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    Always loved Andy James, Jeff. Precision player IMHO; he hits his notes so-cleanly.

    Angel OTOH, well, he just doesn't seem anywhere near as melodic as Andy to me. Same goes for Nita.

    I'd give my left proverbial to be able to play like either of the latter two 'though. For Andy's skill, I'd probably be willing to walk around headless. Come to think of it, I already do, so nothing to lose there... :/

    Thank you, Davo. <3

    Let's forget about it. Funeral tomorrow and then the tough stuff's out-of-the-way. This is about morfar (mother's father, mormor being mother's mother) after all.

    Haven't heard from SAMRO yet. Hoping it can provide a list at least.

    Interesting fact about the way morfar went about his writing:

    When he felt he'd finished a song, he'd run it by mormor 3 times. If she couldn't sing it back to him at that point he'd simply throw it away.

    I practice a similar philosophy:

    I often get ideas in my sleep. If, after I wake up, I can't remember an idea a couple o' hours later, it's ditched. IMHO we songwriters need to learn to not be too-precious about our output. I mean, I literally stopped recording ideas into a dictaphone and programming basic-MIDI "skeletons" 15->20 years ago when I hit around 250 unfinished ones.

    I should've ceased well before that point IMHO, 'cause once I start getting back into it again (finally), I suspect the last thing I'll feel like doing is revisiting old stuff. Let's face it, the allure of the new applies heavily when it comes to songwriting, as can the sounds one employs; it's often all about inspiration, after all. It just doesn't feel quite like the true adventure it should whilst reconstructing and embellishing old ideas... IMHO, and in most instances. YMMV, of course.


    You could probably pass a guitar-DI signal through a "low-range" interface's convertors several times before you'd be able to notice any difference.

    Mid-range interfaces such as MOTU, well, you're probably looking at 20 or more times.

    High-range, forget about counting.

    IOW, in the real world where we rarely exceed a few pass-throughs, this stuff isn't relevant, especially for bandwidth-limited signals like guitar.

    Pristine, "finished" stereo mixes are a slightly-different story; you'll notice the stereo image's beginning to collapse after one or just a few passes using cheap convertors. Mid-range and above handle this very-well so it could take many passes before artefacts become apparent.

    I've always been a huge rap for Brainworx and Plugin Alliance, Tomasz.

    Their Fender Bassman, called Brainworx bx_bassdude, is excellent, as are many of the other amp and stomp sims... and analogue-outboard sims.

    OK, I've sent a letter to SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organisation) requesting a song list. Apparently, according to my mum, he was on the board back in the day.

    Also, I just confirmed that his real name was spelled Thorstein, so the US Catalogue of Copyright linked to earlier is wrong where it lists the name Thornstein in some instances and Tommy in others.

    I'm all-linked-out now and am gonna let this rest 'til I hear back from SAMRO, so cheers for now and thank you so very much for your generosity, guys. <3

    LOL The characteristics of the pedal forced you to leave Larry Carlton Land™ and head tippy-toe-slightly into '70s Tommy Bolin territory, Mats. :D Well, there's an element of that psychedelic mood in there in parts anyway. Funny how changing a sound leads to these things, and as you'd know, the phenomenon is especially-obvious when it comes to synthesisers.

    Glad you're having fun with it, mate.

    Crumpets, I didn't even know about "Kom saam vanaand! (1949)".

    Apparently it was South Africa's first Afrikaans musical movie. Fascinating, Dave!

    Interesting Dave. A few more titles in there, and the database sometimes refers to him as Tommy, others "Thornstein". If the latter is correct, I've misspelled his name all my life 'cause I thought it was "Thorsten". I'll have to look into this. To think I've had a picture of him in my music room for 20 years and always thought, "Thorsten" when I looked at it is kinda-embarrassing, assuming I've been wrong all this time. :pinch:

    Thank you so much for your help, encouragement and interest, brother.

    Sorry Nicky I’m on a roll....

    Try this link. Lots of copyright music docs to search. Use the filters on the left for years and select music. You never know you might find some more.…%20Copyright%20Office.%22

    Oh man, I've managed to get lost in there a few times now. Set the filters as best I could, but no dice.

    Helluvan archive 'though, DJ. Thanks man.

    Looks like you might be able to contact London records for some info?

    Thanks Dave. Did some searching and I think Fanagalo might've been a one-off publication for the company; it was "massive" in South Africa after all and was recorded and published by all and sundry. Everybody knew it back in the day... even today, barring of course the little kiddies. :evil:

    A youtube search for Tommy Roering

    My hart is Gebreek! How on earth I could've missed this, I don't know Dave. There go my IT Skillz™ again. Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, I tell ya, bottom-of-the-barrel, mate. :D:pinch:

    Couple non-google ideas:

    In Finland at least all music publishers are reguired to send a copy of the album to the national archives, you could email the SA equivalent? Same thing with the SA copyright society, they should have his name on file for all of his songs.

