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    I forget which pack it was in, I bought it a few years ago. It's been my go-to set of profiles for a long time. I stumbled across the AC/DC tone accidentally a while back. Almost a clean profile, barely any hair, with a very moderate clean boost in front of it does the trick.

    There is very little distortion in Angus's tone, and even less in Malcolm's. That's the first area where people get off the track. I can get really close to their Back In Black era tones with an MBritt '69 Plexi profile, gain fairly low and a boost in front of it (part of Angus's secret sauce is the wireless he uses-including in the studio-that has a hot output that hits the front of his amp pretty hard).

    Got everything updated yesterday. For me, these two drives are all I need for the noise that I make, and they work perfectly with my favorite profiles. Now I just need to figure out how to integrate MIDI control into my Keurig and I'll be set for life...

    Okay, since there's so much Tele at the moment I'll ask a dumb question.

    I've been a Strat guy all my life, currently a plain old '89 American. I bought a new American Tele a year or so back, first one ever. Love the sound but with 10s on both guitars and same setup, the Strat plays easy, the Tele fights me.

    Do Teles just inherently have more string tension than Strats? I thought they were the same scale. Or is there just something about this particular critter that makes for such a tight feel?

    The tremolo on Strats generally makes them easier to bend notes, as it "gives" a bit. Teles don't give at all-they push back!

    It's been a while since I've used it, but I had no problem using my KPA to control my HEX. Make sure both units are using the same MIDI channel, this is probably what is causing the lack of communication between the two units.

    Personally, I think I would probably just tune the guitar to Eb and slap a capo on the first fret for the standard tuning songs and remove it for the Eb ones, which leaves only the C# tuning to worry about a software solution for.

    Likely yes.

    A tube power amp will indeed color the sound a bit compared to a decent SS amp, but not enough to nullify the effectiveness of the Kab. I have run my profiler through its own internal amp, through a couple of different tube rack power amps (one with EL84s, one with 5881s), and into the loop returns of various tube amps. IMO, the speaker selected will always have a greater impact on the overall sound than the power amp used will.

    8 pages! That was quick!

    So the speakers are available in some markets now, but the software that lets it do the magic speaker impersonation is in a future release? I'm not sure what the extra benefit is over my existing FRFR powered cabs and Celestion- loaded guitar cab.

    The benefit is that FRFR speakers are not truly flat-they all have bumps & dips in their frequency response that varies from model to model. This means that the same profile will sound different when run through different monitoring systems. Many people have commented/complained that profiles that they purchased do not sound the same as the demos they have seen. This is usually due to different monitoring systems used by the venders versus the person buying the profiles.

    With the Kone/Kab, the frequency response of the speaker is known and compensated for in the software, so the results will be the same sound for every unit with the only remaining variable being the guitar used.

    So i have a tube power amp from my Line 6 Spider. The power amp is actually designed by Bogner. It has two 6L6 tubes.

    This would probably colour the sound too much in way that it would't make sense to get the Kone?

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, the Kab is just a speaker that can utilize the software to mimic many speakers. So you will still get the full benefits of the Kab itself regardless of your power amp. I typically use either the internal amp in my KPA or a QSC power amp, but once in a while I'll run the Kemper through my Marshall 9100 (eight 5881s), and while it does sound a bit different compared to the SS amps, it still sounds really good.

    Please tell me what real circumstances may occur, to be in Need of the Speaker's or even the Profiler's volume limitations. Even on a loud stage with a loud Drummer and the bass-bins under stage I never needed so much volume at all.

    Most sane people wouldn't have any legitimate reason to run that much volume, but that doesn't mean that somebody won't crank it up just to see how loud it can go. Guitarists have been blowing speakers since the earliest days of electric amplification, so it's bound to happen.

    I need to pay more attention, I missed that! I guess theoretically you can have a max of up to 4 speakers running ( 16 ohm load)?

    Will it damage the KPA if I/someone added more than 4 i.e. too much load ( not that I would)?

    Defo liking this - I can get a few and then take as many as a gig demands!

    No, it won't hurt it at all. Increasing the impedance will lower the output wattage though (basic Ohm's Law), but the powered KPAs have so much headroom that it won't be much of an issue. I run my powered rack into a Marshall 1960B cab set to 16 ohms all the time.