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    Have you tried scuffham s-gear?

    I love the stealer model (marshall sim)

    And the reverb is the best i ever tried for guitar (although I never tried expensive pedals).

    They seem nice but my gut feeling is I'm gonna like the mercuriall better. I guess I'll try 'em both

    Hey everyone!

    I recently discovered this plugin and I'm quite impressed by how it sounds, seems hands down one of the best plugins out there for marshall-esque sounds. Lately I'm a bit tired of moving my kemper from my home studio to the rehearsal room / gigs and vice-versa, so it might be a good idea to get something like this to play / record demos at home and leave the kemper for live use and 'final' recordings. I think I'll try it out but I'd love to hear opinions on the plugin, I'm sure there must be some users out there...


    Hey everyone!

    I don't know much about PU's so I thought I'd post this here so the nice people in this forum could maybe help me a lil' bit.

    The story is:

    I have a guitar I haven't played in a LONG time... it's not the best guitar but it's not super bad either: it's a 2004 (ish) Gibson Les Paul Special Faded and it was the first guitar I bought with my own salary back in the day while at the university (oh, those days...^^).

    I played with it a lot during many years but now I own other guitars which are better or more playable, and so on...

    The point is I'd like to 'recover' this guitar, so I thought I'd buy new pickups, a new bone nut, take it to the luthier so it gets properly adjusted and maybe give it a new paint job.

    So my main struggle is finding some suitable PU's for it... and I don't know even where to start LOL

    With this one I'd mainly play hard rock / metal but wouldn't mind something very versatile....

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance:)!!!

    Hola amigos!

    Os dejo un enlace al hilo del foro donde he puesto el EP de una de mis bandas que he producido recientemente, he pensado que dado el género (por llamarlo de alguna manera:D) que trabajamos, tenía bastante sentido postearlo en el foro castellano, en cuanto veáis el hilo entenderéis por qué, jeje!

    My comedy-punkrock/hardcore/whatever cheesy cover band :)

    Espero que os echéis unas risas y agradecería me deis vuestra sincera opinión (sin piedad:P) del apartado sonoro del disco.

    Muchas gracias!!!

    Hi everyone!

    I play in a cover band in the style of Me first and the gimme gimmes (awesome band), but in spanish, which means we do covers of well-known cheesy mainstream spanish songs. :P We obviously do it just for fun, actually we play just once a year, around december the 28th (spain's fools day), and we dress up as something different each year (that's quite a big part of the fun actually! hehe)

    We recently released our first EP (after ten years, as some kind of celebration, lol!) and I engineered all the recording (exept for the drums, that were recorded by a friend of us who works in a recording studio), mixing and mastering. All guitars are kemperized, not the bass (bassist wanted to just go D.I. but we had no time for reamping afterwards so I used some plugins that I think made it sound quite nicely). I'm quite happy with the results, but I'm aware a few areas can be done better, there's always room for improvement, but what the hell, it's only fu****g punk- rock, innit? Anyway I'm open to any kind of criticism, don't hesitate to suggest whatever you consider!

    I specially like the 3rd song: 'por qué te vas'?, I think that's the most original of them all, and it's the one where my fellas shine the most (they actually play jazz for a living)

    Hope you all like it!!!

    I guess no one but spanish (and maybe italian) forum fellas will know the songs, but you don't really need to... anyway I'm gonna link below the original songs so you can compare and laugh!

    Te vi correr (Tennessee)

    Bailar pegados (S.Dalma)

    ¿Por qué te vas? (Jeanette)

    Al amanecer (Los fresones rebeldes)

    Qué dolor (una mujer en el armario) (Raffaella Carrá)


    Sounds nice, congrats!

    Just a detail I noticed: seems to me like some detail-editing might be good in a few parts, let me explain: for example, around 0:31-0:32 I can hear there's some kind of hard 'cut', like you didn't crossfade two parts of some track / tracks (could it be the drums?); I reckon there's a couple more parts of the song where I noticed the same... Maybe this is intended but it sounds to me like it's not.

    Other than that, the vibe is great and sound-wise seems to be well balanced (only heard this thru my cheap earbuds at work...)

    Cheers, hope I can help out!

    +1 for the moog. I've got that one and the dunlop dvp-3 and for wah I like much better the moog: the sweep is shorter than the dunlop's, and more similiar to what I was used which was a classic crybaby. For volume swells and all that I prefer the dunlop. :)