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    I have the same problem although once I manage to get my performances to save properly and disconnect everything it’s fine. It’s just baffling why that Crunch profile randomly gets put in the slot you are trying to paste into.

    You aren’t alone. I played a gig last week and had the same problem. My band has our own IEM system. We are using a Crest Audio 18RM monitor mixer and sending individual stereo mixes to Shure psm300 IEM wireless systems. I use Alclair Tour IEM’s. The sound was amazing out of the PA. Everyone said it sounded great. We used no speaker cabs on stage at all. Kemper right to house splitter snake and the split feed went into an input patchbay feeding our Crest monitor mixer. The guitar sound in my IEM’s was crap. Really harsh and trebly and hard to play on. It didn’d Sound that bad at band rehearsals but the IEM’s aren’t turned as loud at rehearsal as they had to be at the gig to overcome the loud PA.

    So I’ve had a light struggle using my Kemper for amp in the room sounds, when separating the cab the Kemper seems to loose the cab interaction. I remembered how to achieve this in the axefx and seems on experiment the same rule applies to Kemper. Result is moving air, chugs are deep like you would expect. I haven’t messed with it yet allot, just tried it but instantly I’m getting out of it what I felt I was missing. This is for the poweramp and cab guys to try.

    Place a studio eq in x or mod slot, set the frequency to 80, Q to 5.0, and gain to 10. Now you’ll need to get volume to band levels or just louder than quiet. Play a chug and loop it or have someone chug for you, start sweeping the frequency until you hear the cab resonate could be really anywhere from 60-125 or so depending on the cab. Now that you found the resonance you can back the gain down if it’s too much or leave it if you like it there.

    Tell me if it helps

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I am floored by the results. I also was able to dial out ALL the high end fizz in my sounds and cannot believe I have achieved an amp in the room sound through my IEM’s.

    My Kemper bag has been used regularly for over 2 years and really started to fall apart. I've got lots of DIY bandaids on mine. I added addtional velcro fo the side pockets as that tiny little strip does nothing to hold the pockets closed. I sewed the velro on with a stitching awl. I also added a bunch of tent repair patches to the interior from spots that had worn all the way through the inside nylon layer exposing the foam padding inside. The cheap top zipper that goes around the inside broke so I sealed that hole thing shut with silicone sealant and covered it with tenacious tape tent repair kit. The bottom zipper is worthless so I permanently closed that with a zip tie. The strap was replaced with a much more robust stretchy neoprene padded strap and more robust carabiner attachments insead of the brittle pot metal strap attachments. All in all it's a cheap bag but I'll just continue to slap bandaids on it because I haven't found anything else better that keeps the same form factor. It would be nice if a bag company like Maxpedition or something equivalent would come out with a heavy duty padded cordura bag for it.

    I have to disagree if you are talking about a Mac. I have no issues at all on my 2015 MacBook Pro running a Safire Pro 40 and a Safire Pro 26. Running the latest OSX Sierra. Windows can be tricky though. My band mate had some issues initially but got it to work with Windows 10.

    In my experience it sounds good with in-ears but the issue I had was that unless you are running the whole band through the in ear system it's just not worth it. I tried running just my guitar and using ambient bleed from other stage monitoring for the drums, bass, vocals etc.but it makes you feel disconnected from the band. Not because you can't hear everything but because the stage sound is drastically different than in ear monitoring from the Kemper coming in on in-ear's. I have a nice set of Alclair custom molded in ear monitors but I can't really use them for the limited gigs I play because smaller bars and clubs with in house systems can't/aren't willing to take the extra time and fuss setting all that extra stuff up. If you are playing gigs that are going to allow you to use a full blown band in ear system (in ears, personal mixers, in-ear wireless system, line splitters, etc.) I'd say go for it. It'll sound phenomenal. You just need good gear and have it set up the right way and that's big money for the good stuff.

    For rhythm I like one of the purchased Mark V profiles from Choptones. For lead one of the free Djmess Mark IIc+ profiles and clean a profile of one of my cousin's handmade amps.

    I prefer using pure cab for pretty much every profile. It does knock off some of the digital harshness and sounds more natural to me anyway. As far as the bag goes that's a lot of stuff you are planing to jam in there. Can you make it fit? Maybe. The remote is gonna be a bit tight put on top of the Profiler infer the lid but I know some do it.

    I had a EP1-KP but sold it. For me personally I just didn't like the feel, especially for volume. It didn't feel natural and had a very short sweep. I prefer the EB VP Jr tone sucker, which BTW really doesn't degrade the tone to me much if you don't use the tuner out jack which I do not. The toe switch on the EP1-KP was another con for me using wah. The wah sound was tweakable and decent but it was way to easy to accidentally activate/deactivate accidentally. You could get a thicker rubber stopper I think to make it require more force to actuate but I never tried it. In the end I got the EB for volume and a Dunlop Petrucci wah and am very happy with that combo. YMMV, it's really a personal preference thing.

    I have a Liquidfoot mini and want to power the LF with the LF phantom power box. I was thinking power adapter to phantom power box, 5 pin midi cable from phantom box to KPA and 7 pin midi cable from phantom box to the LF. Can anyone tell me if this will work? I haven't purchased the FAMC phantom power box yet.

    I can one up you with my experience. I was going to rehearsal and had my Kemper on my shoulder in the padded Kemper bag. I didn't have the strap crossed over my chest. Just on one shoulder. I was also carrying a double guitar gig bag at the same time. I got to the stair case (about a 15 foot long stretch of concrete stairs going down to the basement) and the strap slipped off my shoulder and the Kemper tumbled all the way down the stairs. I figured my Kemper was toast and heart was pounding. I got into my rehearsal space and opened up the bag. No visible damage except for a tiny little scratch in the paint on the upper right corner from where the Kemper contacted the internal metal zipper of the bag which contains the foam padding insert. I quickly plugged in the Kemper and it booted right up. No problems at all. Definately recommend the Kemper bag. It does it's job and does it well. I also learned my lesson and never carry it without the strap crossing my chest now for added security. I should add that my Kemper also has a Camplifier 2:90 installed in the back as well and that survived unscathed as well. MAN WAS I LUCKY!!!! =O