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    Yeah, it's hard to imagine how one could go wrong with an Eventide. The company's reputation amongst audio engineers is well deserved IMHO. Always been awesome units across the range and the years.

    Jesus, I'm so sorry - that is a crazy story... I can't even quite make sense of all of it. It is amazing how the frustrating pursuit of gear can trip up your creative life, even your personal life in extreme cases. I've wasted a lot of years "kissing frogs", as well. But nothing like that. So sorry for your loss, man.

    What a decent person you are, mbenigni. Thank you, mate.

    Yeah, the story's novel-worthy so editorialising it into a paragraph was something I should've known better than to attempt to do. In retrospect I could've just said that the L6 Variax trial completed a harrowing 28 year quest for a guitar that played easily enough and stayed in tune.

    FWIMBW, the "played easily enough" thing I kept harking back to is critical as since losing the use of my hands for 3 years at age 19 (over-the-top factory work), I've slowly rebuilt strength. It seems to have peaked and endurance just ain't comin' back, but at least there's enough strength there to be able to play a little bit at a time... as long as the axe plays easily... and stays in tune reasonably!

    As for Line 6, they never struck me as a company that had any business building or distributing guitars. All of their previous products were essentially thinly wrapped software. I owned several Variaxes and all of my experiences were like your own - right down to a repair center that sat on two guitars for months and months before admitting they didn't actually have any idea how to fix them. I've since gutted all of my Variaxes and used them for parts for transplants, i.e. put them in guitars that are worth a damn. And even then, the piezos are just too unreliable for anything other than toying around with them in the safety of my own home.

    As for QC for their preamps/processors - hopefully the Helix will be OK. If nothing else, it has an internal power supply, so that's one less thing. But there is a whole lot of mechanical stuff to consider, including those capacitive switches. I'll have to run it through it's paces pretty hard during the return window, to be sure it's built to last.

    Incredibly, I agree with every single point you make here. Well said, bro'.

    Funny, that "repair centre" story is exactly one of the many pathetic experiences I had with the JTVs. One time I even received authorisation to attempt to break a piece of plastic moulding off that white "plug" in the rear that has a whole lotta wires going into and out of it (yeah, I'm a real expert with electricals!). The back plate couldn't be screwed on properly 'cause said "plug" sported a "nib" that appeared to be a remnant much like you'd see when assembling plastic model planes or ships. You know, the parts would arrive on a moulded frame and needed to be snapped off. The L6 part, IMHO, must've "retained" plastic where it was meant to snap off.

    Sorry. Difficult to describe as I don't have the vocabulary for these things, but you get the idea - so many little things, and they all add up. Can't wait to get a Luke one day, but that's a fair way off yet. These JTVs will have to do for now.

    Good luck with the Helix, man. I think that as far as the QC is concerned on the new units, it's a safe bet L6 has learned its lesson, especially at the price. Don't forget to post your findings, of course.

    Nice chattin', mbenigni.

    Don't know why you can't see this... :wacko:

    Yehaaa! It worked today, Ingolf.

    Yes, it's a ripper little happy clip and song. Good on you, mate!

    You know, I pretty much gave up on western pop 23 or so years ago when it all started to become too depressing to listen to. If it had been as uplifting as your stuff, it would've been a different story for sure.

    Again, well done and thank you for sharing!

    Considering the huge range of colours available in the system menu, I'm surprised the option to colour presets isn't already there.

    No different from colouring one's DAW tracks according to instrument type, really.

    Do the FW upgrade first; it contains the new factory set but doesn't install it.

    Once this is done, you can wipe and replace your original presets (whatever's in your Kemper) with the full, latest factory set as I described. You must update the FW first 'cause they're "embedded" in it.

    This is actually very cool of Kemper. This way you don't lose your old presets unless you want to, and you can do it at any time. If you mess up some of them or whatever, you can load 'em up again in one go, as described above.

    Pretty cool, eh?


    You know, I should warn you that although all the L6 products I bought were reliable (POD v1.0 through to POD X3 Live & Pro), things changed with the HD line. The Variax story is interesting too, so here's a brief summary:

    POD HD500
    Twisted chassis - wouldn't sit flat on floor so used carpet.
    Software updates often complicated by bank-name changes and bizarre, obscure (hidden 'till you search the 'net for them) firmware reset procedures and checks.
    Power supply absolute crap. Toy quality.
    Sound and editing - you know the story here. Pathetic, really.

    Variax 700, JTV59, 69, 89 and 89F
    I had to buy 6 Variaxes over a period of at least 6 or 7 years to find the two I chose to keep.
    All others had serious, irreparable issues.
    Of the 2 I chose to keep, 1 had 15 problems out of the box (JTV69). I solved them all in a year by myself.
    The other (89F) has a twisted neck, but now that its other issues have been fixed, such as not being able to be switched on(!) out of the box I can live with it.

    The Variax experience taught me that there are serious QC issues at L6; there's no escaping this conclusion given that 6 or 7 years of my life was wasted chasing a guitar that wasn't broken in some way and that stayed in tune. Both wholesalers I dealt with (one for 3 or 4 years, followed by the newly-designated one after the original went out of business) had to wait roughly 3+ months for new shipments of guitars and parts. One hooked me up with a local repair man who held onto my guitar (new, unplayed!) for 7 months. When I finally managed to chase him down he said that he'd lost my number. I asked him why he didn't just ring the wholesaler and he said he hadn't thought of it. I asked him if he could fix the guitar, now that he had my number again, and he said he's no longer going to work on 'em; it was time to "give the game away".

    I could go on; words barely express what I had to endure. My point is, Kemper is gold from my highly-coloured perspective. L6 effectively sucked the creative energy and enthusiasm out of me. This is partly because there was already a tragic history, spanning decades, of my trying to get a guitar with low action that'd stay in tune (finger weakness meant I couldn't start learning guitar 'til I found one). I endured threats of violence from a luthier (I burned that guitar 'cause after $2500 and a 7-year wait it wasn't worth the wood it was made from), and even lost my future wife (she proposed and I said we should wait) 'cause infidelity from another luthier (my best friend, whilst working on my next failed guitar!) saw her end up getting burned to death in the tragic 2009 Marysville bushfire.

    YMMV, and for your sake I hope to God that it varies a whole lot from the dark nightmare I had to endure. Who knows, you may be one of the "lucky" ones, mbenigni. Fingers crossed for you, mate.

    PS: Sorry for the serious stuff; I don't talk about it, but I think context is everything when it comes to how a company treats its customers. Now, back to trying to forget my entire past... :)

    LOL Yeah, it sucked big-time as the unit's performed flawlessly thus far.

    No, I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with your profile, mate. Scrolling through a bunch of presets, where each was loaded and then the next immediately "selected" with the Mac keyboard down arrow, cleared the problem, whatever it was. A reboot of the Kemper would've done the same thing, I reckon, but that's just a guess.