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    How about we just stop arguing whether it's a FR or a bug? It doesn't matter, he has a genuine problem and Kemper are trying to help him.

    Because it may look like, that this "feature" needs to be requested and is not present yet. New users or potential users that are reading that might think "i do not want my sounds to change after updates, maybe the kemper is not for me then"

    I know, this is exaggerated a bit, but it seems that he is already in contact with support. Therefore this feature request thread does not add to the solving of his problem.

    and i know that kemper aims for constancy ,and i think this is great but still it has not worked in 4.2 with that "bug" or "fix"

    as already discussed, this "fix" was only aimed at positioning the rectishaper after the amp section, which you did not do.So i would not blame this fix for your problem.

    As i said, normally there is no reset to default settings...So no need for a feature request as this will not be intended by kemper.
    The plan is already to leave the settings as they are. If it is not like this, it is because there is a bug.
    And a feature request for "i do not want to have bugs in new OS versions" seems a bit off.

    I totally share your opinion that when i load a new OS, it should keep my settings on footswitches, volume, etc.
    But i know that the kemper team tries to ensure this behavior. We can't blame them if there is a bug that destroys this aim.

    and i was honestly thinking about selling the kemper because i did not feel that there was a immediate help available

    I really do not want to be rude, but if you would have made a backup before update, like it is recommended everytime, you would not have got into any trouble and gigs would have been no problem.

    Sure, it would be good if the support would now try to give you a solution as soon as possible. You can expect that from them somehow.
    But i think it is unfair to question their competence because you forgot to make a backup.

    Please correct me if i misunderstood you here in some way. I do not want this to heat up. Just want to 'defend' my point here (and the kemper support in this case)

    Maybe the fix ckemper talked about had nothing to do with the rectishaper, but with the effect modules after the amp section. This fix might have an influence on the behavior of certain effects that are programmed in these slots, but did not change anything for the rectishaper effect itself.
    And probably (as he called it a "fix") the sound was now changed to a normal behavior and was broken before the update. Hence the "fix". But of course, i do not know about the actual fix he was talking about.

    So, since the guys at kemper stated, that they do not want to change any sounds, a feature request for this is redundand IMO. Why would we need to request something that the Kemper-Team is already aiming for?

    I do not question that you have a problem with the sound of your rectishaper. I simply want to say, that it is most likely a bug that can be fixed. Therefore, a feature request is misleading other users.

    And regarding your suggestion of leaving the option to stay on "old versions" of effects: This would mean, that every update contains every OS that we had before? i think that would be quite a mess. Every time we get an update, every effect module will get at least one more copy.
    And, again, since the sound of updated effect modules will not change (as long as there is not bug) there is no need for it.

    So normally, when you create a back-up before loading a new OS, you won't have a problem to go back to the "working" state when you encounter a bug in the new OS.

    Can i use this Box:

    With the Kemper - Power Head Version?

    Hi kerazy,

    i bought the same cabinet some time ago. I have put one of its vintage 30's in a custom 1x12 cabinet and i am using this combination with my PowerHead for over one year now. I am just a bit careful to not turn it up too much, but i did not ever have the feeling that i could damage the speaker, even when plaing 'against' acoustic drums during rehearsals.

    As the harley benton cabinet has two of these speakers, i suppose that it would take even more power to damage these. So, as long as you not "go medieval" ( :D ) on this cabinet, i think you will be fine.

    On a side note: I think, considering the price, this cabinet is really great!

    Hi Bommel,

    i can image that it is frustrating when you lose your sounds due to an update-bug.

    But, honestly, i do not fully understand why you keep raising this as a feature request.
    I never noticed any sound-changes after updating. And i never had any volumes or routings reset.

    And, as stated multiple times, kemper is deliberately aiming to not change any sounds, etc. through updates.
    IIRC there was an issue with volume-resets in one beta, but it got fixed quite quickly.

