never happen but I'm just telling it has been done and I really like the idea!

    (however I wonder how this works with midi patch changes... hmmm!)

    Maybe. However what I am saying is new box on your already existing pedal board. So you keep everything you have plus you add the Kemper Stomp Box.
    That way you get the profiles that you like - you don't have to learn and program another device like the Line6 one. You still get to go to the mixer directly. You could still get an effects loop and maybe even a monitor out from the new box.

    However, I have NO physical pedals whatsoever, because I only want "all in the box" without any connecting with cables and ancient stuff like that. :D

    I have never been interested in pedalboards, for me it just looks like a big clutter. <--- personal opinion tho

    HOWEVER I'm sure a lot of gigging musicians right now wants the most compact possible gigging rig, and the Line6 HX Stomp does exactly that.
    You can fit that little thing in your gigbag, and at the gig just hook it up to the FOH and rock out instantly.

    A pedalboard is still another "lugging around thingy" that takes space when going by plane etc

    "Kickass" would be like a channel change on an amp, or really a rig change in a Performance.


    No effects would kill the whole idea with a small portable gigging device.
    You want as much stuff cramped into a small box

    Just look here at the new HX Stomp:
    You can do pretty much EVERYTHING with essential this. Pretty much everything maybe except you may have to add your own wah pedal.

    [Blocked Image:]

    However, Mooer Preamp Live has exactly what you would need, I guess.
    But the limitation of no effects, I think kills it for most people who wants a "all in one box"
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    Very good work , from both of you ... that's a great collab' and that singer knows his job :) I'm impressed by the far distance from the mic
    ( SM58 ?) , given the powerful voice .

    Yeah it's a SM58, with barely any EQ except a low-cut and removed a couple of "shrieky frequencies" like I usually do. :)

    Great job. what profiles you used?

    A Peavey Rage profile made by @Thumas

    All "Somewhere In Time style" chorus and reverb is added in Cubase tho!