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    the power amp ???
    Il have a look after work.
    I normally just use active monitors, jbl. And I've had tannoys, and other cheap stuff.
    It depends what your hoping to achieve.

    I read that frfr monitors sound good but you don't get the punch of 4 x 12.

    I just kept looking around for a cheaper reasonable power amp, eg the marshall, and got a marshall 1960b 4 x12 a few days later. £175 for both

    If sounds great to me and that's all that matters.
    I'm not purest of a pro, just a hobby guitarist that wants a decent sound. I don't earn money from playing so what's the point in spending big bucks on very marginal.
    I've got guitars with various branded pickups dimarzio duncan emg bare knuckle etc and if someone else was playing, without me looking I wouldn't know which was which. The differences aren't crucial, and you can tweak your eq anyway

    go for either.
    They'll both sound great.
    I got a solid state marshall rack power amp that I found for 25 quid and it's great.
    Don't get sucked into the snobbery to much, my current setups the best I've had.

    I use the exact same setup, except reaper instead or logic.

    I've never noticed a high end dB gain though, but I don't use logic as I said.

    I take it your opening the eq in logic and you have a boost. I can't see what could be causing the boost.

    Where's the kemper volume set ? Could you back off the volume and raise the master volume ??

    Are u getting the same result with different profiles ???

    Hi there,
    I'm was in exactly the same situation as you.
    I bought a 2i2 and a pair of JBL 305s.
    Pc sound was great, kemper sound was OK.
    After a couple of weeks of tinkering I realised I wasn't getting ping pong delays from the kemper, eg. the sound was mono, but pc out was stereo.
    I went through the kemper settings and everything was setup correctly.
    After a bit of research I discovered that the 2i2 inputs are mono only.
    You can get what I assume is summed mono by opening 2 tracks in a daw and panning them hard left and right. You get panned effects but still not stereo thickness.
    I bit the bullet and bought a 2i4, which has stereo or mono inputs and it's now great.
    But you need your pc on. I reckon you can get a a/b switcher type unit in between the kemper and the focusrite so the signal goes to either focusrite then monitors or straight to the monitors.
    I generally just have the pc on, or use monitor headphones straight from the kemper if I can't be bothered to turn on the pc.
    Hope this helps.
    Feel free to message me if u need any pointers.


    I'm a hobby guitarist,
    Just setting up my 1st basic studio.
    I just wanted reasonable active monitors to run the kemper and pc through and USB to maybe try recording with reaper.
    Pc and kemper to monitors was the priority in stereo.
    Recording was secondary really.
    I just though direct monitor in stereo would be very basic entry level standard from the 2i2 inputs without considering it may not be.
    I've always used my processors in stereo direct.
    I prefer it to mono.

    hi everyone,
    I don't understand why if I've got stereo sound from the kemper to my monitors, why it's mono or pseudo mono ? Is it run through a scarlett 2i2.
    The pc out sound which must go up the USB is stereo also.
    It's just using the front inputs is mono output.
    It's really annoying. Especially as I like ping pong delays
    Are the inputs mono on the 2i2 ?
    Could I plug the kemper into my regular pc sound card as a line in instead of the front of the focus instead ??? And use the 2i2 as the line out ???
    Any advice is appreciated.

    thanks guys for all your input.
    I should also add, I've never recorded anything, and don't have much idea except some hints and tips from you tube.
    I'll probably use reaper till I suss it out.
    Also my kemper manual is in the loft buried by wife's junk, I'm not just being lazy.

    If I come out of the 1/4" main outs of the kemper into the 2i2, should the leads be ts, or trs leads ?

    And also if I run a pair of kemper outs to the 2i2 and the other pair of out to the active monitors so I can use the kemper with the pc off, would running two pairs of outs from the kemper to the monitors, would it damage the kemper or the monitors ??

    Also would the signal from the 2i2 to reaper be mono or stereo ?