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    Sorry, I think Navar’s post answers the signal chain question. I was just trying to point out that if you want to do this in order to use plugin in the signal path you need to be cared which plugins you use. I expect the 1073 plugin will work fine and probably the Studer too but the 1176 might not profile well at all. The manual spec issues not to use compressors when profiling

    I totally get it now. Thank you for the tip about the comp! I will be sure not to use that one when I'm profiling it :)

    That is exactly what I needed. The idiots guide to profiling :) Thank you for putting it concisely for me!

    Sorry, as I said in my main post, I haven't figured out how to run it into my interface. I'm pretty new to it, despite having used this for years. Just wondering what the signal path would be for me using a pretty bare bones setup. I've got a couple of mics I can swap out, but essentially it's Amp, Kemper, UAD Apollo Quad that I'm trying to figure out how to run.

    That is awesome advice! Thank you for the tip. Seems like it's a bit over my head, but definitely would give you some flexibility that I'm not getting from the current setup haha. I just know that the main profile I've used for 5 years is that AC20 free profile that was apparently done in an apartment with just a 609. It sounds glorious and I'd like to capture a few of my amps with that much character!

    Hey Guys!!

    I've been using my KPA for about 5 years now. It's been all over the world with me, and I'm embarrassed to say that today, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I have decided to try and profile some of my amps. I don't have a huge collection of mics or studio gear, but I've got a protools rig at home, and I've got some awesome plugins I would like to use in conjunction with them.

    I want to profile 3 of my combos through my Apollo Twin Quad for plugins. I tried it earlier just running a mic to the return input on the kemper, and the tones I got were okay, but I know I'm capable of getting better. I'm using a Sennheiser 609 silver.

    How should I run this chain so I can include the plugins on my UAD Apollo?

    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Including tips on cabs and such. For instance, when I profiled my Tupelo earlier, I loaded it and the cab section was not enabled. Is this because it assumed I had a cab on it when it was profiled and thus didn't need another one?

    I know this thing can get some amazing sounds captured, I just need to be pointed in the right direction to get there. Help me stay sane during this quarantine now that all my gigs have been cancelled haha..



    Hey all!

    What’s the best fly rack you’ve found? Only needs to be big enough to hold my power rack, with potential room in the back for me to dual lock and mount my wireless rig. Would ideally like a case that can house the rack as well as my remote, plus a loooong cable (at least 50ft), and my expression pedal and keep it all safe in transit

    That brings me to my second question. I have a 50ft remote cable that is the proper gauge but doesn’t have a neutrik side. Sometimes I get power failure errors on my remote. Could this be a length issue? Do you guys have a cable you recommend for that application?

    Thanks in advance for the help!!!

    How do you guys get the best envelope filter sound out of the KPA? I'm fighting the urge to buy a mutron until I hear from you guys!


    I've got my power rack, but had some questions about something. If anyone has any experience with this, he help would be greatly appreciated.

    I really prefer the effects in my strymon pedals to the onboard kemper effects. I want to run a rack drawer with my timeline, möbius, and big sky in there and run them off of the midi controller in the kemper.

    Here are my main questions:

    Is it difficult to set up performance mode with all these midi program changes? Can I easily bypass a program change in one of these three pedals, say if I wanted to use only one or two reverbs with multiple delays and mods?

    Can my expression pedal inputs on my remote be used to control parameters on the strymons?

    Does my tap tempo on the remote control the strymons? And if so, can I bypass the tap tempo on the möbius and just have it send to the timeline?

    Thanks for the tips and rigs everyone! I will try them all out. I will admit, 90% of the profiles I use are MBritt profiles, so I'm guessing the Taylor K4 may be the one I settle on :)

    I appreciate all the help!

    Hey All!

    Looking for the best profiles for acoustics, doesn't matter if they are free or commercial. I'm doing a CSNY show soon, and I'd like to make sure my Dove and my HD-28 sound as good through the Kemper as they do with a mic. Or close to it! haha Right now I'm using the Fishman Pro Platinum EQ I got off Rig Exchange, and it sounds really good. Just wondering if there's anything out there I might have missed.


    Hey guys!

    When I create a backup using a USB drive, does it backup all my rigs in browser mode as well as all my performances with their associated rigs? I've never had to load my rigs into another KPA, so I'm unfamiliar with how this works, and I may need to travel without my KPA and load my settings in to other ones. Just need to know if a backup will transfer ALL my settings from one KPA to another, provided the firmware is current.


    Hey guys!

    Hope I get points for alliteration in the title.

    Having some troubles intermittently with my remote. It doesn't happen everywhere I play, but sometimes the remote will flicker like it's losing power and after a couple of times it will restart altogether, causing my sound to change. Example, if I'm in performance mode it will go back to rig 1 of whatever performance I'm currently on when it restarts.

    Also, sometimes it doesn't seem to communicate perfectly with my KPA. When scrolling through performances, sometimes it doesn't show the correct name of the performance/rigs on the remote, unless I access the performance which will bring it all up correctly. And it seems to be with two specific performances. One of which it recognizes as having the same name as the next performance in the rig, and the other it just sometimes doesn't recognize at all and it comes up as "default performance"

    Any idea why these things are happening? The reboot is more troublesome than the performance names. I can handle the names no problem.

    Thanks for your time!

    Hey fellow forum dwellers!

    I'm flying to Dallas for a gig next Monday and I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can rent a KPA there to save me from having to bring my own rack unit down there on the flight? Any help in finding one would be much appreciated! Even if it's just someone who knows a music store I can contact down there who does gear rentals.


    +1 for this.

    I've also got a Pigtronix Dual Expression pedal which has two separate outs. I'm not sure if there is already a way to do it, but I would love to have it running to two separate pedal slots on my remote where one is a volume and the other is my wah/expression parameters for a particular rig where I can eliminate its function as a volume control just on that one rig and use its secondary function from the second out on my pedal. Would eliminate the need for so many expression pedals.

    Thanks Deny!

    Right now I don't have a remote, so I'm running my wet effects into my loop at the moment, so I can't use that particular strategy! I don't mind a little tap dancing once in a while. If you saw my board you would understand ;)

    I'm going to try it through the power amp out! Still just need a single connection if I just go to FOH.

    Can I use my monitor out and my power amp out together, or can I only use one at a time?

    I do gigs with one band where a talk box is part of my setup. I've got an old 80's Dunlop Heil that I love. I've run it with all my amps, and it sounds wicked. Thinking I can use it with my KPA as well, but here's my questions to anyone who has done it:

    I have a power rack version, but sometimes I don't run it with a monitor out or from the power amp out to a cab. I just use the in house wedges to throw my sound back to me, and that works fine for some bands. If I'm using a powered speaker through the monitor out, would I connect my talk box between the monitor out and speaker as if it were a normal amp setup, or would it still come from the out on the power amp? And if it comes from the power amp, will it damage the power amp when the talkbox isn't engaged if I still don't use a guitar cab on the other side of the talkbox since there would be no load on the power amp when it's off? I'm looking for a way to not have to bring the guitar cab if I don't need to, but if thats the only way to safely run the talk box, I will suck it up! haha

    Help a brother out!

    Also, heading into the studio with the KPA for the first time next week. Any tips for my first time out? Some elec stuff, lots of acoustic as well so hit me with some good profiles to run an acoustic through! It will be for a country/Gospel Christmas record first, and a few more in the next few weeks.