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    I know this forum may be a little biased, but did I make the right move going from the FM3 to the Kemper? And what makes the Kemper amps sound better than the Fractal?

    To my ears the Kemper sounds the most-organic of the digital options out there. It's as if there's real valve magic going on in the harmonic content - much more interesting to the ears and less-fatiguing.

    The pick attack / attack portion of the amps sound more like the real thing to me too. There's an initial burst of harmonic content associated with a string strike that I feel the Kemper replicates admirably, whereas the others, not so much.

    Then, as piotrmaj suggested, there's the feel of actually playing, which I can only describe as an organic sense of immediacy and sensitivity to details of one's interactions with the strings.

    Congrats and welcome to the forum, mate. HTH ;)

    Tried again today and still not working.

    Michael PM'd me and it turns out there're still issues - his "web guy is doing a lot of maintenance on the site right now and not everything may be working. The account functionality is still under construction...".

    Great relief to know it's not my fault. Will simply keep trying every day as stated earlier.

    Thanks guys, and thank you Michael for the heads-up.

    Perhaps try deleting your cookies?

    Done it all, Laz:

    VPN, adblockers, cookies, cleared browser cache, rebooted...

    Thank you for your "concern", bud. ;)

    Don't worry about it guys. Happy to try once-a-day for the rest of the week. Maybe powering down for those extended periods or some other esoteric thing'll make a difference.:/

    I thought about that. Might try it now; thanks Dave!

    OK, it gets better. Now it says, "Invalid username or email" whether I use my user name, email or even old email address.

    So, "invalid password" regardless of user name, email or even old email address used, and "invalid username or email" regardless of user name, email or even old email address after hitting "Lost your password?".

    Lockouts don't get any more comprehensive than that. :D

    Can you try "Lost your password" function?

    Yeah, tried that Davo. It forces you to invent a new one but I don't want to change mine.

    Or maybe email address instead of username?

    Tried that too mate, as outlined in that post:

    I've also tried logging in using my updated email address that we sorted out recently, as well as the old one instead of a user name, but still no dice.

    Thank you for trying to help, man. Good on ya. 8):thumbup:

    I'll just keep trying every 12 hours or so in case it's a website glitch or sumpin'.

    Hey Michael, I can't log in to my account:

    "The password you entered for username Monkey Man is incorrect."

    I've checked many times and it is correct. I've also tried logging in using my updated email address that we sorted out recently, as well as the old one instead of a user name, but still no dice.

    I also disabled adblockers and so on. Thoughts?

    Hey Del, welcome and congrats, mate.

    When you said you've been using Marshalls (plural) to get your tones I immediately figured a JVM would probably suit you, and whaddayaknow, you've got 2 of 'em. I love 'em myself, the only "problem" being that they can be a bit noisy.

    Of course, if you Profile 'em it'll be a case of noise-be-gone, which is a major bonus IMHO especially for quieter passages (not full-on-heavy stuff).

    Great that you were instantly-happy, man. You're gonna love the journey by the sound of it.

    Lastly, it seems to be more common here to refer to them as "profiles" rather than the book/factory reference as "rigs". Can anyone clear that up for me?

    That's 'cause folks are referring to the Profiles themselves, Rob.

    If we said "Rigs", we'd be talking about the overall sound including FX, but Profiles are the underlying, critical starting points for whatever you do - the raw amp captures, so discussion logically centres around them.

    It's more-obvious in the higher frequencies, 'though.

    With guitar signals not covering a huge bandwidth, it doesn't bother me anyway.

    Even if they had a 20kHz bandwidth, it'd take dozens of conversions in order to become apparent where the vast majority of modern interfaces are concerned due to the accuracy of reconstruction carried out at every D/A stage.

    So, the fact that we're generally dealing with bandwidth-limited signals where amps and guitars are concerned, is yet another "insurance 'policy", an additional margin for error which in reality isn't even audible. So yeah, it's all-good, Karl. 8)

    If you're daunted by the choices of all the various parameters, worrying that the ones you come up with might be way-off-the-mark, you can always do a Global reset, which sets the basic-setup parameters to the factory defaults.

    The “Init Globals” soft button in System Settings will reset most global parameters in System Settings and the Output Section. It'll also set locks to their default state. No Rigs, Presets, Cabs or Performances will be affected.

    Check the Output Section. From the manual:

    The MONITOR OUTPUT features an independent volume control, as well as a dedicated equalizer in the Output Section. These parameters allow you to tailor the sound to your monitor cabinet, while the other outputs remain unaffected.

    Note that it says, "... independent volume control... ".

    HTH, Jimbo.