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    Not sure what you mean, but in my DAW (the historic Cubase 5 :P or Ableton Live) I choose a new stereo channel and I hear it stereo.

    I don't pan anything.

    Maybe I can take a picture tonight.

    Yeah. Your probably right.

    I cant remember exactly what the crack was.

    Its been a few years.

    Long story short, i was running the kemper from monitor outs into 2i2, then direct outs to studio monitors and usb out of 2i2 into pc.

    I had stereo out from pc to monitors but dual mono going direct to monitors.

    I only noticed when my ping pong delays where not ping ponging. And the chorus sounded crap.

    I posted a few things on here, and realised the input was 2 x mono on the 2i2.

    I was fuming tbh.

    I just went and bought the 2i4. And some trs cables and job done. Sounds far better.

    Ive never actually ran the kemper direct to monitors as i want pc out put running through aswell.

    Im not sure if theres a noticeable difference running through an interface or direct.

    But i will say kemper headphone out vs 2i4 headphone out is like chalk and cheese.

    Id be resurecting an old thread by bringing this up again. But its is mildly annoying.

    I heard beople mention output / headphone resistance maybe responsible.

    I dont actually want to know the answer as it will probably lead me to spending money 😂😂😂

    Im happy with my setup and kemper headphone out.

    I just ignore other potential drawbacks

    im abit of a novice also....


    The solo and the 2i2 are not stereo i dont think.

    I got caught with the 2i2.

    Its twin mono.

    So i bought the 2i4 and thats stereo.

    Im lead to believe you would normally record in mono, and double (or more) track parts left and right or however u want.

    Im recording usb... and it appears fine for what i need


    Im kind of getting it.

    But im not the fastest with tech.

    Ive saved my fav amps in my library.

    And i can drag them or double click into choosen loaded profiles.

    I dopped a bollock deleting everything off the kemper but luckily i backed it up. And re installed.

    Why cant i seem to see or save my favorite cabinets ?

    I have to use the profiler itself ???

    I thought i must have deleted them but there there still.

    Still love it though !!

    Im tempted to buy a 7 string.

    Trying hard not too.

    Bought an ibanez 7 and moved it on as i wasnt that keen.

    Im very fussy with set ups. And it does my head in re setting up for different tunings.

    But the transpose cures that too a point.

    The latency should be the same in Rig or Stomp format if you don’t use Smooth Chords or Constant Latency features which are only available in the stomp menu.

    What are we classing as constant latency features, purely out of interest ?

    I thought the old transpose and pitch shifting was terrible to be honest. I can deal with a degree of latency, but as another poster put it 'artifacts'

    Used to really get on my tits.

    Odd warbles every now and again at fluctuating pitches.

    To be fair i havent tried the pitch shifting or harmonies for ages. But judging by the transpose, they have been tidied up.

    I think its really good. Not perfect but close enough.

    I dont want to be drop tuning with a floyd and messing around re setting up the truss rod and messing with string gauges.

    Love it.

    for what its worth i used to use the transpose and thought it was gash.

    I use it now in the rig button settings, and it seems to sound better in there.

    U just save the transpose as a full rig rather than in a stomp.

    Try it, see what u think !

    No - the editor is needeed more since new delays and reverbs.

    There are people, sometimes older, who bought KPA with the thought that it will be like an old analog amplifier. But it is not. It is not easy for everyone to delve into all the parameters of this amplifier. Some wrote that if it were not for TME, they would sell KPA. Some thanks because they can sit behind the armchair in the studio. And here are a handful of the same people who are trying to tell the KPA team: "Hey, we don't need an editor but if you do it it will be fun". No mates. That's not how you support your team. I would love to see this editor and there are sopme people waiting fot this pice of software. RM3.0 will be great because I saw with what enthusiasm they show it on NAMM. This will be the top notch!

    Yeah agreed.

    I dont care who says they dont need it.

    No one wants to scroll though pages of delays etc burning out there knobs 😂

    Theres features in the kemper i barely touch because of all the scrolling.

    Some i never even realised were there and ive had my kemper 4 or 5 years.

    Just physically havent got time to tweak rather than play

    I dont even look to see what particular delay or reverb im using

    I freely admit to being a kemper bonehead.

    I didnt start using morphing till about 3 months ago.

    And i had no idea what the quick button did till this week. Ive never pasted anything, i dont use lock, and the list goes on. I didnt know the noise gate was in input either.

    My point being its not the same machine it was when i bought it really. Its a different animal.

    Id really love to see an auto swell function, that you can loop and reverse.

    And an infinite sustain sustainiac ebow function.

    Maybe can already be done.

    Possibities are endless !

    I very much doubt they will add much more than just the editor. I think the major hold up was most likely testing of the software on different setups to make sure the KPA doesn't lose USB connectivity as has happened a lot with Rig Manager. I would say once these issues are ironed out we should see a beta. As for the acoustic sim. I doubt we will see that until OS8 at least.



    But Im staying positive.

    Alot of stuff they seem to do seems to stay under the radar.

    Then bang... its out.

    I think theres a few aces up the sleeve still.

    Thats what id like to think anyway 😂

    Totally agree.

    I would also bet that there is going be features/functions included that are not expected.

    Noises were made about the acoustic sim that seems to not have been mentioned for a while.

    there is probably other stuff too.

    It may not just be the Editor itself thats the delay.

    Stuff within the update also may not be finished or being tweaked.

    Would make perfect sense to me as to why theres being unexplained hold ups.

    Fingers crossed