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    Hi Grolschy,

    The Rack-Version sounds the same as the lunchbox. However, it has two knobs less (for modulation), has the USB-Port on the Front and doesn't have the LED-Collars around the Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence and Volume Knobs.
    This made me choose the Lunchbox-Version.

    The internal Poweramp is solid-state, so it does not color the sound. Using a tube poweramp or the fx return of your amp would result in having two tube poweramps (the simulated one and the real one). This would have an impact on the sound (not necessarily in a bad way though).
    If you would want to have an external power-amp you could use something like the Matrix-Poweramps or an aftermarket amp that fits in the back-cavity of the lunchbox (ambrosi, etc.)
    I went for the powerhead, because that gives me more options, doesn't weight much more doesn't need more space than the unpowered version.
    I'm using it with my 1x12 vintage 30 loaded cabinet. It has 16 ohm and can take up to 60 Watt. I didn't have problems with that combination at rehearsal or gig volume.

    I went for the Behringer with Uno4Kemper-Chip 'cause the Remote is pretty expensive and you need to buy external expression-pedals.
    Funktion-wise the remote can do a bit more (looper, easy assignment of funktions) but lacks the abbility to be connected to other gear.
    So if you are willing to spend more, don't want to program your controller, need a looper or want to use specific expression pedals, you should go for the remote.
    I just needed to change performance-slots and switch on/off some effects. Also the two built-in expression bedals of the fcb1010 suit me just fine.
    I don't have the fcb1010 for a long time though, so i can't comment on reliability.

    I hope that helps :)



    i'm always getting funny questions on what that thing is, that im plugging my guitar into (like what are you doing with that fishing bag or this looks like you stole that thing from a hospital ^^ )
    So i came up with a little feature request (not that serious of course :P ).
    I think it would be cool to have something like an optional "screen saver" that can be activated in the menu.
    When activated it should turn your display into an electrocardiogram and show random amplitudes of heartbeats. :D
    It would obviously serve no other purpose than to look funny and puzzle uninformed bandmates/friends.

    I'm not a native english speaker, so i hope that you understand what i'm saying :)


    Glad i could help!
    I am using this in slot a, cause this way the transpose effect gets the cleanest signal to identify the note.
    But it might also work great after the effects/amp.
    Also keep in mind, that the greater the pitch-change, the more delay you will get.


    I hope i understand you correctly. I assume you want to use a stomp so that you don't have to use a capo?
    Then you would want to use the "transpose" effect.
    Sorry if i got that wrong.


    i'm using a fcb 1010 with the Uno4kemper Chip with my Profiler.
    When I wanted to test the pedal vinyl stop effect i selected the wah pedal to pitch-option and programed the effect in one slot of the stomp-section.
    When moving the expression pedal, i noticed that a wah was also programmed in another stomp and both were active.
    It sounded like i was controling both effects at the same time with my expression pedal.
    Is this normal? I thought there were some kind of priority. So when there is wah, only the wah is controled. Only when there is no wah in the rig you can control pitch.
    Maybe i read that wrong?


    Here's how you can check if you habe the unpowered or powered Version:

    If you habe the Toaster, look at the color. Is it white? Then you have an unpowered Version.
    If it is black you have to look at the back of the profiler. If there is a cavity, then it is unpowered. If not and you see a red "speaker output" then it is the powered version.

    But if you have the Profiler as Rack version, you can just see it by looking for the red "speaker output" on the back. If it is there -> powered.
    If not -> unpowered.

    With both versions you can do it like guitartone said.
    With the powered version you also have the option to connect your guitar cab directly to the "speaker output" of your profiler.

    When using the 4 cable method the signal path looks like this:

    Guitar -> Profiler input -> from direct out to input of your amp -> from send or preamp-out to alternative input of your profiler -> from monitor out to return or poweramp-in of the amp.
    To make use of that you have to program an fx-loop in one of the slots of the kemper.
    But i think this method won't suit you well, because you want to use the profiler as your preamp, i suppose.

    Hi ejrocks,

    it depends on wether you have the powerhead/rack or the unpowerd version.
    As for the unpowered version you could connect the monitor out of the Profiler with the return input of the tube-amp. This way you would use the Power-Amp of the amp. Obviously you would have to deactivate the cab-simulation in the Profiler (in the Output Menu). You could even try the 4-cable-method and use the Pre-Amp Section of your tube-amp as well.
    If you have the powered Version you can directly connect your guitar cabinet to the speaker-output of the Profiler.
    Does that help you?

    Hi there,

    i got my PowerHead a few days ago (yeah! :D ) and already have a question.
    When in Browse-Mode i get the letter "E" on the far right in the display (under the author's name) when i turn a knob.
    I assume that this indicates changes that have not been stored (like "E" for "edited").
    Is this correct?
    Now what makes me wonder is this:
    I downloaded the Profile-Pack from the Profiler-Workshop by Thomas Dill.
    These Profiles all have this "E" in the Display even when i don't change anything.
    Is there a bug or does the "E" indicate something different?

    Apart from that the PowerHead is really awesome (although i have only tested it with a guitar cab by now).

    Thanks for your help and excuse my english skills!