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    Good thread.

    I've got a stand alone volume and stand alone wah on the right.

    Dunlop expression in the left.

    Would normally be a subtle wah or pitch.

    As its a wet weekend here in England I might do some tweaking later 😉

    I generally use the button for morphing rather than a pedal. I havent got much kemper time in for the last 6 months and I have spotting some interesting delays and reverb that are prob worth experimenting with pedal morph.

    I've always felt that the kemper users and groups etc are 95% amp and cab orientated, which I guess should be expected.

    But is always interesting to find great rigs which are based around effects.

    Theres some really interesting stuff around

    tis annoying.

    I've even noticed my kemper unit start being slow to react to knob turning at times.

    The last update cured itself but ive noticed it happening again with the latest update.

    I was fluffing with the transpose feature this week and it started changing values on its own.

    I've had the kemper a good 5 + years and although I love it, the stability issues are testing my patience.

    If its not stable its not enjoyable anymore.

    hmmm.... Good point made.

    Maybe I've just got my rose tinted glasses on.

    I dont have much love for the kemper pitch shifting - tracking feels off and there's artifacts and warbling at times. It never seems to sound very clean. I dont know why but I dont like chorus either. Cant put my finger on why though. I almost feel ready for some new gear. Even if its an eventide h9 in the loop

    right I know its been done before but...

    I'm toying with the idea of getting some external rack fx to put in the kemper loop.

    I'm not going to go stupid here.

    I've seen loads of people say g major 2.

    I dont want to spend stupid money. Im thinking up to £500.

    What are your thoughts and why

    I will nod to the prs coil splitting too. Even though I've only got the cheaper se. Its still great.

    I dont tend to match pick ups in guitars.

    I've got a fair few with Seymour, dimarzio, bare knuckle emg etc

    Believe it or not I've got a prestige ibanez rg. The koa top one with the floyd and its sounds amazing . I dont want it to be my best sounding guitar but it is. I cant work it out.

    Almost an acoustic sound to it even when driven hard. Kind of like a delicate subtle ness to it. Really really responsive to dynamics and stuff when it shouldnt be.

    I guess my point is the same as what every one else has said. The kemper doesnt squash each guitars character, and the tonal differences are still there. Alot of previous gear I've had made all my guitars sound the same

    tis all very true.

    Different tones work with different guitars.

    Its a good excuse to but more guitars ;)

    I hated strats for years and years until I got curious one day and tried one again, and I love it. I've never tried a tele .... must put it on my yo do list

    interesting question.

    I cant add anything though tbh, I'm not sure how they work.

    I love the delay widener though to almost get the double tracked sound.

    Works great with acoustic sim too.

    I'm not trying to hijack your thread but on a side note can you have 2 separate delays running so if u freeze or infinite one delay the can still get normal repeats on the other rather than a frozen delay with a pretty dry signal. ? Just sayin !

    someone set earlier... the energy... nailed it for me. Pinching my dad's music tapes and listening on my Walkman in bed when I was a schoolboy. Dire straits. Def Leppard. Ac dc.

    Mid 80s. Then walked in my mates house and his brother had master of puppets on. And that was it . I couldnt believe what i was hearing. was 11 or 12 at the time. That went on for years. Got. my 1st guitar at 15.

    Dimebag was then on my radar. And that covered the next ten years.

    Then all the classic rock stuff. Then satriani.

    what are you not liking about the feedback specifically ?

    I select a cab that sounds close to what I want and

    I tend to use the absolute minimum noise gate i can get away with, just to keep hum down. I dont to use a gate at all in the stomps but I know alot do. and tweak the clarity definition & presence and to get where I want to be & tweak rest of the eq.

    I add some compression in slot a, not in the amp settings to add abit of gain and sustain but I roll back the amp gain abit to compensate if I need too.

    I like quite an open sound where the harmonics ring out well.

    I do this with no other fx on, no reverb delay or anything else. im quite into the delay widened where appropriate, and add abit of reverb delay to taste. Boom.

    I dont tend to tweak any further.

    Just check your space settings in the output if its to wide or narrow to suit what your after.

    Less seems to be more for me

    Sure but you can use any OD pedal and no one will ever know which pedal you used. It's the same with pickups. It might be just a tiny bit that difference between A and B but you experience that B sounds a little better than A. But when another player uses A you experience that that sounds better. Well at least for him/her. So is the original Klon pedal very few have acually used, the holy grail of tones. Of course not. But myths are created and have their own life. Brands keep on making sure myths continue for marketing. It's like Ibanez. The original one was a licensed product from Maxon. But does that make the majority of guitar players buying Maxon? No they want the Ibanez tube-screamer. It doens't matter that it doesn't sound excactly like the original. The same is true with the tone wood bs. This is how psychology works. Tell ppl something and that's what they will believe and hear and make them believe they're not already biased based on the knowledge they've heard is true. This is true no matter if it's music or anything else commercial product or politics. Make them believe what you want them to believe and you have a customer or a voter. Hopefully for the rest of their lifes.