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    Thank you for all the clarifications, Hermes.

    There won't be any "beta chip" for you, but if, as you say, your KPA exhibits latency even from the headphone out, it must IMHO be a super-rare case of a faulty unit somehow.

    I say super-rare 'cause I've not heard of such an issue, but that's not to say you're the only person in the last 7 years who's experienced this - you may well be, but in any case I can only assume you've been very-unlucky.

    I'm sure support will look after you. Please keep us informed as to what happens. Good luck, mate!

    Have you tried the most-basic test of all - to plug a guitar in and play whilst monitoring from the Kemper's headphone output, Hermes?

    A few of us have suggested this but you've not mentioned it in your test reports.


    Beat me to it, SamBro'. ;)

    Hermes, it's stating the obvious, but doing the above is equivalent, latency-wise, to doing what I suggested earlier:

    Monitoring the Kemper "at-source" via the interface or an auxiliary mixer is the only real solution and one that I and many others subscribe to.

    I'm guessing you'll experience 2.5->3.5ms latency, the equivalent of placing your ears a few feet from a "real" amp.

    Add a couple o' ms to this if you use an interface's internal routing to feed an analogue monitor mix due to the additional A/D and D/A conversions necessary. Either way, it shouldn't be much more than 5ms overall even with those extra conversions.

    I'm also guessing that you'd be aware of this stuff, so, short of the unlikely possibility that the issue is your Kemper, please revisit your monitoring approach in your DAW. You didn't mention anything about this or checking your settings when you responded here.

    If that is the case, it's good thinking on Mark's or his staffs' part, and certainly great thinking and investigating on your part IMHO, Robrecht. :thumbup:

    This could become the default M.O. for live use I reckon, what with alcohol's often being somewhere in the mix and usually no need for the headphone socket on stage...

    Hi and welcome, Cody.

    How well what you hear on the Yammies translates to any given PA system is entirely dependant on how flat the latter's frequency response is, the suitability of the room / venue it's run in and the extent to which it's tuned into it.

    So, a house PA that's been tweaked over a long period to suit a room and that was a good-quality setup in the first place is likely gonna sound way better than a hire-in that's never been heard in a particular space. I say "likely" because the engineer can work miracles depending on how good he is; this depends on setup time and his opportunity to familiarise himself with the room's sound and tune the system to it (usually via a 1/3 octave graphic EQ).

    The bottom line I s'pose is that there's no point trying to second-guess the shortcomings of a system, so as with anything else audio, the best approach IMHO would be to achieve the best sound you can on a "flat" system like your home one, knowing that the efficacy of any system you play live on will determine how close to this "ideal" sound you're able to get. Make sense? IOW, if things sound crap, you could be confident that it's not your fault and that you've done all you can on your end.



    Guitarboy, Christoph said many years ago that they'd bought up a crapload of chips, so I wouldn't count the EOP date of the CPU as any indication of the current unit's lifespan whatsoever.

    Matter of fact, I find it incomprehensible that anyone in Christoph's position wouldn't have done this considering the fact that it's a DSP-driven product; it'd have been a stuff-up of epic proportions to not have taken the opportunity to "stock up" on these things at any point in the last 7 years, and there's still a year to go.

    Funnily enough, this was one of two main reasons a fella at Rig Talk said he hadn't bought a Kemper. I mentioned the other one in another thread today - the fact that the unit itself is a 7-year-old product, the implication being that it's old tech. IMHO, if "old tech" delivers the best results on the market, it's state-of-the-art no matter its age.

    Agreed, Ben. I'm lovin' Noisenet's attitood and how he's approached and adapted throughout the process.

    Just another case of Kemper FTW!!!!!!... This thing is truly remarkable.

    Totally, man.

    I thought you were going to point out to him that you'd maybe blended the Direct signal in there, but the ol' pick parameter came to the rescue.

    IMHO, some peeps get hung up on the fact that component modellers sometimes offer many more parameters (and therefore headaches IMHO), but in the real world, where practicality and utility are king, the Kemper covers everything one could conceivably need in the real world, IMHO. Of course, if one cannot get a tone to sit right in a recorded / reamped or live mix in spite of the tweakability on tap, there're always about a hundred thousand other Profiles to choose from.

    It's ridiculous, really. After 4 years I still marvel at this thing every time I think about it and am kinda blown away by peeps' concerns that a Kemper II is needed or that if they were to purchase one it might become instantly-obsolete in light of the 7-year life span (so far). Just yesterday over at Rig Talk a fella said that one of the main reasons he hasn't bought one is because it's "so old" and therefore in his eyes was "old tech". I pointed out to him that a 7-year product lifespan (and counting) screams nothing but good things to me, and that in this day and age you've gotta do a whole lotta things right to have any hope of achieving longevity of this nature. It's so rare in the tech world it's practically-unheard-of actually... IMHO.

    To sum up, I'm totally with you, mate - Kemper FTW!!! 8o

    I also experimented with trying to match the sound of my Crybaby Classic with the built in wah but after a couple hours of changing settings I ended up just going with the wah pedal. Again, made a world of difference on my gigs this weekend.

    Have you tried the wah presets in my sig? Nothing to lose, bro'.

    I'm just super used to that amp in the room thing. So I'm chalking it up to having to get used to it in my ears. At the moment, it's pretty uninspiring though LOL! This week I plan to experiment some with Pure Cab and Space to see what I can do there but I think I'm just gonna have to get used to it. My IEM system is a new Sennheiser G4 system, my buds are Westone AM30 Pro.That's fairly good stuff so I don't think it's those pieces.

    That said, if anyone has any tips on getting my high gain sounds from my Kemper to sound more natural in my IEMs I'm definitely listening and appreciative!

    Yeah, it's something you'll have to get used to.

    That said, the Space parameter should allow it to "breathe" more and take away some of that "immediacy" you're not used to that headphones provide.

    Great to hear it's all working well for you man; you certainly jumped into the deep end off-the-bat. :)