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    This frustrates me too. Navigating to another performance and then back does not bring back your original performance. It just brings back up the unwanted overwritten performance. This bug should be fixed. I would rather have to manually save any changes through menu button presses than have it automatically overwrite your performance when it was not your intention to overwrite it. In browse mode if you tweak a rig and don’t manually save it and switch to another rig in the browser and then go back to the original rig your tweaks are not saved. Why can’t performance mode work the same way?

    I drank the Koolaid served up in this video and it didn’t work out. Tried lighter strings and the tone was absolute garbage. Buzzy and thin. There was absolutely nothing I could do to get rid of it no matter what I tried setting up the guitar. At least I only wasted a set of strings. It all depends on the player, the guitar and what kind of music you play and ultimately personal preference to decide what is best.

    Agreed, the Mission Pedals are one trick ponies. Even the Mission Aero pedals don’t quite have the length of pedal travel that I prefer for volume. I currently use the Mission Aero for wah set to off at heel position. I hated the Mission Kemper pedal for wah because of the toe switch. Of course you don’t need to use the toe switch with that pedal if you don’t want to, it’s just an annoying feel when you go toe down and engage the switch whether you use it or not that bothered me. The Aero is a bit more travel than you need for wah but it works fine because you can customize the pedal range on the Kemper anyway to make it shorter if you want to. For me the best feeling volume pedal with the most travel is still the Ernie Ball. Fortunately Thru-Tone sells Ernie Ball pedals that have been modded into expression pedals. I have one and I love it. The only downside to running expression pedals for volume control is that you just cannot get it as fine tuned at the bottom of the range. I have tried and tried but in the lower range you go from having no sound, completely muted to an instant bit of volume, albeit with less gain. The taper is going to be more natural with an analog volume in front of the amp. If you can deal with that shortcoming expression pedals have more advantages particularly in not altering your tone and only needing one short patch cable to connect the pedal to the remote.

    I have an issue with Performance Mode as well. If I am in a performance and change the knob to browse mode briefly to try out a different rig and then go back to Performance mode it overwrites my saved performance with the rig I selected in Browse without having any intention of or even being prompted to save the performance with the rig selected in browser mode. This drives me nuts. To the point I don’t even trust keeping my remote plugged in at home if I want to use browser mode because it will screw up my performances.

    It looks virtually identical to the original Kemper bag except for the extra internal compartment for holding the remote. The design otherwise looks identical. The original Kemper bag is not durable. Mine completely fell apart in under two years. I currently use the Lowepro Magnum 650AW bag. EXPENSIVE and it was worth every penny to me. Holds the toaster and remote but the overall quality is WAY better. Much more durable material and construction. The only thing that could be better is the strap which I replaced with a neoprene strap and heavy duty carabiners to attach to the rings.

    Hi there,

    I tried a Celestion f12 x200

    Bought it new and tried it for a few days. For me it whas very disappointing.
    It sounded harsh, trebly and fizzy and I whas happy I could return it..

    Judging by the many good reviews from other users, I really hope that my copy whas difective ?

    This was my experience as well. I tried my Kemper through someone’s 1x12 with the f12x200 and it sounded awful. I tried multiple cabs and not one profile sounded good. Everything sounded like a cheap Boss Metalzone into a blown speaker. And yes, I had cab sim turned on. With it turned off it sounded even worse as you would expect.

    I've been looking at the Ritter Amps offerings. Camplfiers.

    Anybody with experience? They install directly into the back hole of the Kemper.

    I can vouch for the Camplifer. I have the Camplifier stereo 290 but run it in 8ohm bridged mono. The co-guitarist in my band has a Camplifer mono 180. We’ve used these for about 4 years and they sound great and we have had no issues. We run them into 2x12 cabs.

    I have a Dunlop DVP 3 in my junk box. Worst pedal I ever bought. It doesn’t stay in the heel down position and is loose. I’ve tried every adjustment, tips and tricks I could find to no avail. Totally useless. I had to go back to my analog Ernie Ball volume pedal. Does anyone with this pedal have any advice on how to make this pedal useable because it would save setup time for me to be able to plug the Dunlop right into my Remote expression jack with a short patch cable rather than run another long guitar cable to my Kemper from the Ernie Ball pedal?

    This is the reason I am sticking with my powered toaster and remote. Since I use a guitar cab it comes down quick setup and tear down and the ability to fit everything in one shoulder bag case. The Profiler Stage would be more advantageous for those with powered FRFR’s the way I see it.

    Your best bet would be to mount the Profiler stage on a pedalboard and then get a Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170 power amp to mount on the board to eliminate having to plug in cables all the time. I doubt they’d come out with a powered stage Profiler.

    Did anyone have these issues with the beta or just the newest official release? I am still on the beta and have not noticed any difference in my profiles. Not sure I want to upgrade to the official release though with all of the negativity being discussed?