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    Yes, but when you're copying you're likely doing so from cached Rigs because they're already-loaded. I'm guessing that this is why the app takes a while to load - it's dependant on the library size and the time it takes to load it into RAM. When you come to paste, the app immediately tries to access and write to the drive.

    I'm not on Windows, but I experience this sort of thing all the time on Mac 'cause I have my drives sleep after a period of 10 minutes of inactivity. After the spin-up wait, things proceed as-normal, but as I said, it sounds in your case like the app's either having difficulty accessing the drive or finding the correct file path to write to.

    Would you be willing to try disabling any auto-sleep settings? If it makes no difference then you could turn them back on, so no loss.

    The noice gate is NOT a magic Dolby™ kind of filter that sort out unwanted sound lika noice and hum.

    The input gate does filter out noise and hum, but only for the guitar signal.

    When playing your instrument the gate is OPEN and all unwanted sound will pass through, together with the sound of your instrument.

    The input noise gate in fact functions all the time, learning and acting on those "unwanted sounds" such as hiss and hum.

    Jimmy, if you've only tried the Stomp gate, the gate in the Input Section may well be the answer to your problem.

    I collated everything I could find here, mate. If there were anything else worthwhile I'd have heard about it I reckon.

    You can dial that aggressiveness back easily; have a fiddle with the parameters. Its easy - there are after all only a few. :thumbup:

    Welcome, RH!

    Yep, never let the flame die, mate.

    How is anyone not getting good sounds out of them?

    Indeed, I've asked myself this many times too.

    Typically there are only two possible causes, assuming there's nothing wrong with the instrument used:

    1) User error - usually a stomp is unknowingly-locked, Pure Cab has been set too-high globally, the noise gate is cranked too-high or an I/O setting has been accidentally changed.

    2) Bad or inappropriate Profile.

    G'day from down under, John.

    Thank you for sharing the gear path that got you here, mate. I'm confident you'll be able to find the tube tones you absolutely need for church. The lightweight footprint sure will help too.

    God bless, brother. :saint:

    ... aside from general EQ I personally find the definition knob to be the most crucial parameter. But I'm still learning exactly how to utilize the other parameters.

    My favourite parameter too mate, by a mile.

    Amazing what you can achieve using just Definition and the Stack EQ. These, along with the Cabinet parameters, have the greatest effect on tone without changing the Cabinet IMHO.

    I'm guilty of dumbing things down to the simplest M.O. possible (IMHO), which for me is:

    Quick ballpark shaping

    Tweak Definition

    Adjust Stack EQ (if necessary)

    Still not quite there?

    Adjust Pick parameter

    Raise Amp Compression a touch for a creamier / smoother playing feel

    Add a bit of Sag for a more-vintage playing feel

    Beyond this point I start to seriously consider switching Rigs. If feeling adventurous I'll hit the Cab settings once in a blue moon, but I'm more likely to move on to another Rig. Life's too-short. :pinch:

    The CE-2 has more movement around 200 Hz :/

    You can hear it as the cord rings out at the end ....

    Ha! My CrapMac speaker produces zero bass and not much below 300Hz, so that might explain why the clips sounded more-similar to me. Still, I'd expect that the Kemper's "version" comes close-enough for the most part.

    I did detect more "chewiness" (technical pro-audio term I'm sure you're aware of) from the pedal itself, which we all know translates to more mojo as expressed in the equation:

    More Chewiness = More Mojo™

    If it's in a format Rig Manager doesn't handle, yes. I'm not up with its format limitations, so... hang on... I'll check my old Cab Maker manual...

    OK, it confirms what I wrote from memory earlier to be 100% correct. Here's the paragraph:

    CabMaker requires the impulse response file to be wave files (.wav format), sampled at 44.1kHz and either 16 or 24 bits deep. Other file formats are not supported. The utility takes approximately the first 1.5 sec- onds into account; since impulse responses are typically very short, this should prove more than enough. You can literally take any type of signal and turn it into a cabinet; in most cases, this is unlikely to result in a very usable cabinet, but feel free to experiment! Please note, however, that any signal which is not a proper impulse response will lead to an unpredictable result which might be anything from simply boring to downright unpleasant.

    So, assuming Rig Manager and the Kemper OS haven't expanded the file-format and / or SR options, and I've seen no indication that they have, the issue is likely to be the SR of your files and / or the fact that they aren't in WAV format. Audacity can help you on both fronts - SR or format conversion.