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    Indeed, Gizmo.

    My Cheese Grater™ is 7 years old, and was the last model offered before this one. I've been hanging out for years for Apple to continue the line. The trash-can diversion cost we who've been waiting an additional several years, and at the same time tested our loyalty to and faith in Apple to resume producing something more along the lines of what we wanted - something eminently-upgradeable, sporting PCI slots and not requiring that we farm all the usual internal add-ons out to TB chassis. Apple has delivered such a machine now, the only "missing" aspect of which, for me anyway, is the ability to stuff it with SATA spinners, which would obviously need to be housed as I described.

    So, pretty much all boxes ticked except for the ruddy price. If a few corners could be cut and a more-utilitarian graphics card offered in place of the fancy one, along with perhaps other "downgrades" I'm not aware of the possibility of, this thing could be offered at a price point we lowly musicians could buy into and then upgrade as and when funds permit.

    I'm perhaps naively hoping something along these lines could happen in response to the pressure I'm certain will be applied to the company by (mainly) musicians in the intervening months before its release. :/

    It's gonna be expensive, but for some who require tonnes of VI's, tracks and FX processing at high sample rates and low-buffer settings, I've a feeling it's gonna be irresistible, especially if video editing forms part of their workflow as well.

    If you're just a lowly Kemperite, think of how many tracks you'll be able to record, overdub and play back at high-SR and low-buffer settings. 8o

    Mac Pro - Overview

    Mac Pro - Design

    Mac Pro - Technical Specifications

    Well done, cantemir! :thumbup:

    Yes, the available memory is dynamically shared between the OS, Rigs, Cabs, Presets and so on. This is why, as the FW has grown in size and complexity over the years, the maximum number of Rigs has dropped to where it is now at 999 (this has been the case for a while now), and more-recently with the addition of new effects to the OS, the factory Rigs have been offered separately rather than included in the OS, which is why the option to restore them from the System menu is gone and can only be done for Presets now (IIRC).

    The upside of this is that it forces those of us who perhaps got a little carried-away with loading up shedloads of Rigs, Cabs and Presets to re-evaluate and parse what we have sitting in our KPA's. If you keep your unit near or permanently hooked up to your computer, you might want to consider removing all the Rigs except 1 or a small handful and just use Rig Manager for browsing and accessing your pool. You should be able to keep your huge number of Presets onboard this way too as more-than-enough memory space will be freed-up.

    Well, you'd be able to relate to the request then, Don.

    If you had a hundred or more that you liked and happened to discover that you preferred +1 higher for Amp Compression and 0.5 lower for the pick, you could alter all 100 by selecting them all and adjusting only 2 parameters and hitting save.

    That'd be a 10-second procedure vs, well, you can imagine.

    How could you possibly do a global change to slot A unless it had the exact same effect loaded into it across all rigs?

    Exactly, Don, and that's the point, at least where FX are concerned. We tend to settle on certain standards that we like, and so far the only option we've had is to lock slots in the states we desire and go from there. The examples Gary and I shared were ones where we'd effectively(!) be able to make those overrides permanent.

    Same goes for Cabs.

    Additionally, the "exact same effect" thing you mentioned wouldn't apply to Amp and Stack parameters 'cause they're identical across all Rigs. You might like a certain amount of Amp Compression and / or "pick emphasis" that you always seem to dial in to similar levels, for example.

    The more you think about it, the more time-saving measures should spring to mind. At least, they do for me and I'm guessing Gary too.

    The request most-recently discussed is that of being able to edit Rigs "offline" in RM, meaning that you'd not have to have your KPA plugged-in, Don.

    More-specifically, the ability to select multiple Rigs in RM and make wholesale changes to settings / parameters en-masse using the forthcoming Editor component of RM.

    I'll have to use old-school quoting 'cause your post won't allow any sort of quoting (complete or partial) due to the messed-up format:

    "I still can't see the new Wah-Settings after choosing a Wah Wah Pedal and than rotating the Presets knob."

    Did you see the factory-wah Presets? If so, they should be adjacent to them due to the manner in which they've been named, as outlined in the documentation.

    "Sorry if this question has been already asked, I couldn't find any answer to it."

    No need to be sorry mate; at least you tried to look for an answer first, something some peeps don't do. If you followed the procedure I documented, it should work. The reason you "couldn't find any answer to it" is because it's "foolproof" and AFAIK nobody's ever had an issue with the import.

    I specifically said that they were accurate, Brother AJ, meaning that they were for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the source amps; very-close at least.

    The subjective quality of any source amp in a "Profiling" comparison is irrelevant; it's about the accuracy of reproduction and nothing else. You've (probably unintentionally) created a straw man, brother. ;)

    FWIMBW, I'm not, nor have I ever, made any sort of judgement about how the plugin compares with the Kemper; I haven't even used the software yet. I simply responded in Christophe's thread 'cause of the preset update and new vids.

