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    These profilers include free demos in the hope that users will buy their other packs so they have an incentive to include good quality profiles that represent their style in the factory content.

    Actually, Kemper itself chooses the Rigs that're included, Alan. That's not to say that the vendors don't submit carefully-chosen batches; just that the company auditions and determines exactly which Rigs are included.

    I'll have a stab at it:

    The OP wants to be able to remove Presets en-masse, at least, that's the implication. He was disappointed by the fact that he could see no other option besides deleting them one-by-one.

    Burkhard suggested that RM will be able to handle FX Presets in a similar manner to the way it deals with Rigs. In the context of the OP's "dilemma", this would mean that he'd be able to view, select and remove them just as he can currently for Rigs by selecting the "My Profiler" folder in RM and proceeding from there.

    IMHO, this aspect of the new features alone will be a Godsend. Imagine (yeah, I know, I'm also asking you to imagine stuff) being able to view the entire FX-Preset contents of your KPA and make wholesale changes to the number present as well as being able to quickly-and-conveniently name them. That's just for starters, I'm sure, but it shouldn't take a whole lot of imagination to see some of the potential time-saving and convenience benefits.

    Waiting to see details.

    Indeed, Dimi. It's a mystery that I'm sure we all hope will be revealed sooner rather than later.

    Nobody really likes being kept in the dark, and I'd say this applies especially to Kemper "fans" / owners / users at this point 'cause of the rig-capture claims. "Entire signal chain" - where have we heard that before? :/

    I bet you could build a comparable Hackintosh for half that.

    You can't, Ben; not with those spec's. It's been discussed a bit at GearSlutz and that one's a very-short conversation.

    Not quite the same as building it yourself, but comparable PC-based systems by the likes of Dell and HP come out at 25%+ more-expensive than the Mac, which is incredible when you consider the huge differences in design and engineering. The Mac is way-more-robust (a tank, really) and will run super-quietly (like an iMac, apparently), something those others won't be able to do.

    You don't need something like this to record many tracks.

    Exactly, GJ, which is why I said, "... think of how many tracks you'll be able to record, overdub and play back at high-SR and low-buffer settings."

    Any old machine can handle lots of tracks; that's simply down to your drive/s' streaming bandwidth/s, but at high-SR's and low-buffer settings it's a different story. Slap plugin processing on each of those tracks and the CPU requirements take yet another leap into the stratosphere.

    On that note, film scorers who employ 1000-track templates (common practice) loaded with orchestral VI's will be prime candidates for this machine. Currently they tend to farm DSP power out to ancillary computers, something they'll no longer need to to, at least in theory.

    I must say, the solid stainless-steel chassis that pokes through the one-piece cover, providing those gorgeous-looking (and feeling, no doubt) carry handles, looks and sounds sublime. Brilliant design, IMHO, to have made the 4-sided cover removable as a single piece, thus exposing the machine's innards to all-'round access in one fell swoop.

    Certainly looks like the Ferrari and Mercedes Benz of desktops - an elegant merging of speed and state-of-the-art engineering. Even many of those of us who'll never be able to afford one, I'm guessing, will see it as an object of desire. I know I do. :love: :pinch:

    Indeed, Dimi.

    GearJocke , you might've missed the reason why this thread exists, I think:

    It's not "just another modeller" - at least, that's the claim. Instead of the usual component-modelling route, the company has found a way to "capture" (its words) real-world Rigs.

    Much as we tried early in this thread and also at GearSlutz to get proper clarification on how this capture process of theirs differs from the Kemper one, and how, as has been alluded to, THU can, as a paid-for service to the customer, create captures from Kemper Rigs, we failed. Everything's being kept super-secret for now.

    What we can safely assume in the meantime IMHO is that it's definitely not the usual component modelling that's going on here.

    What I meant, Brother Nickster, was that it was intentionally dumbed down. Those tones were unusable, so the question of accuracy just goes out of the window.

    It's almost as if they "reverse engineered", i.e. tweaked the amp to match the capabilities of the amp sim. Just pull up any JCM800 modded or otherwise on the rig exchange (I think I have some Cameron modded ones somewhere) and it's obvious these were far, far off from accurate modelling.

    I like Slate, fwiw. Funny guy and ambitious. Makes some good products, but this video was just disingenuous.

    I totally get you, Brother AJ.

    I'm sure you understand that I was coming from a proof-of-concept POV, whereas you're looking at Rigs offered and available right now.

    If the ability is indeed there to Profile real rigs with some sort of accuracy, it follows that in time all tastes will be catered for. Time will tell.

    Indeed, Gizmo.

