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    Lee Sklar on bass on this one ?

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Lee played bass throughout the album. That one's seared in memory 'cause I binged on it big-time back in the '80s.

    Spectrum & Crosswinds are hard-to-beat. After many decades and thousands of plays I still never tire of them, brother.

    Oh... yeah, it's practically the same beat; I agree. Just wanted to post something Christmas-related that the forum might appreciate. I've got all Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas albums but let's face it, we've a rock-guitar-centric community here, so when in Rome... 8)

    No worries, bud.

    I'm still interested in other users testing from different countries if anyone else reads this.

    Technically my test was from Canada (VPN), so one down...

    I disabled Little Snitch to give it the best chance of loading 'cause I use it to block anything facebook and twitter-related. If the site required the loading of related assets it wouldn't have loaded.

    MacOS 10.13.6 with Security Update 2020-006 (High Sierra) & Safari 11.1.2.

    Been listening to George and Lee since the 70´s and

    Marcus since mid 80´s .....

    Same here! :D Markus seemed to catapult to fame when Miles recruited him at age 17 IIRC.

    Did not know I was listening to Vinnie on Gino Vanellis "Nightwalker"

    but he sure got my attention on Allan Holdsworths "Secrets" :thumbup:


    Rosanna - Toto / Cover by Yoyoka, 10 year old - YouTube

    Yup, Yoyoka rocks big-time. It'll be interesting to see if she gets to Senri Kawaguchi's level. Senri's absolutely one of my favourite drummers, BTW, so you might want to check out her stuff, Davo. She's been on an extended break from drumming these past few years as she attends university IIRC, but she managed to get a few solo and duo albums out there, starting at age 15.

    Here's Rick's breakdown of Rosanna; it follows on from Yoyoka's clip if autoplay is on. Not as in-depth as it could be, but it may indicate for some the complexity of the arrangement:

    FWIMBW mate, I've always found digital emulations to be harsh-sounding. The Kemper's was the first digital wah I'd ever heard that didn't.

    Sure, if you narrow the peak it's gonna start to sound harsh to those who don't like that sort of thing, but even when used like this, the Kemper's wah is much-smoother than all the modellers I'd tried previously (all L6 up to and including the HD500, Digitech Genesis and 2101, Behringer and many others who's names escape me).

    ... it wasn’t until a user posted a Satriani cover and shared his wah settings that I was happy enough.

    Same here, Sammy. The second I heard it I knew I had to ask his permission to include it in the community collection.

    For stickman in case he hasn't heard or used it yet, the Preset's called "Nick Badr - Smth" by nicosssb (Nicolas Badr). The "Smth" part of the name refers to the sound.

    Zip download of the Preset collection:


    His clip Sam and I referred to:

    People buy the "axe-fx reacts identical to the real amp knobs" which was obviously a move to uncut the competition with next to zero demonstrations....

    That's how the "conventional" (component) guitar-amp modellers work 'though, Juz.

    How deep they go with component-level emulation varies from company to company, but at the very least I'd expect the stack EQ to be modelled 'cause it's second only to the gain characteristics in importance as far as the actual amp is concerned.

    As per Fractal's M.O. and reputation, you'd expect the stack EQ to have been emulated more-accurately than offerings from its modelling peers, so the marketing claim doesn't surprise me at all. OTTOMH I'd expect gain, EQ, tube and dynamic behaviour and of course cabinets to all be prime candidates for mention in marketing.

    ... (unless it has a database of amp eq dials!) I actually remember hearing the kemper was possibly going to do that at one point via a database?

    I remember its being mentioned too quite some years ago, Juz.

    Given that we now have speaker imprints, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if this is something the team addresses at some point. A collection of the various manufacturers' standard EQ-stack behaviour would be welcomed and a big hit with users, I reckon, but I also think many would be happy to stick with Kemper's proven-and-predictable knob behaviour. Ultimately IMHO it'd be fantastic to be given the choice of employing any of the "models", including Kemper's standard one, in any Profile. I reckon that'd be great! 8)