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    Hi eveerybody,

    First, please find my gear down below:

    Win10, I7, 16Go of ram, SSD installation for DAW and rig manager.

    RME UFX + in USB 3

    Kemper (non amp) through a Neve 8801 (which is USB plugged too for recall)

    For a long time now, every time my Rig manager (Beta version, and below version too) is opened, when I record tracks, any tracks, lag occurs; like freezes, making you skip a quarter of beat, sometimes more.

    Any ideas ? Whenever I track my guitars and try to work around sounds inside my Kemper, I have to close the rig manager, track the guitar / bass, and then re-open it if needed.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Hello everybody, and thank you in advance :)

    I want, for recording purposes, to go through my M-Audio FastTrack Ultra using SPDIF.

    So my setup is as follow:

    Guitar > Kemper > FastTrack > Sonar X3 Producer (Win10)

    My first problem was that I was unable to change the clock from Internal to External. Solved it by changing the default device in the Windows Control Panel (as the FastTrack "believed" it streamed data and such, I couldn't change it)... All right ! Now I can use the External, and by plugging my Kemper in SPDIF to the FastTrack, it changed automatically into the 44.1 that is requested.

    So far so g... yeah no.

    Now that I open Sonar, I can see that the channels 7/8 (SPDIF) can be selected as stereo inputs, and that the output can be too (it shall be my M-audio speakers, plugged into the inputs 1 and 2 of the FastTrack).

    Sound can be monitored from the Kemper. as I strum the strings of my guitar (Light from "Input" and "Output" properly reacting, showing that a signal goes in).

    But nothing from the Sonar X3, no signal received, no sound going out of the speakers, no light flickering from the FastTrack...)

    Inputs and outputs in the "Preferences" menu are properly selected, I'm in 44.1, cables are triple-checked... It has been two exhausting days of research / modifying / reinstalling drivers...

    So if anyone has any idea, it would be really, really, really helpfull

    Many thanks in advance !

    I see ! It worked ! Many thanks Rob !

    It was indeed the OUT port, the Kemper sound was lagging big time, and yeah, christmas tree time.

    So now, let's MIDI-map 10 songs :)

    Again, many thanks.

    Well, I think I got it ! Oh my.

    In my MIDI sequence in Sonar, when displaying the event monitor, I create as much events as there are preset changes, and I map them with canals.

    Canals are in fact equal to the (in Perform mode /!\) MIDI banks you'll have to pre-program.

    The fact that each Channel is named "Bright acoustic piano" (Channel 0, first bank, first preset), or "French horn"... is beyond me and led me astray...

    I'm going to try to program a bunch of presets...

    Hi all,

    I got a lot of question regarding MIDI and all this... Please be patient, it's a new world to me ! Many thanks in advance...

    I recently purchased a Kemper rack (non-amplified). The main goal is to get rid of all pedals, and 80+ kilos of gear. I'm half-way there !

    We use in our live configuration two Kemper (two guitar players), we have samples, so we also have a computer with a soundcard, and our drummer is following the click.

    So. My next step is to program MIDI sequences in order for our patches to be automated.

    And here's my problem: I don't understand. I simply don't. I think there are some notions that I lack and I just spend my whole day trying to understand how to make theses damn MIDI tracks.

    My rig: Kemper => Steinberg UR 22 in MIDI (IN and OUT) => SonarX3

    So far, I have these understanding (feel free to correct me):

    I programmed on the Kemper various patches, both in Browser (in "MIDI PrgChg#", the 5 first presets) and Perform (with some "example song" and 5 patches inside) mode.

    With some help of this video:

    I mapped my MIDI IN and OUT correctly (with the UR22 in both sides), and then tried to work on a MIDI track I added...

    And this is were I'm totally in the dark... my limited understanding of this new world is crippling ;=)

    So there it is. If you need any other info, I'll be glad to answer, and many, many thanks in advance for those who will help !