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    playing the rhythm slot and changing to lead+wah just by moving the expression pedal

    I like the idea! I think you could post a feature request for that!

    For every rig you could define a "link" to a pedal which brings you to a certain rig/slot when you move this pedal.
    I don't know if this would be possible, but i think it could be of some use to several people :)

    I generally would like to have the possibility to jump to predefined rigs. Like pressing the switch of the active slot to bring up something like a predefinet 'default' rig.

    Hi guys,

    thought i might step in as well ^^

    Here's mine:
    [Blocked Image:]

    I build it myself in a guitar building course on the Spanish island of Formentera.
    Nearly everything except the hardware is made by hand.
    The body is made of mahagony with a courbaril top.
    It has a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard.
    The pickups were wound (is this right term? ?( ) by myself.
    The Humbuckers can be split. In the middle-position of the pickup-switch they are split and wired in parallel which produces a nice and unique sound.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts or questions on this :)

    Here is a picture of the building process:
    [Blocked Image:]

    Hallo Pezi,

    mangelndes Durchsetzungsvermögen kann auch aus "falschen" Soundeinstellungen resultieren.
    Z.B. klingt das mittenlose high-gain Metalbrett zwar zuhause super, in der Band hört es dann aber keiner mehr.
    Weniger Bässe und mehr Mitten können da schon einiges bewirken.

    Das würde dann allerdings natürlich auch den Sound deiner Presets ändern....
    Falls du aber mit der Lautstärke oder dem umplatzieren deiner Box nicht weiter kommst, wäre das noch eine Möglichkeit an dein Ziel zu kommen.

    Hilft dir das?

    Thank you! That's exactly what i was searching for.

    Do you have problems reading the slot names (third row) when you are on stage? They seem to be rather small.
    To me it would make much more sense to display the slot names in the middle and as big as the rig name.

    Thank you DanFran! If this is correct, it would suit my needs just fine :thumbup:

    At Sharry: I think we got a missunderstanding there. I wasn’t talking about the stomps but about the 5 Slots of the performance.
    I’m sorry, if i got you wrong there!

    Maybe if someone could provide pics of his remote screen in performance mode that would make it easier.

    Thank you Sharry!

    So there is now way i can see the slot-names on the remote?
    Why do we have the slot-names then?

    To me, it is much more important to see, which part of the song this slot is for, than to see which amp i'm using.
    And if you want to know which amp you are using, you can just name the slot after the rig.

    Or did i get something wrong here?

    Hi guys,

    I have searched the web and the forum but couldn't find the answer to this (I don't have a remote myself, yet):
    What exactly is displayed on the remote's display when I'm in performance mode?
    From what i saw on pictures, it show the Name of the Performance as well as 5 Names regarding the Slots.
    But here is what I don't understand: Are those the Rig-Names or the Slot-Names?

    I have several performances for different songs. The Slots are named after the corresponding part of the song (intro, chorus, verse, solo, etc.).
    But in general I only use approx. 4 different rigs (with different settings for different songs).
    So if the remote would just show the Rig-Name I wouldn't know if this is the slot with the solo-settings or the one for the intro (I hope you understand what i mean :D )

    Also I noticed that there seem to be different modes for the display of the remote, but I didn't find detailled information about the differences as well.
    So I would really appreciate if you could enlighten me :thumbsup:


    The Wah and Volume pedals should be set up correctly after you installed the Uno4Kemper Chip.
    For the Wah to work, you just need to load a Wah Effekt into one of the effect slots (e.g. Stomp A).
    In the Effect-Menu of the Wah you can choose how the Effekt ist turned on (e.g. Bypass @ Stop).
    When the Effect Slot of the Wah is active everything should work fine.

    The Volume-Pedal should also work right away. To change how the pedals works, you can go into Rig-Menu on the Kemper. There are options for the Volume-Pedal (e.g. Place of the Volume Pedal in the signal chain, range, etc.)

    I think it is important, that the mods keep an eye on inappropriate posts, but i don't think we should make a mathematical equation out of that.
    Everyone should just try not be a jerk. If someone crosses the line the guys at Kemper can discuss what should be done (and as far as i noticed, they have handled those situations well in the past).

    Not making inappropriate posts should be the normality, so why make rules about the allowed degree of inappropiateness?

    At least that is my opinion.
    I'm sure you only had the best intentions when suggesting that system, so please don't think of this post as an offense or anything like that. :thumbup:


    When you turn to Performance Mode, the first five switches in the lower row of the FCB will give you access to the five slots of the performace. You can switch performances with the rightmost switches of both rows (up and down). You don't have to program anything for it to work.

    Regarding the effects:
    You don't actually "assign" certain effects to a footswitch. You can program, which footswitch of the upper row will control a certain effects slot. (e.g. the first switch of the upper row always controls Stomp A.)
    To do this, you can follow the simple steps of the Uno4Kemper manual.

    I hope i understood your problem correctly

    Hi Mick,

    first off, the midi connection should go from FCB's Midi OUT to Kempers Midi IN (maybe it was just a typo in your post?)
    To have the lights on the remote reflecting the on-off states of effects, use the tuner, etc. you also need a Midi cable from Kempers Out to FCB's in.

    Then it is pretty much plug and play. Turn to Performance Mode and you can access the 5 Performance-Slots via the lower row of footswitches on the FCB (or the upper row if you set it that way, this can be found in the manual of the Uno4Kemper-Chip).

    Does this solve your problem?

    Wäre vermutlich möglich, aber ob's einen Vorteil bringt weiß ich nicht.
    Ich denke mal, dass du deinen Kemper recht nah an deinem Interface stehen hast.
    Dann wirst du unter Umständen keine Verbesserung durch eine symmetrische Verkabelung erhalten.

    Probier's doch erstmal mit unsymmetrischen Klinken. Wenn's klingt, dürfte ja alles gut sein und du sparst dir die neuen Kabel ^^

    I'm not sure, if i understand your problem...
    What do you want your Master-Volume Knob to do?
    You have unlinked your Main Outs from this Knob, so when turning it, it won't affect the volume of the main outs.

    Is your Rig-Volume Knob not working as well?

    Ich lehne mich mal weit aus dem Fenster und behaupte, dass die Klinkenausgänge des Kempers nur auf TS-Stecker ausgelegt sind.
    Wenn du also TRS-Kabel verwendest, bleibt der Ring (das "R") halt einfach unbenutzt.

    Bitte berichtigen, falls ich hier Blödsinn verbreite :wacko:

    Reading the thread title from main forum page, looks like U2 guitarist in trouble.

    Haha :D

    Yes, Internet Explorer is still pre-installed. You can just start it via the search-funktion in the task-bar.
    I just wanted to share my experience, so that the Kemper-Team is aware of this issue, because i think the number of edge-users will increase in the next months.

    I myself will probably just get back to using Firefox or Chrome.

    Usually they respond very fast. So i guess you will hear from them soon.

    But i would almost bet, that you just need to turn your Profiler off, and then turn it on to browse mode while holding the rig button down.
    Quite a few people had a similar issue (and solution) in the last weeks, as far as i know.
    Don't take my word for it though!