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    again this weekend, terrible acoustics reminded me again that a MASTER REVERB option could have saved my sounds ... too much natural reverb in the room and therefore all my settings meant that I had too many reverberations in my presets

    Could you make sure that we can configure on the buttons that we do not use on the remote or on an external switch, a PANIC function assignable via "Button Assignment"

    This PANIC option would be used to urgently recall a performance # of our choice

    It really is a software solution that would save a panic from sound on stage, or we could just call up a standard performnce of our choice.

    I can't believe, from the start of the remote, you can't go from perf # 127 to # 1 with the UP button, and vice versa, from # 1 to # 127

    I think you have to think like a live musician who needs to go from perf # 126 to # 03

    if there is a reversal, just push Perf UP 4 times ... 127 .... 1 ... 2 ... 3

    for the moment, you have to push PERF Down 123 times .... waste of time and wear of the switches

    Really, this is my request for 2021


    hello, it would be really great to have a master reverb in the output section for example.

    0 would be the normal value, and we could go up to -12 for example to be able to correct the problems that can be encountered in rooms where the natural reverberation of the room poses problems when in addition our rigs can also contain some .

    Could you leave the midi information which appears in the bottom left corner and which allows me to program an external device to control my kemper. These program change and bank information disappear as soon as the remote is switched on, it is a shame to replace them with a black screen.

    I agree with Alan.

    Idea #1 has been asked for quite a few times in the past. Wrap-around would be nice to have.

    With idea #3 it's a bit complex since reverbs and delays can be inserted pretty much everywhere in the signal chain (not only in the DLY and REV slots. So if someone e.g. uses a spring reverb pre-stack it would be impossible to "split" that for a dedicated summing stage with global control. Just because the spring reverb in front of the amp has an influence on how the amp "reacts" and modifies the reverb sound.

    This could not be à problem

    À New firmware would be able to identifié quickly where thé reverb is in the soundchain.

    The delay is not the goal....

    hello, we discuss a lot on the facebook page "kemper addict à la francophone" where I am very active, we try to gather collective proposals to help you develop your firmware with common ideas, evaluated between us and deemed good for you. share

    idea n ° 1:

    it could be good to allow the remote after the last performance # 125 to go back to # 01 by clicking again on perf +

    idea n ° 2:

    in the OUTPUT section you added the output filter, it's great but, it would be better to add it in the AMP section (for example) and give the possibility to place it at the end of the sound chain, like this is the case with the Output section, that would be more useful, as we all need to use a low cut and a high cut, but set differently depending on the Rig used ... in this case I have to use an equalizer just for the low cut, while a setting on Output and therefore general is useless to me

    idea n ° 3:

    Do you think that it would be possible to insert in the Output section (for example) a parameter of REVERB Master ... where if it was set to <0>, that would be the setting as we did on our kemper and so the base setting, and if not where we could set the amount of all reverbs on all rigs.

    I'll explain why:

    when you adjust your individual reverb rig it's because you think it's the right setting at time T for the effect to be perfect, but if you're going to be playing in a room where there is a acoustic which brings an excessive natural reverb, we end up with an amount of reverb added by the Kemper that is too strong ... currently the only solution is to completely cut the effect by blocking the Reverb slot and putting it in Off, which is radical, exaggerated, and which is effective in principle where the reverb is placed on its REVERB slot ... or else, it would be necessary to lower manually in all the Rigs of each performance ... which is impossible if there is a quantity performance in his Kemper.

    So here's why, adding a simple Reverb Mix parameter going from -infinity to 0 which would be the maximum value, and that would be a really wonderful development.

    Idea n°4:

    Able to use 2 different places for volume control with expression pedals.

    We have 4 locations on the remote for switches or expression pedals ...

    Many guitarists have a choice about where to use the volume pedal.

    It would be great to be able to place a volume pedal in "entry" and a second on post Stack for example

    A lot of guitarists use the double pressure on the rig to call up the morph ... This leaves room for new control ... Why not create this possibility which would be so useful

    Hope you can listen to your users who are starting to get very experienced on this wonderful machine, thank you

    Mr TAIEB Eric

    my facebook username: Eric Tayetaye

    hello, do you know what i have to do to jump from performance #1 to performance 70#

    i understand the Rigs are numbured from 1 to 127

    PC#2 could be th Rig 3 of my first performance ?

    but i just can send PC# 127 and can called a performance after the performance 26# rig 3#

    I need confirmation from Kemper

    when we go from a rig in morphing up to a rig that contains morphing, we arrive in the lower position forcing, and therefore with a delay imposition of the mix at 0% since programmed like that in position Morph low, so it cuts the Delay brutally and the X fade Rig does not work

    on the other hand if we pass on a Rig that has no morphing on the delay, it is not concerned with a forced 0% delay mix and let the X fade ... my question is: how to do so that the Xfade works in all cases.