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    I can't remember who it was that shared the settings, but it was someone playing a Satriani cover and the wah sounded exactly like what I was missing.

    I remember it well, Sammy, 'cause I felt the same way, which is why I asked his permission to share the settings.

    As promised, here are the Wah parameters :

    manual 3.3

    Peak 7.7

    Pedal range +37%
    peak range -43%
    mix 80%
    volume +0.7

    drog , Sam used the preset as-is, but added "+0.7" to the existing no-change Volume parameter ("0.0").

    Maybe Monkey_Man can add those wah settings to the community page. Maybe list it as a Satriani type wah ? Thanks for the settings sambrox

    It's already there, drog, and I called it "Nick Badr - Smth" (meaning smooth), consistent with the naming convention I've used.

    The "Editor's Note" clearly explains the circumstances and links to the video that inspired Sam and me (and I'm sure others):

    Editor's Note:
    Nicolas posted a clip of his playing Joe Satriani's Love Thing with his preferred (for this song) flavour of Cry Baby Wah. I was impressed with its smoothness, and Nico very-kindly agreed to share it upon my request. You can view the clip and thread Here. He says that the signal chain used in the clip was Comp--->Boost--->WAH.

    I'm out of ideas except for the possibilities that:

    1) You've connected the front USB port on your Profiler instead of the rear one - Rack users have done this in the past.

    2) The installed copy of RM isn't compatible with the OS version on your Profiler - check the documentation.

    3) It's an anomaly similar to what some others have experienced recently. Check the Rig Manager subforum (this is the wrong one, technically) to see if it's been solved.

    If you still have no luck, you could try reverting to earlier, compatible versions of RM and the OS. If you don't still have the installers and support deems this necessary, it'll provide them for you, but I'd first create a ticket and see what they have to say. A link to create a ticket is in my signature.


    I see you've created another thread and subsequently solved it, Pierre.

    Two things:

    1) Maybe change this thread's title to say the issue's solved. [Solved]

    2) You created 2 threads on this in the same subforum. Firstly, no need for two threads, let alone in the same subforum. Secondly, I've wasted some of my limited online time today scratching my head and providing possible solutions for you when all along you'd solved this 7 hours ago. This sort of thing is precisely why it's "inconsiderate" to create multiple threads on the same topic, especially when troubleshooting.

    Sounds like you haven't specified your "Profiler name" in RM's preferences, Pierre.

    Make sure you match, character-for-character, the name you've entered in your Profiler's System menu with the one you enter in RM's preferences. This is necessary or it won't be recognised no matter what you do.

    Bear in mind that if at any time you change this name, you'll lose any "favourites" tagging you've done in the app. Reverting the name to what you had previously will restore these favourites.

    Am I correct in my understanding that simply adding a TS to XLR adapter to the unbalanced Monitor Output won’t suddenly create a second in phase signal to boost the level by approx 6db and equal the level of a balanced source with the same send level?

    I believe so, Brother Alan.

    You can split a signal as many times as you like but recombining the components will never create an increase in strength; that'd be perpetual-motion-machine stuff.

    The best, and only kosher way, is to contact support, jorisdirks. We end-users aren't supposed to share copies of the firmware.

    Not only might there be another way to solve your issues, but if indeed there appears to be no other option but to try reverting, they'll happily send you an appropriate version.

    7.1.3 now availabe

    From Burkhard:

    7.1.3 Public Beta is now available, 15294 for classical models and 15295 for Stage.

    It is automatically suggested by Rig Manger, if beta versions is selected under Preferences. It can also be found on the download page under "Operating System Beta Versions" for USB memory stick installation.

    7.1.3 includes the following innovations:


    fixed: Gain too low at Fuzz DS

    User Interface

    added: holding EDIT button of Stage opens UNDO/REDO menu

    fixed: (stage) LED brightness on bootup was lost

    fixed: (stage) occasional boot hickups fixed

    changed: PROFILER Stage stays in standby, when power cable gets plugged in

    fixed: MIDI Control CC# 80 triggering Morph Button not working

    fixed: occasional loss of backlight on Effects Selection Page

    fixed: sticky E after storing Rig edited

    fixed: browse list not updated after Store/Rename

    fixed: Snapshots don't always show up correctly

    fixed: Snapshots ordered by Snapshot taken instead of original date

    fixed: Morphing button does not trigger, if pressed within first half of ramp

    fixed: wrong MIDI program change displayed after bootup

    Thank you, Burkhard and the team! <3