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    I believe I (and others) have asked for this previously, Guy.

    I also asked if we could specify a dead zone at the chosen bypass point (heel or toe), expressed, for example, as a percentage of total available travel, but IIRC the requests weren't responded to. That said, having appeared in the correct subforum, it's reasonable to assume that the team did see them, so your gentle reminder will hopefully strike a chord with them.

    The dead-zone idea was to help prevent accidental activation, obviously, but it was sensitivity in the specified area only, which I thought was a good idea.

    Well, judging by your level of experience, it'll be a huge endorsement for the Kemper's abilities if you end up really happy with it, mate. Please keep us in the loop as to how you go, eh?

    Welcome to the forum. 8)

    Back then "hot babes" couldn't be sold with their looks alone if they weren't good at what they were doing.

    Three perfect examples of this are Chrissy Steele...

    I wouldn't include Chrissy in this group personally, mate, but of course this is just my opinion.

    IMHO she had a fantastic rock voice and knew how to use it too. Apart from the great tones she could deliver, her pitching was friggin'-perfect. Huge respect from me. 8)

    That slow funk is very nice and reminds me actually a bit of the stuff on Miles Davis' Tutu album

    Yup. I'll bet you were thinking of the tracks Tomaas and Full Nelson, Michael.

    ... one of my alltime favorites.

    Indeed; it's brilliant. :love:

    Had some of my fave musicians on it too - fave percussionist, Paulinho da Costa and fave keyboardist, George Duke. Marcus produced and played bass and a bunch of other stuff, so that goes without saying. 8)

    It could be called "wraparound range" and ideally, IMHO, allow one to set the range from any Performance number to any other. IOW for example, Performance 21->24 could be the range.

    I can see how this would be handy if one wants to, again for example, prevent the possibility of calling up an inappropriate Rig (Engl at full tilt during a jazz gig). It'd help to eliminate possible pitfalls and reduce gig anxiety overall IMHO.

    In cases where one's Performances aren't grouped in similar genres / tones, it'd be even-more-excellent if one could nominate the individual Performances to create a range. For example, Perf 11, 15, 28 and 35 and cycle using only those. Just a thought; perhaps it'd make your scenario even-easier to set up and use, Dale. :/

    Agreed Ingy; they were standard back in my day for anything clean (especially '80s) in the pop realm and I have a huge amount of respect for 'em.

    It'd be a shame IMHO.

    Whatever you do, I strongly suggest that you hang in there, Adam. You've no doubt heard many clips and recordings that sound good to you, and I can assure you that in most cases the users aren't doing anything special - no fancy tricks. Even the factory sound set should sound way better than what you seem to be experiencing.

    So it makes no sense to me for you to give up when you know what's possible sound-wise; it's just a matter of getting to the bottom of it. Captain Obvious, I know, but your expression that you're almost ready to give up made me feel like reminding you of this. It should be easy-peasy, mate. It'll be like chalk and cheese when you finally get to hear what you'd been expecting all along.

    It does sound like there's not a lot of cabinet action happening in the example tone. Agree that it sounds thin-and-fizzy. :/

    Yeah, they're great live, but I didn't want to burden people with too many videos, so I only included the live-stage clip I noticed the Kemper in and of course the studio-live one, which simply had to be there IMHO 'cause of the flawless performance and superb sound.

    Cheers mate.

    Welcome and congrats, mate!

    As deadman said, your story is typical in essence, but of course each is unique in detail.

    Spoiler alert:

    The story ends with your being 100% happy with your Kemper and pulling all the tones you ever dreamed of... and some you hadn't even thought of or considered. :love:

    Prog metal, metal core, groove metal, djent... I hear plenty in this talented group from Ukraine.

    First, the Kemper-spot video:

    Super-impressive studio-live performance:

    Other songs I consider to be amongst their best: