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    Happy Friday Kemper Board. :thumbsup:

    It's been a while, I finally got my kemper toaster and honestly I forgot about posting here.
    I've been too busy recording and plan to show everything off after vocals are done.

    Has anyone had any luck getting reverbs/delays to sound close to the Afterneath pedal that Earthquaker makes?

    I love the way this pedal sounds, it would be awesome to recreate it on the kemper.

    Thanks in advance,

    Guitar Center will say just about anything - factual or otherwise - to ensure you don't get cold feet and put off your purchase. They've always been this way. I've been told point blank that a product was in stock, waiting for me in a store, only to drive an hour and find that they don't even carry the line in question. Bait and switch. =O

    Lol, this happened with Best Buy a couple of weekends ago. I needed a firewire cable for my digi rack. "Sure we've got plenty."
    On a side note, one of the reasons I went with them is because they bought my gear and gave me 10% off towards the purchase of the bundle.
    It's sad when Guitar Center will give you more for your used gear than you can get online.

    Gutted for you, but you can't really blame Kemper for that. That's squarely on Guitar Center (you ought to demand some sort of compensation, too. They've totally misled you). On the positive side, I have a feeling that the bundles being sent out to dealers take precedence over non-early bird purchases from the Kemper online shop, so you might be lucky and get yours a lot sooner than the 105 days are up :)

    Oh no, don't get me wrong this isn't Kemper's fault, Guitar Center should have been forward with the wait time.
    The only point I was trying to make earlier is, this is a supply and demand market and if you're not making the demand, another company will take advantage of that. Now I understand the basic economic principals such as if they increase factory size, once the orders are filled the demand will drop and overhead will exceed profit. On the other hand that's the kind of conversation you have if you think your product will not continue to become popular.

    The other aspect of this is they will NOT separate the bundles, so my amp head sits in a warehouse while the remote is being built. Again, I'm committed to the Kemper and just like everyone else that had to wait, I'll be fine. Some days are worse than others lol.

    Even if you are a die hard (which I am without even playing it yet), you have to admit this product launch was a bit shaky.

    They do not charge your card or debit your paypal until the unit is ready to ship so not sure why this is the case for you?

    Because I purchased the bundle from Guitar Center where they promptly took my money and told me to come pick it up in a week, 2 months later here we are lol.

    @Corey1213 Wait. It's well worth it. Get a Behringer with an Uno4 Kemper PROM in the meantime to tide you over. You are not going to be happy with a fractal if you wanted the Kemper for the right reasons.. :)

    P.S. Their service is absolutely A+ Slight problem with the Kemper foot controller (White LED) fixed and turned around to my door within 3 days!!! :thumbsup:

    Don't worry I'm in too deep to get out now, and looked into both units greatly before making a decision. That being said, if I had known that i could get one the day of purchase and the other 4-5 months after cleaning out my bank account, I think the choice would have been much harder.

    Here's a little Date + days calculator for your 105days estimate

    Puts my April 22nd order out to August 5th... :S A little over a month left in theory.

    105 days huh...that has me at aug 29th.......that's when my bundle gets here.
    I was ok with the waiting game, but honestly it's starting to wear a little thin.
    To spend that amount of money and not see the product for 4 months knowing that it is a piece of gear and not a custom built instrument is a little insane.
    I can definitely see Kemper losing business from this.

    I wonder how many canceled orders there have been. I mean if I was any less patient, I'd just cancel my order and either get one of the many used ones or just go buy a fractal.

    The thing is, I'm trying not to buy more now! and to downsize.... Hope the FX get added to / updated sometime soon!

    You say there is an fx loop "conveniently on the remote" - did you mean, you can select the FX loop from the remote?

    Whoops, was thinking of pedal expansion inputs. I get what you're saying. In my opinion, if you are wanting to take your favorite rigs with you anywhere you go and really don't rely on having a massive amount of effects then the kemper is for you. If you want the best of both worlds I'd go with the Axe FX. By the time you buy the line 6 and the Kemper you're talking about almost or over $5,000 compared to the $3,500 for an Axe Fx.

    I like effects, but I'm more of a head and cab kinda guy with a little delay and reverb here and there. So for me the Kemper is perfect, all these amps I've always wanted to own or play profiled into a single unit. Plug straight into my console and record studio quality tracks without having to perfectly mic up a cabinet.

    I would only consider it for use IN CONJUNCTION with the Kemper. As I feel the only thing the Kemper lacks is certain FX, and I really wish the Kemper Remote had more screens! But, on the other hand I don't think I'd be happy with the amount of cables and it wouldn't integrate the same obviously...

    The AmpliFI marketing campaign was a massive joke!

    That's the thing with the kemper (and axe fx), is that they take pedals very well. Don't have an effect you're looking for? Go buy the pedal and put it in the fx loop that is conveniently on the remote.

    Well, so far through the videos it sounds absolutely awful. Very digital and definitely has that Line 6 sound to it.

    I'll have to wait and see what some users come up with as most of the stock presets on gear are very underwhelming. The beauty of the Axe FX and Kemper is that you can come up with your own tones via altering perimeters or micing up your favorite rig. Something about this tells me you get what you get, and aside from altering the mid, treble, bass, ect, you're stuck with the models they provide. Until firmware updates or, what is probably more likely - add on packs for additional money.

    The functionality is great, but with the ease of the Kemper and the fact that Fractal is coming out with almost the exact same unit soon, this seems like a budget version of much nicer gear.

    You're a "Pro" but you've never ordered a guitar? I ordered an Ernie Ball back in my teens and that took 12 months. I hate the wait as much as you do, but I would rather the product I buy be built correctly and not quickly assembled.

    There is a very fine line between quality and quantity, Ibanez comes to mind. Back in the 80's when they were still a small company they put out very high quality guitars. An old RG550 plays better than any artist series you can buy these days. Anyways, when you ramp up productions, quality usually suffers. I worked for a German company here in the states, and they take a lot of pride in quality control.

    My quarrel is with Guitar Center who told me if I ordered a specific model that it would be in stock and shipped the following week, now I'm being told august. You'd think they could at least give me like a $10 off coupon or something lol.

    Anyways, be patient. Sounds like you have a way of controlling it live, I won't even have my amp till late august and I'm already making payments.
    From what I've seen/heard it's well worth the wait.

    Just some FYI for american customers.

    I ordered the bundle from Guitar Center (unpowered toaster and remote).
    I was told it was in stock when I ordered, but after checking the details through guitar center's site it's on backorder. I got my rep to speak to Kemper today and it will be in around August.....

    So that'll be 3 months exactly. Was hoping that guitar center happened to have a few bundles in their warehouse. Big nope.
    Not sure how true it is, but the rep told me it's because there is a delay on a single part in the remote causing the delay times.