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    I have on some 80s washburn.

    It's 27 fret with the tilt.

    I'd rather have had the 24 fret with parallel neck humbucker, but beggars can't be choosérs unfortunately.

    Quite scary the rate guitar prices are going up, I was eyeing up a prs floyd, which were going for 1500 on a deal 3 years ago are now 3500.

    Merry xmas me !

    couldn't resist the Rico.

    think its got nail bombs in it, sounds abit to dark for my liking especially clean. but massive sounding.

    further investigation required. may just change the pots and see if it helps.

    neck thru with thick spalted maple on mahogany and ebony board.

    interesting neck shape, feels chunky and fast at the same time. guitar weighs a ton !!! I must get round to weighing it. at least 9lbs maybe more

    I've only briefly read the thread,

    But I went for a kemper into scarlet 2i4 with jbls 305s into a desktop.

    Midi moose for switching and a Dunlop dvp3 for expression.

    Don't forget the kemper sounds amazing through head phones.

    hi guys,

    I'm using a midi moose to control my kemper at the moment with a Dunlop dvp3 for wah or pitch.

    I've been toying with the idea of getting a separate looper for practising and general messing but I don't want to spend £££ on the kemper remote to use the kemper looper.

    Can the the kemper 2 way switch pedal turn the looper on and off ? And is the looper actually any good ?

    Or should I just buy a digitech trio or jam man or something instead ?

    Thanks Steve.

    tools or reaper, or whatever.

    Find a profile where you like the tone harmonics

    And experiment with different guitars.

    Record if necessary to compare different guitars with the same profiles...

    I'd better shut up..... I could make this post last an hour ??

    If you want to compare notes... msg me.

    Good luck.

    great question !

    I like my guitar tone set so I can ping the pinch harmonics out as and when I feel the need also.

    I've never fully understood what the difference is between different setups either.

    I can remember years ago I was relatively happy with my tone, until I saw some guy playing on YouTube absolutely ringing pitched harmonics like bell with a rocktron prophesy.

    I went on eBay within the week and with a bit of tweaking there they were. I'd been convinced for years my technique was crap!?

    I definitely think as the others have said it is a combination of everything ...... the point someone made about volume was interesting.... I will try that later.

    I personally think alot of it is the guitar itself. The pickups and amp settings and all the rest either bring them out further or squash them.

    I'm only very much a hobby player, but have a few different guitars. I don't tend to change the pick ups, just keep the stock ones. Some guitars ring really well and some you can't get to ring very well at all even in the same setup.

    I bought a washburn st3 years ago, loved the shape and feel but couldn't get the pinch harmonics ringing very Well, even after pick up swaps, so sold it.

    What I find odd is I've got an Ibanez with a tone zone and an air Norton in neck which is my easiest guitar for me to hit them and they jump out right out. Even in the neck !

    On the flip side of that.... I've just bought a Bernie rico Jekyll with bare knuckles in it and I've got to really work hard and tweak some setting to bring them out.

    I love the guitar, but if new pickups and a thorough setup doesn't help, that guitar will be sold too.

    As an experiment, if you've got pro


    Kemper needs something for editing.
    I was happy when I bought it, but now there's millions of delays and everything else added I worried I will end up burning out my scrolling knob.

    I sussed it out in the end.
    I'm so used to using rig manager for every thing I didn't realise I had to manual carry out the update.

    I thought because the 5.1 update demo profiles loaded and worked in rig manager that the fx should be on my kemper but that wasnt the case.

    Is it me or does anyone else think the pitch shift sounds are crap. As in the shifted notes sound unstable with a bit or warbling ??
    I really expected the pitch shifted sounds to really track well. My biggest disappointment with the kemper.

    hi guys, I've had my kemper 3 years but I'm really not a tech guy. I've got about 10 presents I regularly use.

    I love the straight times so much I don't use much effects at all.

    I watched a vid on YouTube the other day with a guy using crystal Delay, and thought I'd experiment with it.
    Thing is... I've got the latest updates via rig manager
    But I can't find the new delays. If I load the profile from the delay 5.1 update it works, but the delays don't appear to be on my kemper....
    I've read they wouldn't install via rig manager and it had to be done by usb stick, but don't know where the update is.
    I'm now worried I've missed other stuff too.?

    What do I need to do ?

    Thanks guys!!!

    could use a midi moose and a Dunlop dvp3
    That was my get around.
    You can't access the looper or turn individual effects on and off though.
    Works fine. I just create the same patch one dry ish and one with chorus or whate
    ver and switch patches

    I route the kemper into the front, and the monitors out of the back.
    Obviously pc audio also comes out of the monitors and on the 2i4 you can mix between the kemper and the pc out put.
    Hope this helps.
    Ps. Make sure the input preamp on your interface is stereo. Although u prob won't record in stereo you obviously want straight out stereo.
    I've been caught with mono inputs before.
    Hope this gives you some clues

    I'm the same bud.
    I went for the moose.
    Works well.
    You can't switch on effects or anything, but if I want delays or what ever I just save it as another preset in the performance and switch presets to turn the delay on/chorus whatever on.
    Built like a tank too. And it's got the option of battery power