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    Well damn

    I just bought a Gemini 2 and a/b'd it to my bogner 2x12 os with scumback speakers and was not impressed at all. The gemini sounded thin compared to the bogner/scumbacks and I prefered the bogner on both hi gain, gain and clean profiles. ... regardless of how empower was set...full FRFR, in between and set to cab the gemini sounded small and not as impressive....I could get controlled feedback on the bogner as equally well as the gemini. The gemini is about the same weight, but the bogner has casters which makes it far easier to manipulate.

    The Gemini had more highs naturally, but in the output section while using hte bogner I added some high end and presence and could get the bogner better and better. so if anythign the value of this exercise has been to show me the benefits of using the output eq a little on the bogner..for which I am grateful.

    The guys at Mission were telling me that the power amp on the gemini was far superior to the power amp in my kemper...but I don't see all accounts the Bogner sounded better using the Kemper power section compared to the gemini set up.

    I had the gemini plugged into the mains jack on the back of the kemper, and the bogner plugged into the power jack on the back of the kemper...i used the Kemper's output mains and monitor volume controls to swap back and forth between the two cabs in order to a/b them.

    I feel like returning this thing after 2 days of use and just settling for the Bogner....anyone have some ideas for me to try before I return this as a failed experiment? I imagine there are other approaches and settings y'all know that might make a different....

    But at this point I'm not drinking the Gemini Koolaid and am so glad I bought the powered Kemper and have the Bogner, which I use for hte Kemper and for my Friedman BE100. Feeling like I have the right gear.

    Looking forward to some education here. I've got my armour on here, start slinging the stones! :)

    I have a powered Kemper Rack. Obviously using my kemper to power a passive Gemini 1 makes more sense from a $ and probably a weight standpoint. I'm curious if anyone has experience a/b-ing the scenario of a passive Gemini 1 vs. a powered Gemini 1. It's easy to just say they would sound the same, but I'm not sure I'd make that assumption. In fact, I can't tell on the mission site if the passive version even has the eMpower technology like the active version does, or if the speakers are exactly the it might sound no where near as good as the active version.

    Doesn't seem most internet retailers carry the passive version, but I see that you can buy them direct from Mission.

    Anyone with this specific experience?

    I'd rather not pay for a powered Gemini given my kemper is powered already, but I only want to go FRFR if I am really improving my situation. Currently i play my kemper out through my Bogner 2x12 OS and it already sound quite I'm interested in seeing what is the best option for improved sound via Gemini.

    Thanks for your insights.

    I have noticed on a performance I have, when on slot 1, if I put a mission engineering ep1-kp to the heel position, and then change to a any of the other flour slots, there is no sound even if I maximize the pedal. If I change back to slot 1 and move the pedal off the heel position there is volume when I go to any other slot. This only happens when minimizing the pedal on slot 1....if I do this on other slots and change to a different slot, all works as expected.

    Any one experience anything like this before?

    There are a number of other inconsistencies that I am experiencing since I upgraded to OS from the tuner inconsistently activating when the pedal is at the heel position, to things like problems with rig manager syncing properly with the profiler...for example, my browse rigs might show up in the rig manager, but not my performances, unless I indicate in the rig manager to show performance in another window.......i.e. when the profiler and rig manager are active, I can see my browse channels, however no performance shows (whether I change the profiler knob to browse or performance), When choose "show in a new window" then all my performance information shows.

    I did upgrade to rig manager and OS 5.1.1 at the same time, so perhaps those are two different issues.

    Anyhow, grateful for any insights.

    I just uploaded 9 profiles of my buddies 1996 Sampson Era Matchless Chieftain 2x12 Combo.

    I profiled 3 tones (Clean, Edge, Gain) using 3 different mic (Audix i5) positions

    Clean 1, Edge 1 and Gain 1 were at the edge of the speaker cone off axis
    Clean 2, Edge 2 and Gain 2 were at the speaker coil Edge, off axis
    Clean 3, Edge 3 and Gain 3 were at the coil center on axis

    Due to time constraints the profiles are raw, without any attempt to optimize the kemper amp attribute have at them and please repost them if you find you can improve them.

    The amp is for sale on were just trying to archive the amp for him before it sells.

    With the 3 different mic positions, I'm sure some of these will be dogs and some great depending on your application.

