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    Up to now you didn't ask for user comments regarding this rig, so I couldn't know about it when I answered. :)

    Are you sure you don't mix up RigExchange and RigManager? By the way: Both don't include user comments (in words) but votes. I'm sure you'll find the rig if you use RigManager. It must be there.

    Hey! thanx for answering again!

    Well I am looking for it in the search option of RM, which actually searches into RigExchange, am I right?

    The only rig I find with a similar name is "CREAM JTA45 2", and the author is called Nogger. No user ratings. I'm pretty sure that ain't the one you guys were talking about back in the day, right?

    It's way easier to use RigManager (download via Kemper homepage). After installing you can use the search function of RM.

    Yeah, but IMO commenting why this or that rig works fine for you is part of the good things of a forum like this. You know, I like words better than numbers. Maybe if there was a user comment section in the RM...

    Any ideas on the CREAM JTA45 profie by Geraldo? It vanished from the RM and i want to try it so bad!. =O

    This thread seems dead, but I think it's a great idea to share this kind of info!

    As I'm a noob to KPA and this forum,I might be missing something, but why is such a nice thread obsolete?

    btw. I can't seem to find that CREAM JTA45 profie by Geraldo (I can't find the guy either) in the rig exchange... Do u guys know where could I get it?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Or ¡Hola a todos!, as we say in Spain ^^

    Just wanted to salute this big community, as I'm another newbie to the KPA. Got mine second-handed, working perfectly and sounding neat!!!
    Will keep it in my home studio and leave my JCM800 at the rehearsal room by now... let's see what happens in a couple of months when I got all the rigs I wanna try.

    Also had to buy a win8 tablet PC (vive la second-hand! :D ) to run the bloody rig manager, so I ain't planning to get me a fcb1010 nor a kpa remote by now...

    Looking forward to learn a lot about this wonderful piece of gear and recording some nice songs this summer! Will share them with you! :thumbsup: