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    Hi there,

    is there a way to find out who uploaded a rig to rig exchange?
    I know, there is the author, but from what i know, this is just the person who initially created the profile/rig.
    So if someone uses that rig to create a new rig, the author remains the same.
    So when he uploads this profile, it looks like the original author would have uploaded this rig.

    In my opinion it is like this:

    I haven't felt any difference to tube amps when playing the Kemper so far (sound- and feelwise).
    I might get proven wrong in the future, but i do not think that we will see big improvements in terms of pure sound quality in the future (by that i mean the whole technology of digital guitar amplification; Kemper, Fractal, Line6, etc).

    So even if they make a Kemper 2 tomorrow, the exisiting Kemper will still deliver the same sound as it does now and at this point, i do not think that this sound-quality will get outdated.

    It is not like it was with the Pods and the Boss-GTs anymore. With every new unit, the sound quality was improved back then.
    But now, (i think) only the features, handling, etc. will be improved.

    Am i interested in a Kemper 2 with even more cool features? - Sure! There is always room for improvement and they might incorporate features we don't now about yet.

    But if the current Profiler suits your needs, then you can play it until it breaks. No need to buy anything new, because the sound is not a compromise.

    By the way, after some month you will probably want to have a second Kemper anyway, so if they offer a Kemper 2 by then, you might just want to have it additionally :D:D

    Hope this helps

    Hi guys,

    i recently bought two Dunlop DVP3s along with my remote.
    I really like them, but i quickly noticed a strange mechanical noise in both of them when operating the pedal.
    When it got really annoying i decided to open up the pedals and see what was causing this noise.

    Apparently, those brown(ish) ribbons were not aligned properly, causing them to overlap and making this sound (in both pedals).
    I managed to realign them which seems to solve the problem.

    Interestingly, while doing this, i accidentally pushed the internal blue switch that is supposed to alter the polarity.
    After hooking it up to the remote again i noticed that the curve of the pedal was not linear anymore. It started really fast and then went slow coming to the toe position. Like a reversed logarithmic curve (does that make sense?).
    So, apparently, when using it with the Profiler, the switch does not switch the toe with the heel position, but alters the curve of the pedal.
    If anyone does not like a linear curve then you might want to try this out ^^


    Pitch to Vol wird nicht benötigt.

    Vllt stehe ich auf dem Schlauch, aber es müsste so funktionieren:

    Pedal als Wah Pedal einstellen.

    Wah to Vol UND Wah to Pitch aktivieren.

    Kein Pitch im Rig und Wah aktiv = Wah wird gesteuert
    Kein Pitch im Rig und Wah deaktiviert = Vol wird gesteuert

    Kein Wah im Rig und Pitch aktiv = Pitch wird gesteuert
    Kein Wah im Rig und Pitch deaktiviert = Vol wird gesteuert

    Pitch und Wah in einem Rig aktiv = Pitch und Wah werden simultan gesteuert.


    Wie Ingolf bereits schrieb, brauchst du tatsächlich mind. 2 Pedale dafür.

    Die ersten beiden Optionen (Wah bzw. Pitch zu Vol umschalten) sollten allerdings auch mit einem Pedal funktionieren! (Siehe mein Beispiel weiter oben).

    Falls du also aufs Morphen per Pedal verzichten kannst (geht ja auch mit den Rig-Tastern), könntest du mit einem Pedal auskommen.

    Okay, dann müsste ich auf den internen Schalter des EP1 verzichten ( einer der Gründe weshalb ich das Teil erwarb). Aber eine Möglichkeit.

    Wie meinst du das?
    Du könntest weiterhin den Schalter z.B. mit Stomp A belegen.

    Ist ein Wah in Slot A, kannst du mit dem Schalter z.B. "auswählen" ob du das Wah bedienst, oder z.B. Vol (Slot A über den Schalter im Pedal ausschalten.)
    Ist ein Pitch in Slot A, kannst du "auswählen", ob du Pitch oder z.B. Vol steuern willst.

    Du kannst nur nicht zwischen z.B. Wah und Pitch innerhalb eines Rigs umschalten.

    Oder habe ich noch nicht verstanden, was dein Ziel ist?

    Die Einstellungen sind global.
    Aber wenn ich dich richtig verstanden habe, kannst du damit trotzdem das machen, was du versuchst.

    Willst du Wah, dann pack ein Wah ins Rig. Wenn du im nächsten Pitch willst, dann nimmst du das Wah raus und packst nen Pitch-Effekt rein, usw. So kannst du pro Rig entscheiden was du mit dem Pedal steuern willst. Kannst halt nur nicht mehrere Sachen in einem Rig ansteuern. Aber das brauchst du ja vermutlich auch nicht.

    This could get messed up. If your delay was off and boost was on, hitting switch IV would activate the delay and disable the boost.
    I suggest hitting the switches III and IV at once to achieve what you want.

    I'm aware of that. You would have to "reset" the delay before using switch IIII to activate both.
    I still think that it could be useful in some cases.

    Hi there,

    i hope this wasn't already asked for (did not find anything about it on this forum).

    I recently got my kemper remote (yeah! :D:D ).
    Thus far, I'm really happy with it. But i noticed one thing does not work: Assigning one effect slot to more than one effect switch of the remote.

    What i mean is this:
    I assigned my delay to switch III and a boost in my X-Slot to switch IIII.

    Then i tried to assign my delay to switch IIII as well. This way i would be able to switch on the delay by itself or switch it on along with the boost with one switch.
    But, when i assigned the delay to switch IIII the assignment of switch III got lost. Apparently one effect slot can only be assigned to one effect switch of the remote.

    I don't really see a logical problem when making this possible. If i would hit switch III, only the delay is on. This would mean that the second lower LED of switch IIII would also light up, because this switch is also assigned to the delay slot.
    And if the delay is off and i hit switch IIII, both delay and boost are switched on. Now, of course, both lower LEDs of switch IIII, as well as the lower LED of switch III would light up. Then i could have the possibility to either switch off boost AND Delay with switch IIII OR siwtch off only the Delay by hitting switch III and letting the boost stay activated.

    I hope that explains what i was trying to achieve ^^

    Would you also think that this would be useful?


    Hi Guitfiddle,

    welcome to the Kemper-World!

    At first, you might want to have a look at a tutorial that some users of this forum put together for new Kemper-Users (you can find it in this forum somewhere ^^ )

    To your question: I think many users use the Ambrosi-Amp or the camplifier that will both fit into the back-cavity of the toaster.


    Hi there,

    i recently updated to Public Beta 4.0.6
    I noticed the following:

    1. The release notes of 4.0.3 say "added: support for Kemper dual switch"
    2. In the system menu on page 6 you can choose the pedal mode "Profiler switch" (i don't know if this is new but i haven't seen this before)

    Does anyone know what this kemper dual switch or profiler switch is?


    Hi guys,

    haven't updated on OS4 yet due to a lack of time but i have one question about the morphing feature.
    I understand that you can use the rig-buttons on the remote to switch between the morph-states.
    Apparently there are two different ways for this: Momentary and latching.
    Initially i thought you can do both (just choosing whether to leave your foot on the switch or not).

    As i read the release notes of one of the newest betas i noticed that it seems like you have to decide whether it should be momentary or latching per rig.

    Is this right? Did they change this behavior compared to the first versions of OS?


    Currently, i do not have a backup.
    But i think something like the Tech 21 FlyRig 5 would be a good solution.
    Part of the advantage of having a kemper is that you don't need to take so much stuff to a gig anymore. So a backup should fit inside the cases you are carrying anyway. The FlyRig would even fit into a gigbag.
    It has all the bare necessities and you can go directly to FOH.
    Though, you can find reports of high background noise on the internet.

    PS: Weird, I just found that the 6i has got 4 analog output lines, while the 8i has got only two

    Hi viabcroce,

    i was also confused by this. Also i did not get, why the 18i8 has 8 outputs and the 6i6 only has 6 although it obviously has 2 TRS-Output connections more.
    After reading the respective manuals i think that on the 18i8 the two Headphone outputs serve as 4 individual outputs (as two stereo-pairs) while on the 6i6 the headphone stereopairs are just mirroring the same signal that is routed to the 4 line outputs on the back of the interface.

    I hope this helps to resolve the confusion :)