    The naming of the delay (legacy delay) changed at one point to prepare for the upcoming delays. But this did not change any of my delay-sounds, either. Only when programming a new delay you would notice that there was only one delay type left, but you could do everything that you could do before. And i do not see a problem there. To improve the unit, some things have to change from time to time, and i think everyone would agree that the new types of delays are much better than the old ones. You do not lose anything through this change.

    I hope i did not misunderstood your problem/request.

    If i did understood it, you are mostly asking for something that already exists. And this (in my opinion) might confuse some new users. After reading this post they might think that it is normal that you lose your sounds when updating.
    Losing your sounds after updating will most likely be a bug in the new OS and is not a decision by Kemper.


    I agree!
    I don't know how hard/impossible it is to change this behavior, but for me it would make much more sense to move the Performances instead of swap.

    If you have 50 Performances and you want to put P50 between P5 and P6, you will end up with P50 after P5 and P6 after P49.
    It takes quite some time to arrange this correctly then.

    Mostly, i have it on top of my 1x12 cabinet.
    But as we carry quite a lot of stuff regarding pa, light, etc., there is always a large case that i can use to put my Kemper on.

    So maybe your drummer uses a case to carry his Bassdrum? Or you have cases for your PA-Speakers? Maybe a rack that houses the stage-box (which will be on stage anyways)?

    In the future my band might switch to In-Ear-Monitoring. Therefore i might not use my 1x12 anymore. Then i will maybe put the Kemper on the rack of our stage-box, etc., or maybe just put it on top of our other guitarist's amp.

    I am using my PowerHead through a 1x12 most of the time (rehearsals and on stage).
    Sometimes i just use an frfr monitor on stage.

    I never had any problem with the sound through my cab.
    When the profile itself sounded good to me, the sound through the cab was always very good as well.
    Of course, as Nightwish2 already said, you have to make shure that the FOH gets the sound WITH Cabsim and the Monitor/Speaker-Out gets it WITHOUT the cab sim.
    Did you check if you have tweaked the equalizer of the monitor output? Maybe there is something wrong there?

    Regarding high gain and high volume: The Kemper basically works like a normal tube way in this regard. Like with a tube amp, tones sound different at different volumes. But if you select a good profile (maybe of an amp that you know) and turn it up to stage volume, you should be able to adjust the tone to you liking by using the equalizer like on a tube amp. Additionally you have some more parameters in the amp menu.

    Regarding the cab: Did you already use this cab before you got the kemper? Did you like the sound of it?

    If you like the sound of a profile WITH Cabsim through frfr speakers (PA, Stage-Monitor, Studio monitors, etc.) but you do not like it WITHOUT cabsim through your cab, then i would say the cab is the problem.

    If you ever needed a more than capable compact back up to a Kemper the BLUGamp is it ... Hope that helps.....

    I agree. I had this amp for a few weeks. I did not quite like the sound as much, so i sent it back as i did not want to use it as my main amp (and i needed the money for the kemper :D ). But i would certainly use it as backup.
    If you like the sound though (i would say it's quite Marshal-oriented, which i'm not into that much), it is an excellent amp with all the features you need.

    And just to avoid confusion: The Amp is called "Amp1", the Brand is called BluGuitar. It was founded by german guitarist Thomas Blug.

    Thank you!

    Another question:
    How do you all manage the cable of the headphones?
    When i used it once, it was quite uncomfortable that the cable was held down by the guitar strap so that i was now able to look down or far left/right without the cable pulling the ear buds out of my ears.
    When giving enough slack before putting the strap on, it created loose loops of cable that looked kinda ridiculous :D

    So, what is the best way that you figured out on this matter? ?(

    Thank you in advance!

    Thank you for help!
    I also heard about these noises when the battery goes down. Very strange...

    I used to use a LD Systems MEI 1000 G system but switched to a Sennheiser EW 300 IEM G3. I know it's pricey but it really sounds so much better.

    Ingolf, could you explain the difference in sound?

    Hi there,

    i used the search function but was not able to find anything about this topic.

