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    I bought a custom case from a local manufacturer.
    Fits very nicely.

    I also heard that thomann sells a case for a line 6 pod which fits for the remote plus 2 exp pedals.
    I think Ingolf uses this one.

    was ide output led angeht musst du wie gesagt einen guten mittelwert bei mastervolume und rigvolume finden. bei mir leuchtet die auch manchmal noch kurz rot wenn ich tiefe töne spiele. (übrigens Drop A) damit du vllt. einen vergleich hast. mein Master ist auf 5.5DB eingestellt und meinRig ist auf -5.5DB eingestellt

    Auf die Output LED sollte die Stellung des Master-Volumes keine Auswirkung haben. Das Master-Volume steuert einfach die Lautstärke die am Ende insgesamt aus der Box kommt (oder woraus auch immer). Egal ob du den Master bei der Probe voll aufreisst, oder ihn abends in der Wohnung runterregelst, die "interne" Lautstärke des Rigs (und somit auch das Aufleuchten der Output-LED) bleibt gleich.

    Ich hoffe ich habe dich da jetzt nicht falsch verstanden. Will nur sichergehen, dass der OP nicht ein falsches Verständnis bekommt.

    Hi there,

    i think i found a small bug in rig manager (version
    I wanted to turn off the option, that rig manager also checks for the latest beta OS versions.
    So i unchecked the option in the preferences menu. Instantly, i got this windows 'not working'-sound that always plays when you click on something that is not available or does not work currently.
    After i got this sound, the preferences window stopped working and i was not able to click on 'cancel' or something else.
    Also i noticed that in the task bar, the name of this tab changed to something like "revert to release version".
    This issue appeared consistently.

    After i disconnected my profiler, the same procedure works fine.

    Can anyone else reproduce the problem?
    Or might this even be intentional?

    Hello nickloosley,

    i think the best method would be to get a simple single footswitch and plug it directly into the kemper (fs 1 or 2).
    Then you can program this switch to toggle the tuner on and off.

    I do not know of any other button on the kemper itself that would activate the tuner.

    No, the G70-Transmitter has a simple jack input. You can use any guitar-cable.

    There is a special cable included which has a plug you can screw in the body-pack, so it can´t come loose or pop out. But you don´t have to use it - i never used it.


    Ah, cool! I didn't know that. Thank you for the clarification!

    I have a question for the users of the G50/55/70/75/90 etc.

    The bodypack does not have a jack input, right? So you need special cables for the transmitters?

    How good are the supplied cables? And can you buy additional cables for them?

    I sometimes think about buying a newer/better version of the relay series, but i really like my g30 for giving me the option to use any guitar patch cable that i find.

    Look for CAT5 cable -mainly are AWG 24. (max 7,5 m)AWG 27 has too thin crosssection of wires.
    Suppliment: 10 m is of the limit - you should look for a POE. E.G.…1-2&keywords=poe+splitter

    Yes, of course. I forgot to write that i also bought a PoE injector.

    But regarding the Cable gauge: I really found only few cat cable (cat 5 - 7) that are AWG 24.
    Even expensive ones (e.g. cordial) only have AWG 26. Cordial only has AWG 24 for cables longer than 75 meters i think.

    Hi there,

    I started searching for an additional remote cable for bigger stages (so the cable should be more than 10 meters).
    The manual states that a cable with AWG 24 should be preferred. I find it hard to find cables that meet this requirement.

    So i thought i might post this here, to help other that are also searching:

    LogiLink has a Range of Products that are AWG 24.
    These are the Patchcables with the Product-Numbers starting with "CQ2". Note that only the unshielded ones are AWG 24 while the shielded ones are AWG 27, i think.

    I hope that information is useful to someone.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that you will need a PoE Injector for cables longer than 10 meters. For that purpose i bought the TP-Link that was suggested in the manual.


    Have you linked the monitor volume to the master volume?
    I remember some issues, where the links created the problem that the values went off.
    But i think this was already fixed, so just a wild guess here.

    I use a Line 6 G30 for several years now.
    Sounds exactly like a cable to me.
    Usually it sits on stage approx. 5-10 meters away from me, but we have one song in our setlist, where i will walk around in the crowd. So even if i go off the stage, i have never experienced any loss of signal. I think i tested it to approx. 30-35 meters (without obstacles).

    Obviously, i experience latency when walking through the crowd, but this is just due to the speed of sound and would also occur, if i would use a very long cable.

    I checked this today.
    Performance Tempo was deactivated.
    Unfortunately, when i activate the beat scanner, it stays activated, even if i switch to a different performance and back.
    I have to go to the profiler and hit the exit-button to stop the beat scanner.

