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    OK, so there are 9 categories. This would take 3 pages to display, 4 per page, navigable via the "Page L<->R" buttons.

    The categories you gave an example of (DIST EQ CHO PHA) could be displayed below the four soft buttons. You say you're not sure if they can be displayed there, but I don't see why not. They won't be able to be coloured the way you originally proposed, 'though.

    The arrow up / down / left / right buttons would be used for both categories as well as presets. Firstly for stomp / effect selection (or via the category knob on the left), and then once an effect is selected, for choosing a preset (or via the preset knob on the right).

    The columns will obviously update from showing FX to displaying presets once a stomp / effect is chosen.

    I can't make it any clearer than that, mate, so I sure hope you understand what I mean. ;)

    Pure cab on each RIG (not preset :) ) means it will be removed from output section, because they would overlap - right? Because ckemper said "We have plans to add an additional per-rig PureCabinet in the Cabinet section, in a future OS."

    What makes sense? :D

    If that's what CK said, then your question makes sense Skoczy.

    As for all your questions, I too have them and more; it's all about how the local and global settings would interact / override / add to each other and so on. We'll just have to wait and see what the team comes up with, mate.

    Put your seatbelt on, hang on for the ride, and keep your hat on, bro'. :D

    Yeah, but... I haven't given the preset lists any thought, mate.

    As you correctly understand, I was only offering a way to be able to "scroll" through the category "headings" at the top of the page. I don't know how many there are, but I know there are more than 4, which is why I suggested it.

    As for how this scrolling might affect cursor position in the preset lists, I think it shouldn't do so; after all I'm suggesting the page buttons should only scroll the headings (categories) at the top of the page. Only those four words need change; this would minimise confusion until a new category is selected. There could be an option to update the preset lists in line with category selection, or just to "freeze" the current position whilst a new category is being selected. I say this 'cause sometimes you want to see some preset names when you browse categories, and other times you don't... I think.

    So, the arrow up / down / left / right buttons below the page buttons could be used to quick-navigate the preset lists, as they are for Rigs, and the Page L<->R buttons could be used to move to the next / previous 4 categories as named under the soft buttons.

    All I did, G String, was fire RM up, select various folders in my Local Library, and up / down-arrow (mainly down) through rig lists whilst my lil' brother "Fingers" played his heart out. I do this every week or two, and that's the only way I've ever used RM.

    As I suggested, I did try to copy the odd rig we liked to favourites folders (CTRL or OPTION-drag, I can't remember which), but it wasn't worth it as we'd instantly lose track of where we were in the list.

    I've not experienced these symptoms before; this is only since the update specified in the thread title.

    There's no secret sauce, I'm afraid; what I've outlined is in fact the method to create this behaviour on my Mac.

    I'll update the thread as soon as the next session has occurred, which may well be this Saturday night - my brother "Fingers" loves this thing, and has probably played my Kemper over 50 hours now, about 200 times as long as I have! Who knows - maybe the issues will fix 'emselves...

    Headphone symbol appears seemingly randomly. Average 5-6 times per page when it happens. It's not all the time, but it was most of the time last time I demoed the unit to my brother.

    Sometimes, when this happens, the up / down arrows, whilst they change the highlighted rig, don't update the Kemper. Double-clicking reactivates audition mode properly 'though. It's as if the multiple headphone symbols have confused my Kemper, although I doubt this is the case.

    Also, any time I copy-drag a rig to another folder, the current list moves a long way away from the active rig / the one I'm copying, and it's a PITA to have to relocate it every time. It actually prevented me from copying some rigs to my favorites folders 'cause I didn't want to have to keep jumping throughout that hoop...

    Tnx man, ur very supportive! :) If u ask me L3 has all the balls u need... At least the balls I need... :) U cant go wrong with it... :)

    Of course I'm supportive, Nikola!

    I dig your playing, man. I'm also a hopeless Music Man fan, which doesn't help.

    I hear you on the LIII. I mean, they're both great but different-from-each-other guitars. To my ears, based only on videos of course, the LII has a more distinct attack that cuts through the mix more, and more low-end balls, whereas the LIII has more mid to high-mid-range woodiness, is more harmonically rich especially in the mid to high-mid range, is more "organic" sounding and yet seems "thinner" overall.

    Tough choice, this is proving to be. Every time I think I've made up my mind I switch back to the other one...