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    Awesome! Congratulations on your anniversary and all the fine work you've done, Andy.

    Mate, I've only had my Kemper for 2 weeks and already I have the classic modern-day problem of having too many choices (8000 profiles all up, I think). With this in mind, I tried to figure out what it would cost to purchase all your profiles in one go, 'cause I figure if I could grab the M.Britt packs and yours I'll be able to wipe everything else and "limit" my choices to "just" yours and his.

    I know it sounds like overkill, but I'll be doin' a huge variety of original pop music and would just like to know that I have all bases covered. Good metal tones might be the only shortcoming, it seems, if only because there's comparatively little on offer between the two of you, but if your profiles do the job, all the better. So much for guitar. For bass, I certainly feel short-changed and realise now how spoiled I was with the POD X3 Pro and Bass PODxt, so I live in the hope that you and / or Michael will release a half-decent collection/s of classy profiles that'll nip this in the bud too.

    I'm actually very poor (no car, no-entertainment, no-life, starving musician, as they say), and as I said, I tried to figure out what all your profiles would cost, but got very confused between the bundles and packs; I couldn't figure out all the overlaps, for example. I saw no mention anywhere of an "all-in-one" bundle, so figured I'd just ask you here. I'm sorry if this isn't the place to do so. I haven't mentioned the fact that I almost fainted when I saw the prices, so I won't. Suffice it to say that I read from many sources that commercial profiles were "cheap". I can only assume the reviewers and Kemper were talking about individual ones, in retrospect, something that's not an option for me given the task I'm faced with of completing 220+ funk, rock, metal and jazz-infused pop projects. It's a mish-mash, so I feel my palette should reflect this. I've ditched thousands of L6 presets (and the gear) that took many years to programme, so there's a gaping hole there. Once said hole is filled, that'll be it, given that I spent many more years programming thousands of synth sounds prior to this. So you see, the final step, its breadth, depth and quality really depend upon the sort of deal I'm able to receive from you, Sir Andy!

    Any feedback is very much appreciated, mate, and thank you in advance, with much love from Down Under!

    Yup, the "stock" wahs sound so smooth and classy; they're way more than "good enough" for me.

    Owned every POD since 1.0, and even on the HD500 the wahs sounded knarly and harsh to me... and I mean, really, really harsh and "grainy".

    It's like night and day, really.

    I've had some issues as well.

    I think overall the system response/s to the USB-stick slot can be described as "sluggish". With this in mind, sometimes a little patience is the answer - always wait just that little bit longer than you might have otherwise before assuming nothing's going to happen and removing the stick.

    If, on top of prematurely removing the stick, you then plug it in again only to find that the OS seems to still not be responding, should it be a surprise? Again, w-a-i-t.

    Just my two bob's worth based on my early experiences. YMMV.

    Quickest, easiest method, bro':

    Delete "all except favourites" (assuming you haven't set any faves yet). This'll hopefully clear all your presets, i.e., empty the unit.

    In the System menu, you can load all the 3.0 factories back into memory in one go; there'll be 337, I think.

    Duplicates, be gone!

    Same here, RynoRiffs.

    My FBV Shortboard is still brand new and not worth much second-hand. The fact that I haven't even used it once in 7 years or more speaks volumes for all the L6 processing gear I had.

    I very much hope something can be done for the FBV. The single ethernet-cable hookup would be just like the Kemper's floorboard - Awesome!

    C'mon, someone, please!