    What am i missing there?

    Hi there,

    i have used my profiler for about one and a half years now, but i tend to do not use the tap tempo or the beat scanner.
    I use my delays mostly on fixed values, as i do not use them for rhythmic effects but only for making my sound a bit wider.

    Yesterday i used my new remote for the first time in rehearsal, and it happened to me twice that i accidentally stepped on the tap button and activated the beat scanner mid-song.

    So my question is: If accidentally step on the tap button and activate the tap tempo or the beat scanner, how can i get back to the preset time-value of my delay?
    I tried to switch to another performance, but the beat scanner was still on and adjusting the time of my delay.


    Der Tip mit der lock-Funktion ist gut! Werde ich auch definitiv mal schauen ob das der Fall ist! Meinst du, falls das nicht die Ursache ist, das ein Reset helfen würde?

    Mit einem Reset würde ich erstmal warten. Du verlierst dabei natürlich alle Einstellungen. Und ein Backup hilft dir auch nicht weiter, falls es irgendeine Einstellung war, die den Sound beeinflusst hat.

    Hallo Tobi,

    herzlichen willkommen!
    Generell is es kein Problem wenn von Zeit zu zeit die LEDs rot aufleuchten, kommt das allerdings häufig vor, sollte man was dagegen tun um clipping zu vermeiden.
    Leuchtet die Input-LED oft rot, ist dein Eingangssignal zu hoch. Benutzt du aktive PUs? Hast du noch Effekte vor dem KPA?
    Leuchtet die Output-LED oft rot, solltest du das Signal innerhalb des KPAs reduzieren. Also z.B. die Rig-Lautstärke (Volume-Regler). Auch die einzelnen Effekt- oder Amp-Module können noch eigene Lautstärken haben.

    Die Output-LED hat jedoch nicht unbedingt etwas damit zu tun, dass du im Proberaum laut spielen willst. Um die allgemeine Lautstärke zu regeln, solltest du nämlich nicht die Rig-Lautstärke erhöhen, sondern den Master-Regler benutzen.

    Hast du einen KPA mit endstufe? Gehst du direkt in die PA?

    Bzgl. Sound: Im Grunde funktioniert das wie beim "echten" Amp auch. Ansonsten schau mal in das Amp-Modul. Da gibt es einige Parameter mit denen man noch nette Dinge anstellen kann. Siehe dazu auch den Abschnitt im Manual.
    Zum Unterschied im Browse-Mode: Die Modi haben eigentlich keinen Einfluss auf den Sound, sofern du das gleiche Rig geladen hast.
    Allerdings funktionieren die Lock-Funktionen in den beiden Modi unabhängig. Kann es also sein, dass du im Browse-Mode irgendein Modul "gelockt" hast, sodass dieses Modul den Sound jedes Rigs beeinflusst?

    @Bommel: I just downloaded your rig and tried it (i am on 4.0.2 release currently).

    Judging from the soundfile you posted, it sounds similar.
    I use a HSS strat in normal/drop d tuning to test it, so it does not sound as brutal as your example ^^

    But apart from the fact that the sound is supposed to sound somewhat 'broken' i think it works with my profiler.

    Hope that helps

    EDIT: I listened to your clips comparing 3.3 and 4.2.
    I noticed that i get a somewhat similar sound to your "problem-sound" when i pick my strings more softly. Then it seems like the signal is right at the edge of the gate's threshold and is only sometimes letting signal through.
    The more i play the rig, the more i get the feeling that there is a signal-level issue somewhere.

    Plus, even when i turn off every effect module in the rig, it still sounds extremely fuzzy. Is this on purpose?

    @Bommel, like Robrecht, i can imagine that it really sucks losing your main sounds. It would stress me out as well.
    And i really hope you get it sorted out with the help of the kemper support.

    I did not mean to shatter your search for help. And i hope this whole thread does not shed a bad light on this forum, as i think this is probably the best and most helpful forum i have seen.

    Nevertheless, i had a bit of a problem with opening this feature request additionally to the other thread where you tried to solve the problem with the help of the members (for the stated reasons).

    But lets just put this topic aside. I think it is clear now that the Kemper team will aim for not changing any sounds through updates and also for not resetting any settings of the profiler regarding footswitches, volume, clean sense, etc.
    Regarding leaving the old delays available additionally to the new ones, i think we just have different opinions. This will be a decision of the kemper team and i think it is fair enough to raise this request if you would like to have it that way.

    So, i hope you will sort out the problem with the kemper support soon and will keep us updated about the solution.