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    I'm getting this error message. It's a brand new iMac, and I have installed the latest versions of the firmware and the Rig Manager.

    full error message: "You need to enable Rig Manager's system extension in Security & Privacy System preferences"

    I go to System Preferences and open Security & Privacy and I am completely lost because what I can see it looks like there is no way for me to do this. Am I going crazy? Can someone hold my hand a little here?

    well shit...spoke too soon apparently

    So apparently all I was hearing was the signal from the Kemper in my monitors. It's at least progress.

    However, the new problem is that the signal is not going to my DAW. It plays in the monitors (and sounds AWESOME), but I just can't get it to actually go to the armed track in ProTools. Track is a regular Mono Audio Track.

    MixControl, as it appears now.
    I/O setup, as it appears now.
    My track:Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.43.05 AM.png

    For the life of my I really cannot figure out what I am doing wrong at this point. Re-read Michael's manual, re-watched a few videos, etc. Might take this to AVID customer service if it goes another day or so.

    I am still very open for ideas.

    So...I'm thinking that the main problem might be in my DAW itself because it just doesn't seem to see DAW 7-8 as a viable pathway.

    No matter what I do, it still shows this. Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 1.11.48 PM.png I attempted setting everything Like how both Michael (via your guide) and NakedZen suggested. No dice. There is no signal going TO the Kemper because ProTools seems to not like any output I select.

    Any ideas? I promise I am very open to a little hand-holding here from someone who knows more than I do.

    Hey guys. I need help with Re-amping with SPDIF because I haven't done it in a LONG time and some things have changed with my rig and I'm just effing lost. What am I missing/not thinking of?

    Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (1st Gen)
    DAW: ProTools 12

    So far, I already have DI tracks recorded, as they record simultaneously from a DI box onto a separate track when I record direct from the Kemper. However, the direct recorded tracks are kinda bad for what I need them for and was going to reamp the DI tracks.

    I have the Kemper Input set to SPDIF Reamp source.
    I have the Kemper SPDIF Output set to Git Studio.
    I have a SPDIF cable hooked up, from the Out -> IN and the IN -> Out.

    I have included the following photos of my settings:

    Focusrite MixControl (most recent version)
    Settings on DI Channel to be sent (showing that my output is not working for whatever reason)Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 1.11.48 PM.png
    Settings on Reamp Channel to be received Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 1.11.59 PM.png
    Settings on Kemper Input
    Settings on Kemper Output
    Screenshots of my I/O setup:
    Screenshot of my Audio setup:

    Would LOVE it if somebody could help point out something that needs to be changed.

    Hi everyone. If this is not the proper forum for this, I apologize...please tell me and I can move it.

    I recently decided to try a commercial profiles pack for the first time and I made a video of most of the tones contained therein.

    Profiles courtesy of ERGLabs. The pack can be purchased here:

    The profiles are essentially an EVH III 50-watt head, a Peavey 6534 head, and a Soldano SII Preamp into an ENGL 840/50 power amp. From there, into either a Mesa Rectifier or Orange PPC 4x12 cabinet.

    I hope you enjoy. Scroll through to 0:55 to get straight to the tones/playthrough.

    Rig Manager is no longer recognizing my Kemper, despite that it has remained plugged in via USB ever since I received the Kemper. Never unplugged. Tried unplugging and re-plugging, tried restarting computer, tried turning Kemper on and off. Any ideas?

    This video explains spdif reamping with focusrite devices quite nicely.

    Let's see if that gets you out if the feedback loop.

    This video turned out to be the savior, but it turned out that I was missing a step, and that one step fucked everything up. Thank you so much guys for helping me out with this!

    Did you set ProTools and Focusrite to 24 Bit and 44.1 kHz? When using S/PDIF your interface must also be set to "Slave" (Kemper is always Master).

    Yes, it's set to 24 Bit and 44.1 kHz. Help me out with the Slave and Master thing...I don't know how to set that.

    make sure that the track that you are recording on is not sending audio back to the spdif output because this will create a feedback loop.

    Nope, it's definitely not set like that.

    Track 1: DI signal. Input: Mic 1 (where I recorded the DI into), Output: S/PDIF
    Track 2: Where I want to record to from the Kemper. Input: S/PDIF, Output: Mon 1/2

    Putting out an APB for this. I saw this video on YouTube and I am absolutely enamored by this tone. I am a huge Cannibal Corpse fan and I really feel like he nails their sound with this, but as I'm sure you can gather from the video, this profile is not available as it was sold to the highest bidder.

    I am desperate to get this tone or something super super similar to it. If you can do it, I'd love to hear a soundcloud test of it and paypal you an appropriate amount of money for it.

    I am very very very interested in all of these tones. Please let me know if this profile set becomes available.

    I have attempted to utilize both the line In/Line Out and S/Pdif for reamping and am running into the same problem with both. A high-pitched feedback. Any ideas?

    If it matters, I just updated to ProTools 12 and just installed a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 interface just so I could have both options available for reamping.

    On ProTools, it shows me inputs for S/pdif as Left and Right (which strikes me as odd when I only see an "in" and "out", but I'm not technically inclined and don't know the finer workings of S/pdif).

    [Blocked Image:]

    In the DAW, the Direct track is routed to the interface out, which then goes into the Return Input on the Kemper. From the Kemper, it goes from the Main Output to the interface. The new track received the new signal, there was just a squeel over everything. By the by, this is non-SPDIF because my interface does not have an SPDIF. If getting a different interface will solve this problem, tell me now and I'll just do that.


    I am having an issue with reamping using my Kemper. First off, I followed the Kemper Reamping Tutorial video to a T, I have the inputs and the outputs where they need to be on the amp itself, and set properly in my DAW.

    What is happening is I am getting a horrible, feedback-like...I guess you could call it a "digital whine," for lack of a better description over the reamped signal. It IS reamping, I am hearing the newly-processed signal, just with that feedback over it.

    Help...please!!! Re-amping is exactly what I purchased this mighty beast for...I need to figure out what is happening.