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    <- Per's acceptance-and-after-party plan ->

    What do you think? I'm pretty sure I'm leaving minimal room for Kanye interruptions there.

    Sounds like a plan with style, man. 8o

    Hey there guys, thanks for checking it out!

    Monkey_Man - These were synths in Reason so the new bass synth they just released, umpf retro beats, a touch of respire, and some other synth I can't remember the name of right now for the gated sound. I have quite a few synths in the rack and I never have time to really learn them so I tend to use a lot of preset tones with minor tweaks.

    Ahh... thank you, Per. Reason's definitely done the job there for you mate. Sounds great - expensive even. :/

    This one still blows me away ever time I dig it out for a listen thru👌

    Love it! Pity they only made one album and a demo. :/

    Brittney... amazing voice too

    Indeed, Lance; she nails it and gets great cut-through.

    My metal friends think I am nuts 8o :

    Well, I think you know I'm a huge fan of many Japanese styles and genres, Lance; so much creativity there.

    If you really want to freak your metal friends out, play them some denpa song / Akiba Pop / A-pop. :D I actually like it; the bass lines alone generally make it worth listening to for me, but strangely-enough, I find it uplifting when I'm really-depressed and nothing else "works". Guaranteed to freak musician friends out at any rate; hasn't failed me yet. :evil:

    My question is am I on the right track with my thinking or is there something else I should be doing or looking for?

    Yes, you were on the right track Bill, but as others have pointed out, simply switching the Cab block off (press the button once so the LED goes out) will do the job.

    sambrox 's suggestion that more-accurate results can be achieved by creating and using a Direct Amp Profile stem from the fact that by switching off the Cab block in the Studio Profile you made, you're asking the Kemper to guess where the direct-amp sound ends and the cab one begins. It's very-good at this and in most cases folks are happy with the resulting split, but if you're finding that the "guessed" amp-only component of the Profile through your cab doesn't sound as close to the original as you'd like, making a Direct Amp Profile is the next logical step to take.

    Welcome to the forum, Bill. :)

    Daz and DJ, no need to panic.

    I experienced this the very first time I turned on my brand-new Kemper. Contacted support and Hans sent me instructions for a basic procedure; the problem has never occurred again.


    Welcome to the forum, guys!

    Thanks Thomas.

    So I can assume that nothing's missing from the dropbox collection and that soon the dropbox and Rig Exchange collections will be equal-in-number (identical)?

    Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything 'cause I'm going to delete my "Bommel" collection and start again using your updated Rigs. Thanks again, man. <3

    Thank you, Thomas.

    I always assumed the db stuff was exactly the same as what's on the RE. Obviously not!

    I'd much rather have your metadata corrections for all your Rigs than mine, so I'd like to download everything again and replace my edits. Kinda-confused now 'though if the db stuff isn't a 1-to-1 reflection of what's on the Exchange; not sure what to do. Any guidance will be very-much appreciated, brother! :/ <3

    1.Do you prefer only getting the best profiles Or every profile? Some redundant profiles are cool soo...

    Hi, my name's Nicky and I'm a Profile Whore™, so... :D

    Hey! I updated the folders and hopefully now the Metadata is more helpful :)

    Hope you don't blame me for spooking you into all that work, Thomas. Thank you! ;)

    Which folders, BTW? Everything on dropbox? Everything on Rig Exchange?

    thenoodle over at GearSlutz posted this:

    Paramount and Universal will gobble up several dozen fully tricked out models. I was talking with several guys over at Universal yesterday who will buy for themselves as well as naming dozens of entities right here in town who'll also buy loaded systems.

    That's just a few sets of guys in one town, so no doubt this thing will meet whatever projections cupertino is aiming for.

    So it appears that the high-end graphics guys are gonna jump on board and buy the uber-expensive fully-loaded system who's price stunned us, which leaves we lowly audio geeks... waiting and wondering...

    Indeed; that's ridiculous, man.

    You could have around 350 Cabs and 600 Presets covering Stomps, Reverb, Pitch, EQ and whatever and these will require 16mb to back up. The full .kpabackup file for the figures I just gave, the one you end up with on your stick if you use the Backup / Restore function, weighs in at 7.9mb.

    100mb will allow you to store around a dozen of these full-backup files, plus all your cabs and presets separately (they'll all be in the full-backup files anyway) and the latest OS (kaos.bin) in case you need to reinstall it for whatever reason.

    So, given that 100mb is likely enough, the wise thing to do IMHO would be to get the smallest stick you can. 1G would be perfect IMHO, if you can find one. Generally these days I'm finding most vendors start at either 8 or 16GB; either is fine. 256GB is "cutting-edge" and therefore extremely-expensive (will drop to $30 next year, but currently hundreds). Always pays IMHO to upgrade stick size a year or more after a new size hits the market.

    Hope all this helps, man; I really tried to put some perspective on the 256G choice. :)

    Wow, no idea how you got this figure. :o

    The CPU's initial price will be USD 749 when it hits the market. The ridiculously underwhelming GPU, RAM and SSD configuration of the base model would lead me to believe that the upcoming Mac Pro is more like 100%+ more expensive than an equivalent Windows PC build.

    It has been discussed several times in the GearSlutz thread, Martin. HP and Dell systems (not "home builds") of a similar spec were compared. Both came in at decently over 8 grand.

    All this stuff's way over my pay grade, so I think I might have to bow out on discussing the finer points 'cause all I've done so far is parrot what I've read over there, where some apparently-knowledgeable folks have chimed in.

    As for the monitor, as I said previously, it's not the subject of this thread, and yes, I also parroted what I'd read over at GS on this.

    If you refer to calibrated class 1 monitors, then it's more like 70% cheaper (for a reason).

    It's obviously not intended to compete with $12000 models based on the price alone. 30% cheaper, I can swallow, but 70% just doesn't seem realistic, even to a luddite like me. The only comparisons I've seen were with $7000+ models that it's claimed it's a direct competitor to.

    Once again, I'm way out of my depth here, so I'll respectfully bow out of that one for good. I was excited to see that a tower had finally dropped and that Apple had thereby confirmed for real that it hadn't abandoned the desktop market as has been feared by a great number of musicians for some years, hence the thread.

    Your knowledge of "graphics stuff" (my luddite term) is impressive from my lowly perspective, Martin. :huh:

    Cheers mate.

    Indeed, Michael.

    The monitor's a serious high-end-graphics job, suited to colour-proofing and all that jazz. Never intended for regular-computer users and it competes with $7000+ monitors, probably beating them, as is Apple's way.