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    Definitely depends on the profile.

    I don't tend to use more than +2 miss, but tweak the presence up a bit with a touch of treble.

    I tend to use the stomp compressor also. And as said tweak the noise gate back also

    Some profiles are naturally good for harmonics.

    Some take a bit of work to get them ringing.

    No different to different amps.

    to be fair I'm not 100% sure I'm I'm using it right,

    But every now and again there's some fluctuation in the shifted signal.

    Maybe it's due to a noisey guitar signal, but it does it on all my guitars from memory.

    I have noticed using the bubble tuner, the tuner gets a bit confused what the string/pitch is also now and again.

    Both digitech units I had and the line 6 stuff would do it also.

    I think it's just part and parcel.

    Very annoying though.

    I havnt used any of the harmony setting for ages, so I should retry.

    I think all the pitch effects harmonys are gash if I'm honest.

    The tracking seems really poor and I get warbles in the shifted signal.

    It reminds me of the digitech stuff I was using in 1994.

    I was expecting a lot better if I'm honest, and in my opinion it's the worst kemper feature. I love the amps speakers and reverb delays

    I think the stomps modulation and harmony pitches are average at best. To the point I don't use them.

    Even the pod he sounded better

    I didn't realise it was out till recently.

    I got mine a month ago.

    Pretty cool pedal, as you can use the looper with it,

    But not full features you can record / play / overdub with one button, and stop / delete with the other.

    You can go in the system setting and set the loop pre or post, so you can record a clean loop, then swap rigs to distorted and play over the top, or you can record a loop and scroll through your rigs and tweak the sound without having to play and tweak at the same time.

    Also you can switch effects in your rig on and off, incl delay and reverb, or switch on or off the freeze/infinite effects tails.

    For those that bought there kemper pre-remote and use a midi controller it's a great inbetween choice.

    I was already using a midi mongoose for switch rigs and I didn't want to shell out 400 for extra features.

    The pedal fills the gap nicely at a very reasonable price.

    If you in tend to use the stomp on the floor without a remote you obviously need a longer trs stereo cable than what it comes with. That more a patch lead for plugging the pedal into a kemper remote.

    All in all a neat little add-on. What's not to like !

    thanks guys.

    I should add I'm in the UK.

    Can I ask how people value/ insure gear also as above. For example a 90s les Paul that was bought for say £1500 would probably cost double that to replace.

    If stolen or whatever do they give you a new les Paul, or the money to by a used 90s model or whatever.

    Sorry for sounding stupid, but touch wood, (No pun intended!) I've never claimed on anything.

    I've got 9 guitars plus the kemper, an amp and various footpedals, monitors an interface and the desk top pc.

    None of it is top end stuff, but with prices rising over the years, it would cost more to replace that what was originally paid, or you wouldn't get the same quality gear for your money.

    Are insurance companies likely to want itemised photographs of each individual item ?

    I've never really thought about it, until recently, that I wouldn't ever be able to afford to replace the gear now I'm a family man.

    Any advice would be appreciated ?

    anyone get there guitars and amps / gear etc get it insured separately ?

    (From home insurance)

    I haven't got loads of gear but maybe around 10k 12k

    Most of my guitars are in the 800 -1000 range but I feel 1k in the mid 90s got you a better guitar than now, obviously due to cost rises.

    What's the best way to get them insured against burglary or fire, to get the gear replaced like for like quality wise.

    I might put a pic up of my yammy 112 strat copy I bought in the summer to get laughed out of the forum.

    I genuinely can't believe how good it sounds and plays and I got it for £65.

    Even with a bucker in the bridge it sounds like a strat.

    I've got a few Ibanez prestige Jacksons esp types and the rico above but only the cheapy actually sounds like a strat. I've heard it said that Floyd's are a bit of a tone killer but I am genuinely surprised how good a strat copy feels and sounds.

    I don't think I've played a guitar without Duncan's emgs dimarzios or bare knuckles in for 20 years or more. Let alone unbranded stuff.

    Sobering !!!!

    Maybe it's just the kemper doing it ?

    I'm pleased with guitar and build quality.

    Must say the pickups sound a bit muddy. Not enough presence for my liking.

    I believe there bare knuckle nail bombs.

    I'm guessing a djentleman was the previous owner.

    I will whip them out and take a look at some point soon.

    The 27 fret thing is a bit gimmicky, just looks different. I certainly won't be going past 24.

    I fancied a prs floyd. At 3 grand I reckon the Mrs would've whacked me with it though ;(;(

    thank for the reply.

    I've ordered the stomp pedal to try. I know it only gives you on and off for the looper but I will give it a try.

    I'd rather do that and try it, than fork out £400 on the remote and not like it.

    I'm tempted to get a ditto looper and a mum is failing that.

    it's a bit of a conundrum.

    £400 to use the kemper looper.

    When I could just buy a ditto instead for 120.

    Or a could get the profiler dual foot switch and have limited use for 50 quid.

    Ditto = 5 mins loop time.

    Profiler= 30 seconds

    I'm imagining if you put a looper in pre rig you can play a riff and use the loop to tweak your sound settings on the fly.

    I've got gear to flog if needs be to finance the remote but I don't know that it would be worth the hassle.

    ok thanks.

    Has the kemper looper got overdub?

    I see the ditto jam £115.

    That's reasonable. Do you put it in line, or in the loop.

    I would imagine I may be able to turn on the loop with my midi moose also thou.

    I read somewhere that you only need 2 momentary switches to turn the looper on and off. Hence why I though the kemper 2 switch stompbox might do it.