    My Cheese Grater™ is 7 years old, and was the last model offered before this one. I've been hanging out for years for Apple to continue the line. The trash-can diversion cost we who've been waiting an additional several years, and at the same time tested our loyalty to and faith in Apple to resume producing something more along the lines of what we wanted - something eminently-upgradeable, sporting PCI slots and not requiring that we farm all the usual internal add-ons out to TB chassis. Apple has delivered such a machine now, the only "missing" aspect of which, for me anyway, is the ability to stuff it with SATA spinners, which would obviously need to be housed as I described.

    So, pretty much all boxes ticked except for the ruddy price. If a few corners could be cut and a more-utilitarian graphics card offered in place of the fancy one, along with perhaps other "downgrades" I'm not aware of the possibility of, this thing could be offered at a price point we lowly musicians could buy into and then upgrade as and when funds permit.

    I'm perhaps naively hoping something along these lines could happen in response to the pressure I'm certain will be applied to the company by (mainly) musicians in the intervening months before its release. :/

    It's gonna be expensive, but for some who require tonnes of VI's, tracks and FX processing at high sample rates and low-buffer settings, I've a feeling it's gonna be irresistible, especially if video editing forms part of their workflow as well.

    If you're just a lowly Kemperite, think of how many tracks you'll be able to record, overdub and play back at high-SR and low-buffer settings. 8o

    Mac Pro - Overview

    Mac Pro - Design

    Mac Pro - Technical Specifications

    Well done, cantemir! :thumbup:

    Yes, the available memory is dynamically shared between the OS, Rigs, Cabs, Presets and so on. This is why, as the FW has grown in size and complexity over the years, the maximum number of Rigs has dropped to where it is now at 999 (this has been the case for a while now), and more-recently with the addition of new effects to the OS, the factory Rigs have been offered separately rather than included in the OS, which is why the option to restore them from the System menu is gone and can only be done for Presets now (IIRC).

    The upside of this is that it forces those of us who perhaps got a little carried-away with loading up shedloads of Rigs, Cabs and Presets to re-evaluate and parse what we have sitting in our KPA's. If you keep your unit near or permanently hooked up to your computer, you might want to consider removing all the Rigs except 1 or a small handful and just use Rig Manager for browsing and accessing your pool. You should be able to keep your huge number of Presets onboard this way too as more-than-enough memory space will be freed-up.

    Well, you'd be able to relate to the request then, Don.

    If you had a hundred or more that you liked and happened to discover that you preferred +1 higher for Amp Compression and 0.5 lower for the pick, you could alter all 100 by selecting them all and adjusting only 2 parameters and hitting save.

    That'd be a 10-second procedure vs, well, you can imagine.

    How could you possibly do a global change to slot A unless it had the exact same effect loaded into it across all rigs?

    Exactly, Don, and that's the point, at least where FX are concerned. We tend to settle on certain standards that we like, and so far the only option we've had is to lock slots in the states we desire and go from there. The examples Gary and I shared were ones where we'd effectively(!) be able to make those overrides permanent.

    Same goes for Cabs.

    Additionally, the "exact same effect" thing you mentioned wouldn't apply to Amp and Stack parameters 'cause they're identical across all Rigs. You might like a certain amount of Amp Compression and / or "pick emphasis" that you always seem to dial in to similar levels, for example.

    The more you think about it, the more time-saving measures should spring to mind. At least, they do for me and I'm guessing Gary too.

    The request most-recently discussed is that of being able to edit Rigs "offline" in RM, meaning that you'd not have to have your KPA plugged-in, Don.

    More-specifically, the ability to select multiple Rigs in RM and make wholesale changes to settings / parameters en-masse using the forthcoming Editor component of RM.

    I'll have to use old-school quoting 'cause your post won't allow any sort of quoting (complete or partial) due to the messed-up format:

    "I still can't see the new Wah-Settings after choosing a Wah Wah Pedal and than rotating the Presets knob."

    Did you see the factory-wah Presets? If so, they should be adjacent to them due to the manner in which they've been named, as outlined in the documentation.

    "Sorry if this question has been already asked, I couldn't find any answer to it."

    No need to be sorry mate; at least you tried to look for an answer first, something some peeps don't do. If you followed the procedure I documented, it should work. The reason you "couldn't find any answer to it" is because it's "foolproof" and AFAIK nobody's ever had an issue with the import.

    I specifically said that they were accurate, Brother AJ, meaning that they were for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the source amps; very-close at least.

    The subjective quality of any source amp in a "Profiling" comparison is irrelevant; it's about the accuracy of reproduction and nothing else. You've (probably unintentionally) created a straw man, brother. ;)

    FWIMBW, I'm not, nor have I ever, made any sort of judgement about how the plugin compares with the Kemper; I haven't even used the software yet. I simply responded in Christophe's thread 'cause of the preset update and new vids.