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    hate to burst the bubble.

    But you know the 2i2 isn't stereo don't you ?

    I had the same setup and it did my head in not pinging ping pong delays etc.

    The 2i2 is 2 mono inputs.

    I just sold the 2i2 & put the money to a 2i4

    Problem solved.

    I'm going kemper into 2i4 using 2 x trs into pc with usb and into jbls with xlr connectors.

    Works great. Stereo effects, no noticable latency.

    Records well. Jams well. I just sleep my pc and hit a key and the kemper on.

    Or I just use headphones straight out of the kemper.

    Probably crude compared to some setups, but you've got audio out from your pc to your monitors aswell.

    Works great for the homie player

    hi guys,

    Just a quickie,

    I'm jot a big techie, and just got into using morphing with the kemper 2 button stomp pedal.

    Works fine to be honest, but.....

    I have to change settings if I want to use the looper instead. Bit of a pain.

    Ideally I would like to use both without buying a kemper remote.

    I've got a a midi moose for changing presents and I use an inline Morley wah.

    I've also got a Dunlop expression pedal for wah or pitch. I guess I could maybe use that for morphing but I'd rather just stomp on a pedal.

    Can the moose definitely not be used for morphing or using the looper ?

    Failing that could I buy a 2nd kemper stomp pedal and assign that to just looping ??

    I know everyone goes on about it.

    But I can't wait for the editor either.

    I'm going to take a weeks holiday the day it comes out to fiddle with it.

    Every body is different, butbi don't don't need or want a million delays and reverb to scroll through that I don't use or like.

    I'd like the od and distortion pedals to be improved.

    And I'd like a simple button to turn the amp gain on and of with a switch rather than a pedal.

    I know I could just save a clean and distorted profile of the same amp profile. But it would be nice just to switch it on and off like a channel switch ?

    Or is this already possible ?

    hi guys.

    I think dudes got a point.

    You could keep the amp type search but also have a song/guitarist tone search.

    I don't think there's enough 'profiles' include use of effects. There purely base tones, which I appreciate is what is meant to be.

    There could be some preset tones with some effects also, sounds perfectly reasonable to me to get people in the ball park.

    have you done much tweaking with profiles ?

    And are the profiles off rig exchange or paid for ?

    Does seem a Bit strange, but I don't really know as I use through studio monitors, so I can switch cab profiles to what suits.

    I'm sure some of the guys on here will give you decent advice.

    But I generally tweak definition and clarity in the amp section of the profile to wear I want it and adjust the rest to taste.

    Have you tried profiling the comparison amp yourself ?



    I've never been a drive pedal guy. If the amp doesn't get me straight in the ball park I want without pedals I move on.

    Isn't it possible to profile drive pedals and save them ?

    I'm sure I read somewhere you can ?

    Buy the pedals you want, profile them and sell on


    you don't say what style you play, or what sort of sound your after.

    I'm using the same setup in the same situation as you,

    Except into reaper in my desktop.

    And I'm loving it. I'm an ex FX junkie, now I just use a bit of compression & reverb/delay with some space.

    I don't even bother with chorus anymore.

    I don't need it to fill my tone out because it's already great. Decent headphones and the kemper is superb.

    I've always proffered a stereo setup and the convenience of saving presets.

    The kemper has given me the tone and the convenience.

    If a kemper 2 comes out tommorow I will buy it tommorow. And just cut back on beer and takeaways.

    Best money I've ever spent. I'm concentrating on my playing and enjoying it rather than buying stuff and tweaking more than playing. Worth it's wait in gold.


    I'm in exactly your position, in the sense that I'm a bedroom player, I'm using the scarlet and the jbls and honestly I could be happier.

    I've been playing on and off for over 20 years,

    And always liked to use rack type gear with a stereo setup. The 90s and early 2000s the gear squashed your tone. I'd keep things 6 months to a year, and never be happy. And move on to the next big thing.

    I was a Fx junkie and tweaker until I got the kemper, then I realised i didn't need the Fx at all.

    I just use a bit of reverb and delay here and there and the stomp compressor for added sustain.

    Couldn't be happier. I started taking lessons again and practise at least 5hrs a week and my playing getting where I want it.

    Hours wasted tweaking should have been hours practising.

    I've got 500+ profiles, but I only use about 5 or 6

    For my sort sounds I use a JVM, JP boogie, mk 50 cornford, and a THR funnily enough. I change my clean profile to suit.

    You could buy a the, profile it then send it back.

    Get some decent headphones and it will be worth every penny. You'll find yourself enjoying guitar more than tweaking.

    I wouldn't worry about the money. I think I spent 2 grand ish. The gear will last year's. And will always have a resale value if and when you want to update.