    Ahh... but the alias and/or the parent Rig would still be loaded into the KPA's edit buffer whilst being edited, AJ.

    If you read the discussion between Gary and myself on the previous page, all will become clear. You quoted post #332, but he and I discussed it from post #333->340.

    This was all about offline editing. No KPA edit buffer required... or even a KPA.

    Thank you,  balazs ! I see you've already used the mainstream thread and I've replied to your post there with some Rick James fanboism. :pinch:

    nightlight , yeah Brother AJ, I agree that neither party will likely ever say anything; it's just not important to them.

    However, I do believe that unless somebody stood up and made some sort of an effort to draw some lines of delineation, we'd end up with a hodgepodge that'd be no fun to navigate if you're looking to hear stuff that falls under any of the 3 basic banners we now have. I say this using the past tense 'cause I created the virtuoso thread 12 months ago, fully explaining myself, and Shawn followed suit 5 months later with the mainstream one.

    Besides this, there's the Kemper-user thing I pointed out, where "polluting" the user-creations thread list with miscellaneous stuff doesn't do anyone any favours / help anyone as best I can tell.

    Rock on, brother. 8)

    Great to see Rick James. I can hear his production-and-arranging styles all over the toon. The harmonies and their style are straight out of a typical '80s Rick album. The toon was actually recorded at Rick's home studio back in the days when a home studio was a bit of a big deal.

    Been an unashamed Rick James fan since the late '70s around age 11. 8o

    He's a bass player for those who don't know, and is obviously most-famous for Super Freak, a hittoon he had way back in the day and that has been sampled and abused to the nth degree since.

    I'll resist the temptation (see what I did there?) to flood the thread with Rick clips, so here's just one that features the sort of backup vocals I was talking about. Killer bass-line groove too. Enjoy!

    No worries, man.

    They're not just "similar" to amp Profiles; they are amp Profiles, just made with stomps in front, so all the usual editing options and Rig behaviour, including of course the option to swap out Cabs, are there.

    Sorry for the delayed response; there's a time constraint that can't be helped.

    They're full Rigs, made with the various stomps into a clean amp that lends itself well to pedals, a Cornford MK50.

    The sounds are "complete" as-is; no need to pipe them through another amp. Think of them as additional flavours you wouldn't otherwise get from "traditional" Rigs.

    Check out the Rigbusters Rig Pack in Rig Manager; there're 25 free Profiles there for you to play with.

    Ha! I had to laugh. This is the first promo video I've watched apart from Steven's one that Damian just posted, and only 'cause I received it via email, and whaddayaknow? The first thing the dude did after selecting the amp model for the demonstration was... to swap the 414 for the SM57 mic! :D

    I have to say I'm proud that the suggestion was implemented, not least because I've never even seen the plugin IRL. :huh:

    Here's the vid anyway; it was made a week before the latest update:

    This THU update actually includes a feature I suggested, I'm proud to say, and Steven agreed it was a great idea, saying "You should take the credit! It’s a great idea!" Here:

    Make an SM57 the default mic for all TH-U and OwnHammer cabs. :saint:

    Previously, the AKG C414 was the default, and whilst it's a great mic, I figured most peeps would feel the need to swap it for a '57 or something else "warmer" / less-accurate / with more mojo most of the time, meaning that there was an avoidable, unnecessary step involved when browsing in most situations.

    As for the "Rigs", one cannot deny their accuracy IMHO.


    I don't know any of these bands, Spirit Adrift liked the most.

    Same here, balazs. I'm guessing it's for similar reasons in both our cases - we're used to smoother, slicker production and "song craft" theses days. The previous three clips were, shall we say, more-challenging to the ear. Props to Ganglu that he can still listen to the "rougher" stuff as well.

    Guys, in case anyone has forgotten, in an effort to keep Kulle's thread more in line with what he laid out in his OP, I created a thread in which we could share more virtuoso-oriented clips. Several threads have been created for individual virtuoso performances since the last post there, which is a pity IMHO 'cause the idea of these things is to separate 3rd-party clips from Kemper users' ones in the interest of keeping the subforum "neater". This way, folks can confidently click on threads other than Shawn's pop-music one, my virtuoso one and this one from Kulle, knowing that they're going to hear forum-members' work.

    There's been no directive from Kemper on this of course, but as a member who wants only the best for the company and forum members and in this case respect for Kulle's thread's intended purpose, I bring this to your attention, not as anyone who possesses any authority, but as a lowly chump (chimp?).

    Here are the three categories we have to choose from in order to avoid muddying the waters:

    Something different:

    What kind of music do you listening right now?

    "Commercial" stuff:

    Mainstream music you're enjoyin'

    Virtuoso stuff:

    Share Your Favourite Virtuoso Clips

    Rock on, beloved Kemperites! 8o