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    I cant really see how.

    Is the tuner on 440hz ?

    U haven't altered the transpose setting in rigs. ?

    Are u switching off all the pitch shift effects .

    I cant think of any logical way a kemper could alter your intonation. Its probably just the weather.

    I dont think the tuner is amazing but if your + or minus 1% and u check your harmonics after tunic and slightly tweak if Ness then that should be it.

    not really a kemper question. But as im playing through a kemper, it is :P

    After years of ignoring theory, Im trying to get to grips with music theory.

    I know theres loads on you tube but i like old fashioned books.

    Be nice to find a comprehensive book thats easy to use. And understand With tabs.

    Keys chords scales modes notes.

    I thought about the biato book but apparently its fairly advanced from the beginning.

    i think that is the key to the Kemper model. For simplicity go Kemper. For flexibility and tweak ability go Helix

    gotta say it.

    What a fantastic well thought out and well put reply.

    Thanks for taking the time and effort, it made very interesting and thought provoking reading , thank you !

    maybe the point is that the kemper has a great loop and for people like me i should just buy additional stuff rather than expect the kemper to do it.

    For argument sake, an m13 board for some variety.

    Ive noticed a few use helix for fx.

    How does the m13 compare ? Im tempted to try it.

    My honest opinion is that it depends on what the business model is and whether it has changed over time.

    Many many people bought the product for simplicity and ease of use.

    The more and more features that are added the further from that point we are getting.

    I was abit disapointed that the editor didnt incorporate the remote setup aswell.

    Ultimately theres probably loads of kemper users that actually want different things from it, and they are trying to keep everyone happy to a point.

    Dual amps etc would be useful i guess.

    For me since the editor came out, and im not scrolling pages i think the effects section is actually really small.

    Dare i say boring ? Im not sure...

    As everyone seems to comment the drive pedals and modulation effects are not inspiring to me.

    But i can see why people loop in other products for the effects section or go to other products all together.

    all valid points that i dont disagree with.

    I enjoy my kemper every day.

    Im being realistic though.

    I wager anyone it will be within 2 - 3 years.

    Anyone that thinks otherwise needs to smell the coffee.

    i didnt say it was out or coming out in the near future.

    I said the hardware is 9 years odd 0ld and ive already started saving for the next incarnation.

    What part of that is fake ?

    i just cant see that there wont be a new unit released in the next couple of years.

    Maybe the oringinal gear will still be produced and released, but i dont believe there wont be a new flagship unit

    and i meant im already saving for the new kemper.

    I cant see it will be miles away.

    Ive had mine 6 years.

    The hardware is old now. Maybe 8 or 9 years.

    For a piece of kit to potentially not be superseded in say 10 year release life is amazing this day and age.

    I wont hesitate in dropping the coin again.

    Money very well spent

    i was hoping for extra profiler features.

    I reckon its unlikely though.

    Its not going to be too long before a kemper 2 comes out i wouldnt have thought.

    Next year or 2 id imagine.

    Already started saving ???

    The future is kemper are releasing a kemper vest for all users to wear ??

    As much as i thought the hd500 was terrible.

    I really liked the dimension c chorus on it.

    Thought it was great.

    Actual stomp pedal graphics would have been a nice touch on the editor... granted not needed and gimmicky, but front fascias of the amps wouldve been nice too.

    very grey area that im keeping out of.

    It is ironic though.

    I dont agree with not paying for goods and services at all.

    But then again surely by its nature the profile is a pirate in the 1st place due to it being a copy of an actual amplifier.

    And the person who made the profile ripped off the amp maker in the 1st place.

    If amp manufacturers got the top profiling names in and released official profiles from fender marshall mesa on the respective sites etc then everyone gets a cut of the cake.

    Bit like official celestion profiles.