    Hmm... this makes too much sense, mate. Wuddun and thank you!

    I'll put searching for them on the to-do list. 8)

    I think this is awesome lads ..............well done

    Indeed Rob.

    I'm dealing with a family death and funeral this week and had I known (I really should have known!) that my fellow Kemperites would step up to the plate to the extent that they have, I'd have held out on making the request 'til next week when I'll have more time to respond "properly" and exhaust all the avenues and rabbit holes the links provided.

    Just goes to show, yet again, what an awesome community we have here. As I've often said in these here parts, a classy product begets a classy clientele. :D8o:pinch:<3

    IMHO the rear-DI output is more-pure because if in your output settings it's set to "Git Analog", the signal is passed through sans any processing, amplification or A/D conversion.

    From the manual:

    The pure and clean instrument signal is sent to the DIRECT OUTPUT by an analog splitter, no AD/DA conversion is taking place. The analog signal level is the same as on the instrument input. Useful for reamping or running a second amp in parallel.

    Jeff appears to have done all the hard work Monkey_Man

    Here is a link of a CD with one of his songs (which might be in Jeffs list)

    Hey, thanks man!

    Looks like it's gonna take a lot of work to hunt down recordings of all his songs, of which there were many.

    He died a couple of years before I was born, so I didn't get to meet him (he was 49), and this is partly why I've not been aware of his work and obviously not able to receive any hand-me-down LP's or singles.

    I'm extremely-grateful for your and Jeff's help in getting the ball rolling, Dave; I can't overstate this. Thank you so much, both of you! <3

    You're a friggin' genius, Jeff! You found 12 songs in as many minutes and I found 1 in an entire night. See? I wasn't kidding when it comes to my IT "abilities".

    You've given me hope, brother, so I'll keep my fingers tightly-crossed that you're able to pull more of this new-fangled magic out of your hat. Please, take your time; I don't want anyone to go out of his way too-much. I mean, it took me 50 years to even begin looking. :pinch:

    Champion, mate. Can't thank you enough already. Thank you! <3

    I must be getting old, 'cause suddenly now I care when I really haven't previously.

    Mum's dad was Tommy Roering, real name Thorstein, but everyone called him Tommy. He was a mathematician, school principal and so on, but was best-known for the many "classic" songs he wrote in Afrikaans. Interesting I guess 'cause mum's entire family was Norwegian and Tommy and Irma (his wife, my grandma) spoke English and a little Norwegian at home. He became a household name in South Africa back in the '50s for his song, "Fanagalo" (Zulu for "do it like this"). Every man and his dog has recorded it since, and AFAIK Tommy wrote at least a dozen songs that were "hits", his total output's being perhaps 50 or 100 pieces.

    I'm not tech-savvy when it comes to networks / internet and so on, so my pathetic searching ability has yielded only a page full of versions of that one song, but obviously what I'm after is his entire "discography". Being a songwriter, I'll assume that he didn't record many or most of the toons himself, so who knows which artists would've recorded the best versions of each of them. So many questions and so-few answers, I'm afraid. I've just finally reached the point where I feel I owe it to him to seek his material out, if for no other reason than out of respect, and for the life of me I can't even find a list of the songs he wrote, let alone many recordings.

    Any network / IT geniuses out there have any idea how I should go about this? I'm like a fish out of water with this stuff. :/

    Thank you, beloved Kemperites! <3

    That’s insanity. No playing at all or no electric playing? I think I’d die.

    Honestly, it's no biggie 'cause I died a long time ago, mate. :D

    Seriously 'though, my life's a study in scarcity and patience, and "experience" has schooled me in the latter to the point that I'm now confident that I possess an infinite amount of it. It's all-good, man. Impossible to get angry when there's a well to draw on that never empties.

    I really meant what I said 'though. I wish there was some kind of Kemper Law™ that compelled everyone who uploads Profiles to ensure that they're properly-tagged. Oh, how much work it'd save those "poor" souls such as I who're burdened with an OCD compulsion to label everything properly. :/ I don't get it. I'm certain that if I were to Profile, half the fun would be in ensuring proper labelling 'cause I see it as integral to archiving amp sounds, which to my mind is what Profiling actually is - a moment in history captured for eternity.

    So again, well done and kudos to you, brother. <3:saint:

    As always, you can rely on me to help you get the specifics right, Maestro. 8o

    Of course, the DS part stands for Dirty Shirley, so it should read:

    Seeking to re-create the sound of a Friedman® Dirty Shirley DS-40

    Maybe one day I'll start getting the packs for free. Just sayin'. That's 4-for-4 now, isn't it? I lost count, brother. :D

    Hey man, congrats on the new pack; I'm sure it sounds superb. ;)