    I profiled my buddies Samson era Matchless Chieftain 2x12 last night. We came up with some nice chimey Chieftain sounds which I will be posting later this week.


    On 2-3 of the 9 profiles I made, I notice a very loud popping noise when I dig in on some notes. This sounds different than the "popping/crackling" artifacts we experienced back a few releases does not sound digital per se....but definitely is very undesirable and renders a few otherwise great profiles non useable.

    other than my Friedman Brown Eye profiles, I don't have that much experience under my belt on profiling...


    plelase can anyone tell me what this might be, if it's something that can be fixed post profiling, or are these throw away profiles?

    Most importnatly, what should I do differently in the future to avoid this.

    It was a profile of a Chieftain Head with it's 2x12 combo speakers.
    I made a clean, edge and dirt profile for 3 different mic positions (edge off axis, edge of coil off axis, center of coil on axis).
    mic as an Audix I-5
    I'm using Kemper OS 3.3.0
    My buddy wanted to push his head, so the volume in the room in some cases was fairly high

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Scott / Stone Groove

    I've played my kemper live through my bogner 2x12 (v30s) many times and am completely happy with how it sounds..fantastic. Not a compromise at all...and in many ways a delight. Thus far I have always run it this opposed to feeding it into a PA while monitoring it through my bogner.

    Recently I went to a practice and did not bring my cab...just plugged in straight into the PA. I was frustrated in that the amp did not seem to roll back the same way that it does through a guitar cab...i.e. with the guitar volume rolled back I would get a tonal clean up (reduction in gain) but did not experience the volume drop that I would anticipate. Not sure I am articulating it right, but the bottom line is that I did not feel in control of my tone through the guitar in the same way that I do when playing it through my bogner.

    This lends me to not feel comfortable that the Kemper through a PA will sound anything like what I hear through the cab, were I to play it live this way.

    Does anyone experience this?

    Does anyone have suggestions on what I might need to do or explore setting wise in order to correct this?

    The issue was not cab simulation being turned off for the PA feed, so eliminate that thought.

    Anyhow, appreciate any comments. Thanks!

    This morphing concept was/is possible on the Mesa Boogie Triaxis, using real time midi controllers assigned to multiple parameters simultaneously. I used it very effectively in live performances to be able to fine tune tone as needed..i.e. roll on some fatness as needed for the mix, move back and forth across edge tones from clean to mean....volume, reverb depth was especially cool for blues bands...etc...imaging being able to roll on delays from totally dry to as wet as you need for a phrase or passage... the point is not any one of those, but the ability to do multiple parameters simultaneously. if anything this is more useful or I should say harder to achieve live than when recording where you can always go back and make tweaks as needed for the recording. Live baby...very can essentially allow you to cut down on the total number of slots needed per performance...very cool.

    Awesome, thanks for the kind words! I think the success I have is do to the crazy stuff I do during the refinement process....wish there was more discussion regarding everyone's different approaches to that. Glad the profile works for you!

    Well, as I get more experience under my belt I'm learning that it's difficult to profile for everyone's different needs..for example, given that I now prefer playing my powered Kemper through my Bogner 2x12 as opposed to through a powered monitor...settings or mic placement that rock through my cab are not always the same settings that rock best through a PA or sometimes through through headphones.... for example the 2nd attempt I made for Lunthos above where he requested a medium gain difference in mic positioning was due to actually trying to become more methodical by listening through headphones as I moved the mic around, stopping at the spot where it sounded best, before finally profiling....he found it dull whereas for me the final product was absolutely killer through my cab and go figure. I'll guess I'll just have to keep on working it.....

    As a side note, for Friedman lovers, I visited Tone Merchants on Friday and spent about an hour rapping with Dave and Rob....played every Friedman model they had...which was all of them...what a great afternoon....I had not tried the PT20 before..could not believe how good that thing was the one amp where I expected some sort of a "compromise" but no way. The Friedman guitars are awesome...loved playing the smallbox and buxom betty...the BE100 was still my favorite...but damn the all sound good...and the cleans on the Cantrell, SS100 and BE100 all sounded so good.

    I'm definitely going to sell my scumback 69 spec 4x12 and invest in a Friedman 2x12 after seeing how they port the back of the cab...and designed the cab to keep the speakers lower to the ground for better bass...and no casters.