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    I think it was just a one-off concert, brother; they hadn't played in a while but wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the album.

    The American Fair Warning is still touring and has dates set for this year, but we're both in Oz so there's that...

    FWIMBW, here's the clip the American band has talked about that started a huge surge of interest in and attendance to its gigs. This is more along the lines of the ear assault what we're used to. :D

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    A sudden power cut also might cause the loss of recent edits, but apart from these things, it's no biggie. If you shut down improperly (like, say, via an external power switch) for an extended period, your boot times will slow incrementally but as soon as you power down properly using the knob all should be back-to-normal.

    Some comments from Simon on the YouTube page. Thank you to BYTOR over at Rig Talk for pointing these out:

    I'm using the Kemper as a pre-amp, and running it into the old Superlead Power section at the back, and then into a vintage Marshall Cab. The Plexi I've had modded to sound great on its own, but because we were playing "the album", the Kemper gave me the flexibility to have different gain structures and reverbs to match each song more closely. On the floor I'm just using a Strymon tape delay, and a MXR phase 90. I ran it "dry/wet" on the day, so that the Plexi & Marshall cab are bone dry unless I turn the delay on, and the other rig you see there is just doing 100% wet reverbs.

    He said this about the band:

    'Fair Warning' is a little 'jamming band' that was put together back in 1997 in Melbourne Australia, for no other reason than to have fun and keep our chops up by playing Van Halen songs with our good pals, as we all toured in Tommy Emmanuel’s band at the time.

    Those are some of the reasons I've been holding out for Sample Modelling / Audio Modelling, Mats. There always seems to be a "gotcha" with these libraries.

    I am more than happy to programme each component separately 'though, so Sample Modelling / Audio Modelling seems like the logical choice for me still.

    I remember the track, Renaud. Well done, mate.:thumbup:

    I bought a Buescher Aristocrat tenor sax back in the '90s and was amazed how easily I managed to play it. I played the Aussie national anthem within 5 minutes(!), but... learning the correct embouchure techniques would take quite some time, I felt. I should have stuck with it, but it was one of the several times when everything fell apart for me and I had to sell my gear.

    Extrapolating that experience to trumpet and 'bone, I decided it'd be quickest to go back to ROMpler programming. After all, I had to have bitchin' solos in my music as well as the snappy sections, so I just couldn't see enough time available. Of course, if I'd known that I'd have to sell all my gear two more times and wait roughly 30 more years to be able to create finished product again, I'd have gone for it and would be, as you suggest, much better off today by a mile.

    So, opportunities not taken and the clock nearing midnight, I figure my best bet is something like Sample Modelling / Audio Modelling. The tone, clarity and playability of their instruments are superb, and all with tiny footprints file-size-wise. It's just the prices that prolong their procurement.

    All this said, who knows 'though? Maybe I'll buy the sax, 'bone and trumpet anyway once I'm done saving for and buying the other gear and just noodle away once in a while. One can never know where it might lead. Thank you for the encouragement, brother.

    it was Native Instruments Session Brass Pro in Kontakt

    Exactly the one I thought it was, Mats. I've listened to all the online demos and recognised the character. IIRC it doesn't have that much bite anyway; it's well-tamed.

    I've been following the brass-lib offerings for a decade and still haven't actually purchased one (no Native Instruments, so no "free factory" lib either). Been waiting for the right time to get Sample Modelling / Audio Modelling but when the company split into two it made things more-complicated. IMHO they have the most-realistic sounding brass and horns out there, but I've been holding out due to the high cost of the components. I want to get solo and section components for all pop and funk brass, so I'll continue to watch.

    Thanks for letting me know that it was the NI section, mate.:thumbup:

    Indeed it is, Hans. :thumbup:

    Bert specifies it here, jippitygem25 :

    Profile Pack 2 Studio & Live Profiles

    Bert Meulendijk Kemper profiles Rigpack 2 Amps:

    Jacky NC30:

    Recreates the sound of a Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30. This is the best clean amp I’ve ever heard till now. Strong and punchy sound.


    Recreates the sound of a Marshall Superlead 100 with a “van Weelden” modification.

    You can select and boost mid frequencies.

    I only profiled crunch and distortion sounds because I don’t like the SL100 cleans

    that much.

    Bassguy BF:

    Recreates the sound of a Fender Bassman blackface 1964 . Very nice cleans and clean+.

    Bassguy SF:

    Recreates the sound of a Fender Bassman Silverface 1971. Very nice cleans.


    Recreates the sound of a Marshall JTM 45 plexi. Very nice punchy clean and brutal crunch.

    Solduro SLO 100:

    Recreates the sound of a Soldano SLO 100, X99's big brother. It's a very cool amp.

    I love the crunch (+) and lead tones !!

    Kog Superlead:

    Recreates the sound of a Koch Superlead. Surprising pre-amp with very usable sounds.

    Oran Bangeetar:

    Recreates the sound of an Orange Bangeetar. Love it, very usable !!

    Vocks AC30:
    Recreates the sound of a Vox AC30 64. It's ultra British. What more do I have to say? V-


    Recreates the sound of a V-Empire Greenpoint 30. Another big surprise. What a great amp this is !! It's a class A, made in Poland, with a powerful clean and a huge crunch.


    Recreates the sound of a Budda Superdrive 45. It's really cool !! I use this one a lot !!


    Recreates the sound of a fifties Les Paul GA-40 amp, Jensen speaker.

    Cool jazzy sounds. Really fits a humbucker guitar.


    Recreates the sound of a Fender Princeton. 2 clean profiles; that’s what it does best.


    Recreates the sound of a Tubeking Tweed amp. Sparkling cleans, nice OD’s.


    Recreates the sound of a Katzenkönig OD in combination with a Bogner Ecstacy classic amp channel 1. Very cool and very usable !! One of my favorites.


    Recreates the sound of a Richie Kötzen stomp in combination with a Bogner Ecstacy classic Channel 1. The sounds are not really very common, but they're very nice and usable in a track.


    Recreates the sound of a Tim Pierce OD in combination with a V-Empire Greenpoint. Just like the man himself, it's very good.


    Recreates the sound of a Bogner Ecstacy classic green channel in combination with a J.Rocket Archer OD.

    This pack contains 121 profiles.