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    Sure but you can use any OD pedal and no one will ever know which pedal you used. It's the same with pickups. It might be just a tiny bit that difference between A and B but you experience that B sounds a little better than A. But when another player uses A you experience that that sounds better. Well at least for him/her. So is the original Klon pedal very few have acually used, the holy grail of tones. Of course not. But myths are created and have their own life. Brands keep on making sure myths continue for marketing. It's like Ibanez. The original one was a licensed product from Maxon. But does that make the majority of guitar players buying Maxon? No they want the Ibanez tube-screamer. It doens't matter that it doesn't sound excactly like the original. The same is true with the tone wood bs. This is how psychology works. Tell ppl something and that's what they will believe and hear and make them believe they're not already biased based on the knowledge they've heard is true. This is true no matter if it's music or anything else commercial product or politics. Make them believe what you want them to believe and you have a customer or a voter. Hopefully for the rest of their lifes.

    finding the ac sim decent.

    Esp with delay widening, but need to spend more time.

    Ive noticed it seems to sound alot more realistic using single coils though or coil tapped humbuckers.

    Alot more chimey sounding.

    Has anymore else noticed this?

    ha ha. Love it.

    I just had a ticking noise through my rack that ive never heard before. And ive had my rack years.

    Oddly enough neck pick up also barely noticable on the bridge.

    Pratted arount unplugging things for half an hour and couldnt get rid. It got louder if i bent over and still the penny didnt drop.

    Till i went to have a shower before bed. Still had a chest strap heart rate monitor on and the kemper was picking up my heart rate ???

    Or rather guitar was.

    Egg on my face [email protected]

    Makes u wonder if pace makers and stuff can be picked up ??

    ive got the same setup.

    I use a scarlett 2i4 in between, i think 1/4" trs leads to the front of the scarlett xlr to the monitors and usb to and from the pc.

    Dont get the 2i2. Its not stereo.

    Twin mono.

    You can have head phones in the scarlet or head phones out the kemper for kemper only.

    I cant really see how.

    Is the tuner on 440hz ?

    U haven't altered the transpose setting in rigs. ?

    Are u switching off all the pitch shift effects .

    I cant think of any logical way a kemper could alter your intonation. Its probably just the weather.

    I dont think the tuner is amazing but if your + or minus 1% and u check your harmonics after tunic and slightly tweak if Ness then that should be it.

    not really a kemper question. But as im playing through a kemper, it is :P

    After years of ignoring theory, Im trying to get to grips with music theory.

    I know theres loads on you tube but i like old fashioned books.

    Be nice to find a comprehensive book thats easy to use. And understand With tabs.

    Keys chords scales modes notes.

    I thought about the biato book but apparently its fairly advanced from the beginning.

    i think that is the key to the Kemper model. For simplicity go Kemper. For flexibility and tweak ability go Helix

    gotta say it.

    What a fantastic well thought out and well put reply.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort, it made very interesting and thought provoking reading , thank you !