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    Kemper shared the first video of this series in their social media. I doubt there is something like that with two big names of Kemperland like M Britt and Tone Junkie...

    Yeah, that would be about the same as Gibson or Marshall telling Slash not to talk about their products...

    Honestly, I don't see why anybody would want to use these speakers/cabs with anything other than a Kemper. Sure, they're just standard passive speaker cabs, but what sets them apart is that Kemper has designed software for the the profiler to achieve specific sounds with these units. If you're running something other than a Kemper, there are options out there that will yield much better results.

    will the speaker imprints only work with the Kemper Kone

    or will it be possible to try them with other frfr speakers ?

    I think that the speaker imprints are designed to work specifically with the known frequency response of the Kemper Tone speaker, so using them with a different speaker kinda negates the point of the whole thing.

    For me, Rig manager updated my Rack to 7.1.5 and then told me I needed 7.1.6 but RM would never download/install it. Not sure if I had RM set up incorrectly but I ultimately put the newest OS on a flash drive and updated it that way. Worked like a charm.

    Somebody mentioned elsewhere that RM won't install a beta software if it's also a beta version. Don't know if that's true or not, but I had to use a thumb drive to update my profiler, which I usually don't have to do.

    The powered Kempers (with an integrated power amp installed) will work with passive cabinets, but the standard models do not have a power amp in them and therefore cannot drive a passive cabinet. The easiest way to tell is to look at the back panel-if you see a jack with a red plastic lock nut on it, that is the speaker out jack and you have a powered version. If you do not see that jack (it's on the same side of the panel as the IEC power cable jack), then you have a non-powered version and cannot drive a passive cabinet without adding an external power amp.

    If you have the powered head or rack, you need to use the speaker output jack (the one with the red ring on it) to drive a passive cabinet. If yours is not a powered version, you need either powered monitors or a power amp to drive your cabinet. The main outs are instrument/line level, and are not meant for driving passive speaker cabinets.

    The way I always looked at it, I'm playing songs that I'm tired of because that's how you keep the audience happy (and keep getting work), so in exchange for that I'm going to do whatever I can to make it as painless as possible for me. Great tone coming out of your rig is part of that.

    Pairing an HXFX with a stage would be a very good combination. Use MIDI to send PCs to the HXFX and you can call up a "board" that is set up for specific rigs/performances. The HXFX would be a much better choice for this than the Stomp, as the Stomp is mainly an amp modeler with effects, the HXFX is effects only and is designed for just such an application.

    I’m the opposite. Option paralysis has never been an issue for me either but it’s because any tone I try is inspiring for me, so rather than trying to shape the tone rigidly around me I will flow with it and see where it takes me. Every tone has a melody within it and it is the task of the guitarist to discover it.

    Perhaps it’s because I’m just not in a situation where I have to be precious about the finished products, they’re all WIPs to me, they’re not my income, just Art. There’s no pressure to find that final perfect tone, so every tone is perfect in its own way, at least for one specific task. And on top of that I’m not caring about mix when I’m picking a tone, that comes later, I’m still learning, so it’s all delightful.

    We're actually not that different. If I have a specific goal, I stay 100% focused on achieving it. However, sometimes I like to just spend a couple of hours browsing through the Rig Exchange and finding inspiration in sounds that I otherwise would not have sought out.

    I"m new to the Kemper (Stage) and the first few days are like (yes option paralysis), seeing something like 16000 rigs available. Turns out, what I like is pretty much what I've been using on my old pedals, and I actually profiled them and am comparing to real amp profiles, they sound pretty dang good. I like the edge of break up (e.g. Tim Pierce), and to push into overdrive with pedals which the Kemper has lots of options. So far, very happy with this purchase, but still amazed by the options in profiles.

    Just think of it as being similar to walking down the beer aisle at the grocery store. If you have an idea of what you're after, it's pretty easy to pare down your available options fairly quickly.

    so could there be sound diff between "old" and "new" Hardware ?

    did they change maybe the DA converters too ?

    Probably no sound difference (or at least nothing that a "normal" person would be able to detect), but this is the kind of thing that people will dedicate a significant amount of time arguing about on the gear forums.