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    The element of surprise, of delivering on core amp functionality while introducing novel parameters we didn’t know we needed but quickly realized that we did, continues to mean sweet tones and a fun ride.

    Indeed, the forward thinking / planning prior to release 10 years ago was astonishing IMHO.

    Also, I reckon the last thing CK would want to be seen to be doing is getting sucked into a tit-for-tat game of one-upmanship with the new kid on the block. In essence, this would damage that reputation of careful planning of the hardware design/s and the roadmap that Kemper enjoys, deservedly so. I believe it to be critical to the brand's success.

    You're not going to get peeps to buy into 10 year-old hardware unless you have and maintain a record of thinking things through, sticking to your guns and thereby guaranteeing customers a mature-product experience that isn't going to be pulled from under their feet at the drop of a hat.

    Awesome sauce, brother! 8o

    ... done with aV30, U87 SM57 and chandler TG pre.

    Well, no wonder man. I love those mic's and it's a great preamp too. So much mojo there mate.

    From what I see right now direct, cabs are a MUCH bigger factor than what I was giving them credit for!

    Indeed, the "hidden" value of cabs is a long-standing "issue" with guitarists.

    There's been a number of YouTube videos where dudes have used purpose-built patch bays to switch between roomfuls of cabs to illustrate the point that tone is predominantly determined by cabs.

    Makes sense when you think about it:

    Cabs are bandwidth-limited by-design.

    Amps are much-brighter and fizzy-sounding.

    Cabs therefore act like high-and-lowpass filters and resonators for the amp tone and also add midrange mojo due to their responses and materials used.

    So glad you're excited mate. Go you good thing, Kemper! It delivers for you yet again. 8):thumbup:

    No mate; that was the whole point of the thread:

    To suggest that two Profiles could be interpolated "offline" 'cause they occupy very-little space (only a few kilobytes). As one turns a knob to blend them in various proportions, the resulting set of values ("new"Profile) could be instantiated again and again with each adjustment. I based this conclusion on the fact that RM allows you to switch between Profiles very-quickly (a few ms). Obviously you can do this on the units too.

    To put it another way:

    You'd simply be altering hidden Profile parameters mathematically and hearing the result as soon as the Kemper were able to make it active, which only takes a few milliseconds.

    HTH, bud.

    I covered that several times in my thread back in 2018, Alan. An example, here:

    Let's take, for example, Parameter 01 from each Profile:

    It would be "blended" mathematically first, producing a single parameter which is treated as if it was only ever the only Parameter 01. If Parameter 01 in Profile A is 1, and it's 10 in Profile B, the blend range would be from 1 to 10, representing 100% A, 0% B through to 0% A, 100% B.

    We know that Rigs can be switched in a matter of milliseconds, so the realtime feasibility of morphing or manual blending via a percentage knob of the two Profiles should theoretically be "instantaneous"... and gratifying, even if each parameter update requires the entire Profile be recalculated.

    IOW, there may be a tiny amount of stair-stepping / stuttering whilst adjusting the blend and listening in realtime, but when you think about it, as long as there aren't total dropouts of signal involved, we'd not even hear the "stepping" 'cause similar signals are being joined to each other / crossfaded just as they are when auditioning in RM, but more-smoothly in this case due to the incremental changes (similarities in sound) involved as opposed to switching to entirely-new Rigs.