    My Band is on the edge of switching to in ear monitoring. I haven't really used in ear before apart from one situation were i wanted to test it but gave it up because it was uncomfortable due to the cables got held down by the guitar strap on my back and were pulling the monitors out of my ears.
    Nevertheless i know about the pros of in ear monitoring and try to stay open with this topic. When thousands of guitarists are happy with it i think i will get used to it as well (?)

    As the equipment geek that i am, i started searching for an adequate wireless unit and some in ear monitors to start out into the world of in ear monitoring.
    Budget-wise i do not have a specific amount of money that i want to spend on it. Of course i want to stay as low as possible but i do not want to live with bad sound and constant hum in my ears.

    Until now, the LD Systems MEI 1000 g2 got my attention (…rslt_mei+1000+g2_315469_0)
    It seems to be the best 'bang for the buck' in that price range.

    Does anyone have experience with this wireless system?
    Can i get good results with it for the next few years?
    Or will i have to go with a price range like the Sennheiser EW300 IEM to have a quality that i don't have to care about anymore?

    The other part is the in ear monitors.
    I am interested in the Shure SE-Series.
    Mainly the SE215 or SE315. I think the SE425 would be the maximum i would pay for it, if this would give me a much better result.
    In the long run i might get custom fitted in ear monitors at some point, if i know that i will use in ear monitoring for the next years.

    What do you think about the SE Series?
    What about the sound? What about the fit in the ear?

    About me and my band:
    We are a hobby coverband ("Top 40" you could say) that has approx. 5-15 gigs per year at company celebrations, city festivals and private partys.
    We are not doing this as full-time job, we are not even getting much money out of it. But we are putting quite some effort in it to have it as professional as it gets.
    We have our own sound- and light-technicians and are carrying around quite some stuff when we gig (usually we also supply our PA etc at festivals or partys for other acts)

    What i'm trying to say is, i am not a professional musician but i am nevertheless used to have high quality gear to use (like the Kemper :D )

    I would be glad if you could let me know about your experiences/thoughts/opinions on that matter :)


    -7.5 db Rig Volume erscheint mir schon arg leise.
    Meine stehen eigentlich alle auf 0. Da bedarf es nicht mal wirklich einer Anpassung zwischen den Rigs.
    Und wenn doch, dann sind das vllt mal 0.5 - 1 db.
    Bei Solo-Sounds gebe ich einen boost von 3-4 db, dafür hat der Kemper auch genügend headroom.
    Bei cleanen sounds bekomme ich gelegentlich eine rote output led, da diese sounds mehr dynamik haben. Sofern die led aber nicht ständig rot leuchtet ist das laut ckemper aber kein problem.
    Hast du vllt innerhabl eines Effekt- oder Amp-Moduls die Lautstärke angehoben? Booster eingeschaltet? Wie steht Clean-Sense?

    Aber: Wenn deine Box am Camplifier zu laut ist, dann solltest du eher den Output herunterregeln als das Rig-Volume.
    Ich vermute, du hast den Camplifier über den monitor-out angeschlossen.
    Also einfach den Monitor-Out herunterregeln.

    Was Feedbacks angeht, empfinde ich den Kemper eigentlich als sehr unkritisch. Habe bei 'sinnvollen' Lautstärken eigentlich nie ungewollte Feedbacks.
    Ich muss eher im gegenteil etwas nachhelfen um Feedbacks zu bekommen, wenn ich mal eins haben will ^^

    Oder habe ich dein Problem falsch verstanden?

    I think there was a small discussion about user telling the Kemper-Team 'what they should do' or something like that.
    They did not appreciate it that a user just talks about their work like he exactly knows what they do and why they do it, and what they should do better.

    But i think as long as you do it in a friendly manner and present it as a personal wish or suggestion, everything should be fine.
    And to some extend, the feature request-section of this forum is there to write about your wishes and suggestions.

    I just took a look at my profile and it seems, that the post-count was reset at some point.
    My profile lists >170 posts, but when looking at my points, only 1 posts is counted.