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    hi guys
    I'll be as brief as I can.
    I've been using my kemper for 18 months as a hobby player in my spare room with my kemper into my desk top for rig manager, my kemper main outs into spare inputs of a stereo amp and speakers and my pc sound card out into the same input with you connectors.
    As crude as this is, It's been fine for my needs as.....

    1. I can use the kemper in stereo without the desktop being switched on.
    2. I can use my desktop and run pc audio out through the same setup without changing anything cable wise.
    3. I can play media through the pc and play along with the kemper aswell.

    I've had to work overtime against my will so I've used the money to upgrade a bit and bought a pair of AKG 701s, a pair of JBL LSR 305s and a scarlett 2i2.

    If I run the direct outs of the kemper into the front of the 2i2, do the cables need to be trs, or mono ? Is it better to use balanced trs cables from the 2i2 outputs to the JBLS, or should I use balanced trs to xlr to the JBLS.

    Obviously if I go through the 2i2 I can use the jbls for desktop media and kemper playback, but I can't ply through the kemper unless the desktop is switched on.

    Is it OK to run balanced trs cables from the 2i2 to the jbls and xlr from the kemper to the jbls
    Or would this overloads something.

    Ideally I'd like to run the kemper to the jbls, and use if the pc is on or off, and use the jbls for playing pc media aswell.

    Or is it better to have to pairs of monitors, one for kemper, one for pc media.

    Thanks guys !!

    cant add much to whats been said, definatly a fair amount of chorus, and some very short stereo delay as others have said.
    Also theres an effect in the mod section called stereo widener, which gives you more stereo spread also.
    Maybe you could do a dual path trick also and feed the amp and cab to one channel dry, and the other channel wet, with chorus and delay to get abit more doubling.

    Hi eveyone,
    Ive owned the kpa 18 months and to be honest only use fairly basic settings, as im a "home guitarist" only,
    And just enjoy the quality and ease of use.
    I run straight out to stereo frfr monitors.
    Alot of the features i have no idea to use.
    My question is, is there, or is there likely to be in the future a panning function for running stereo effects,
    Eg. Pan wah/chorus/ reverb etc to left or right channel and the other channel "DRY" so through the rig.
    Also can the pitch shift harmony effects be "panned" ??
    Cheers. Steve.