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    I put the kaos file for 7.09 onto the usb and I didn't format it or do anything and just stuck it into kemper and it worked.

    You got lucky 'cause your stick must've already been in FAT32 format, which is what the Kemper uses.

    If you're a PC guy or use the stick with a TV, Playstation, Roland INTEGRA-7 synth module, TD-30-or-later drum brain or anything else that requires you format as FAT32, you would've already done this, but most users typically use their Kempers to format.

    For future reference, if you ever find that the only spare stick you've got is quite-big capacity-wise (say, 32GB or greater), it might be worth using your PC to format it 'cause the Kemper will take quite a while to do so. Small capacities, whilst still slower than on your PC, don't take too long to format on the Kemper. I therefore recommend sticking to small-capacity sticks, and besides, the Kemper data takes up very-little space.

    HTH, Anthony.

    Marcel, truncate the IR titles to less than 32 characters in length before converting them.

    The Kemper will add the current date and time to the titles when you import them, but the component of the name that must be 31 characters or less long is the part you type.

    They should all import properly once you've done this.

    If they don't import, consider reducing the number of Rigs you have onboard if you have a lot installed. Same thing applies to Presets you may have added. Also, if you try to import too many IR's, that too may demand too much memory space. Provided you don't have an excessive number of Rigs and / or Presets installed and that you don't try to import more than a few hundred IR's, you should be OK.

    It came with a very vague instruction manual with partial instructions. It really didnt cover everything. I had to search youtube to find other Kemper owners to find out how to perform certain functions. Without these generous users, i think we would all be lost. There are still operations I do not know how to do. We are at the mercy of hoping a Kemper user made a video.

    No, we're not.

    It would be nice to have a VERY detailed manual that I can look at and know exactly what to do.

    Your post is based on a missing, comprehensive manual, and yet, they don't come more-comprehensive than this:

    User Manuals

    Check your junk mail folder. Kemper always sends an automated response, so you should have that at least.

    Early hardware units can have issues when suppliers of parts, for instance, do early runs on new lines; that's just how things often pan out in the real world. Whether its this or some other reason, it matters not 'cause Kemper prides itself on its reputation and therefore won't rest 'til its customers are happy.

    A good example would be the LED-failure issue from way back in the very-early days of the Toaster - turned out it was the supplier's fault IIRC, and all LED's were replaced and very few have failed since. I can't even remember the last time I heard of this happening.

    So bottom line, I wouldn't worry, mate. Definitely not!

    Oh, and you asked about hardware warranty - 3 years AFAIK, but even beyond that point customers find the Kemper service very-fair at least, if not downright generous.

    Hey Nicky, thanks man, I didn't know there was a translation and subtitle function on YouTube

    That's the first time I've used it, Bert. I've seen the "CC" option there for years but thought it only applied to videos for which the subtitles had been made by someone.

    After using it for the video you posted, I figured out that youtube must be using speech-recognition software (talk-to-text) and then Google's translation software to convert it into whichever language you choose.

    That's good to know !!

    It translate my name into Bernd Maylander though which is not so nice haha

    Yeah I saw that! Too funny. There were many strange things in the translation, but at least non-German speakers can get a basic idea about what he's saying.

    I hope Kemper is gonna add subtitles to it because this guy knows what he's talking about when it comes to Kemper in the studio !!

    No need to worry about this now! :thumbup:

    Thank you so very much, G String!

    Fantastic to know that "all features have been implemented". This information alone must surely reassure those who've become pessimistic about the release timeframe and indeed some who seemed to think it was vapourware.

    It's obvious from everyone's comments that you're our new man of the moment and that our loyalty and goodwill towards the company is second to none. Long live Kemper! <3