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    Strictly-speaking it'd be breaking the licence agreement for any of us to share copies of older installers with you, SB, so it's best to contact Kemper support and they'll give you the latest version of RM that'll work with your OS.

    Contact them here:

    Create Support Ticket


    According to the submenu Ingo linked to, you can grab RM 2.1.76; that should work with OS6, but not with a Stage unit..

    When that harmony comes in at 0:37... beautiful. :love:

    Of course, I like it overall too, brother. Many good things happening here, and I love the changes, being a funk / fusion / prog-rock guy. 8)

    I love Eden's Curse!

    Same here, Jeffro. 8)

    Holy crap... I had no idea he played totally upside down and backwards. I think I had stroke just trying to wrap my head around watching his hands play power chords alone! :D

    I have enough trouble trying (unsuccessfully) to understand what's going on in conventional clips, but deciphering that 180º flip is way beyond my pay grade, brother. :pinch:

    Thankfully the great song construction, playing and melodic nature of their material means I can just enjoy it. :thumbup:

    I’ve never used it myself but one of my mates does major Hollywood films and high end video game soundtracks. He has been using Performer since the ‘90’s when I was doing Radio Jangles with him. He still swears by it and wouldn’t use anything else. He sends hi projects to his mix engineer in Pro Tools but works in Performer himself.

    i think the best advice is “pick one and stick with it”. Most DAWs can do more than most of us will ever need but trying to learn to work multiple systems takes time and effort that could be used playing and creating.

    Sage advice, Brother Alan. ;)

    Dayum Burkhard, that'd be a bitch for beer drinkers, which is... everyone. :pinch: :D

    I mean, even if you only provided 2 options, and a question was...

    Q Holding a Stomp button:

    A Brings that slot into focus

    B I wish my dog wouldn't lick his balls when lying on my couch while I try to practice guitar

    ... you just know that we beer drinkers are gonna select "B". I mean, "B" is for beer, right, so how could this be wrong? 8):thumbup:

    If you don't mind the blank faces when folks hear what you use, go for Digital Performer. :D

    I keep hearing about the various DAWs' workflows. Since the dawn of time (the early '80s), Digital Performer hasn't forced a workflow onto you. This is one reason why it had so many mini windows - they weren't all there to be used by every user, or indeed in one flow, but rather, to provide options so that you could map out your own ideal flow, using screen sets to configure your ideal combinations of windows that you'd call up in-sequence(!) on a per-stage basis through a project's development.

    Eventually MOTU introduced the Consolidated Window option, which allows you to configure a single window to incorporate your fave editors and mini-windows in horizontal and vertical panes. As per MOTU's M.O., those who were used to working the "old" way could and still can do so. One of the many things MOTU is good at is not forcing redundancy on you, whether it be compatibility of an old MIDI or Audio interface or the removal of old options in the DAW. That wouldn't be fair on users, after all.

    I'll stop there 'cause all I really wanted to do was chime in and imagine the blank faces once again. Ironic that the oldest sequencer on the Mac (on PC too now), and probably the oldest currently-supported audio software on Mac can elicit so many blank stares. It wasn't this way 20 years ago, I can tell you. Get off my lawn, grasshopper! :pinch::D

    It's so often all about the vibe when I listen to your stuff, I reckon Renaud, and this is a good 'un IMHO. 8)

    I'm terrible at vibes. At least, I was back in the day. I fully expect that when I resume recording and mixing, I'll have my own vibe goin' on, but I can't think of it as a vibe as such 'cause I imagine it won't really sound like more-conventional vibes to me.

    Funny how it works 'though, someone's bound to come along and say, "Hey man, nice vibe there; sounds like [insert artist here]"... :pinch:

    You, on the other hand, and Per as well, seem to be able to nail vibes. 8):thumbup: