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    .. I love the TLM-103 and most of all the AKG-C-414...

    Nikos, buddy, they're the only two condensers I have! Folks have laughed at me for wanting these, but I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one with this "taste".

    Rock on, brother,

    I get how you're thinking, 'loogie. It's a matter of degree and depends upon how critical the corrupted code is.

    Where along the sound-creation / manipulation chain does / do the error/s occur? Are they FX-block anomalies or ones central to the tone-creation engine (amp block principally)? Are errors being introduced at the input-conversion phase, the A/D stage?

    Errors in any of these example areas could conceivably alter the sound but not bring the unit to its knees. The same goes for display errors, although they'd obviously not alter the sound.

    Our DNA code could provide an analogy here - errors produce disease (the sound of my KPA isn't quite right), and as they accumulate (my KPA definitely sounds rank), they eventually reach a critical point where mission-critical functionality is lost (my KPA blew up). Crude analogy, but you get what I mean.

    Another might be CD/DVD reading - errors are corrected through basic parsing codes, but when they eventually reach a critical point where said codes can no longer reconstruct the data, the disc is useless.

    Wow, good luck with it, Lloyd.

    This thread's overwhelming considering I haven't even bought my first proper guitar yet. The naive aim is to limit myself to 2 or 3... for the rest of my life, seeing as there are always other music-making items to buy / repair / learn / update...

    Still, it's "fun" (not!) to marvel at the guitars other Kemperites own. Unbelievable.

    I think he was referring to things like the Roland guitar and Variax in the first sentence, Don. As for the second one where he refers to the KPA, I took it that it was just something he tried anyway, although I don't know how.

    I still think that the ACT did a better impersonation of an acoustic than any simulator, software or hardware.

    Somehow I doubt it could compete with the newest Variax acoustic impersonations, which are impressive IMHO.

    Maybe i will do some free profiles.

    Yes, please do, Damian!

    IMHO, Music Man Sub (I think that's what they're called) is the best value out there considering the sound.

    They're cheap 'cause they're not made at the EB factory in the US, but the price is disproportionately-low when compared to the uber-expensive, US-made counterparts. Fantastic, unbeatable value IMHO.

    Excellent effort, Spotty!

    Took me back to the '80s. So commercial, which isn't easy to achieve IMHO.

    I can't comment too much on the mix as it's Mac in-built speaker playback I'm afraid, but it comes across as if you're in the ballpark.

    The "theremin" and backup vocals' parts are excellent IMHO.

    The off-beat guitar part's timing needs adjustment at 13/14 seconds in, as well as at the +/- 1min 35sec point and possibly elsewhere - take a close listen and shift accordingly. It's out of time around the 3min mark during the break as well.

    The lead guitar sounds like it needs to be pushed back (depth-wise) in the mix during the break (+/- 3min mark). I'd try a little delay, more if you're already using it, first, as 'verb, even early reflections alone, might not suit the vibe / space you've created. I'm not talking mucho-feedback delay as you only need 2 or 3 audible repeats to achieve the gluing with the rest of the mix that I'm talking about.

    It's terribly difficult to make sound(!) judgements using the Mac speaker, but from what I can tell, you've done a bang-up job, Spottydog. Well done!

    Oh, I believe you Guido; I wouldn't doubt the 'Meister, after all!

    Unfortunately I don't do socialist media, so twister and spacecook are not options for me. I've even got all incoming / outgoing network attempts at connection with anything remotely related to said sites blocked with Little Snitch. No, I'm not a fan.

    I am, however a fan of your playing, 'Meister, and that won't change. Thank you for trying to help, mate.

    PS: Glad I mentioned that socialist media, 'cause it got me thinking (always a dangerous thing for those nearby):
    It just may be that those network blocks I've got in place are what's preventing the video from appearing. If it's linked to twister or spacecook, that'd explain it, and I'll just have to miss out I'm afraid.

    I hope it's the gate as I've painted myself into a corner.

    In retrospect I might've looked better with Buckingham Palace as the backdrop, sans headphones, but that would've required minor surgery. I can see it now... hair freshly sterilised and blow-dried, late-afternoon sunlight softly caressing my flowing locks and captivating gaze... but I digress.

    The only thing that has me worried is that Robman said it only happens with distorted profiles...

    I've thought of this quite a bit.

    Something akin to the preview feature found on most synths would be awesome IMHO. Press a button (in this case, one of the soft keys above the screen) and a DI phrase is played through the rig. The guitar type (strat / tele / LP) and style (funk / rock / metal) could be set in the System menu, along with whether or not the phrase is looped until rig-change, when the button is pressed again or just played once through per press. I'd suggest that consecutive plays of the guitar types' phrases in a given genre would be a popular option for editing rigs, an option that would surely trump any "real-world" attempt to switch between the three basic electric guitar types whilst paying attention to the editing process, which in itself uses the opposite side of the brain and is therefore by definition incompatible with skilful / creative guitar playing.

    Whilst this would be simple for the team to implement and constitute a first (to my knowledge) in the world of guitar DSP hardware, it may unfortunately come down to available flash RAM. I've no idea how much there is to spare, but taking my options suggested above as an example, we'd need 3 styles x 3 guitar types which would equal 9 phrases. Allowing 10 seconds on average per phrase, which seems about right to me for 2 bars which provide enough room for light and shade, I calculate that 11.25mb would be required for mono 24bit 44.1kHz files.

    That's not much, but as I said, none of us knows how much remains, and given the efficiency of profiles', cab IR and preset sizes, it might even come down to how many rigs and cabs one has installed. If RAM that is reserved for the OS remains in sufficient quantititty (sorry, that's just how I say it!) that this 11mb wouldn't hinder future feature development, I hereby implore the team to consider this simple, groundbreaking functional enhancement.

    Just think about it - you could edit your Kemper on your lap in front of the TV (!) or whilst Kempering... I mean, camping, or, perhaps more realistically, audition the overwhelmingly-huge mass of free and purchased rigs we're all guilty of having access to but not the time or energy to do so. Even if one had a guitar strapped around one's neck, one couldn't possibly audition and sort through all those rigs as quickly or painlessly as would be possible with an onboard phrase of choice's being looped... IMHO.

    Beer to be sent to:
    Monkey Man
    Kemper Ave

    Instruct courier to leave at front door.

    EDIT: Obviously, if room were available an appropriate number of User slots could house our own custom phrases... using our guitars, which'd be even more amazing for those who own good ones.