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    i never tried stereo and always went mono in front of an amp. I know it works with the stereo effect loop but my question was if there is a way to run the stereo board into the front WITHOUT using the effect loop.

    I want to be able to use stereo or mono depending on the situation without having too much trouble unplugging and plugging back in cables on the board.

    Not into the front, no. The first point in the chain that is able to become stereo is the X slot right after the cab block.

    The Kemper input is mono, as is the amp and cab blocks. The only way to utilize stereo effects is using the stereo loop after the amp block. The powered Kemper has a mono amplifier, so you cannot run a stereo signal out without running the (line level) main outputs into a stereo power amp to drive your stereo cab.

    So besides the wattage handling on the KPA speaker, what else specifically might be different between it and the FX-200 then?

    FRFR speakers tend to have a fairly wide dispersion due to their design, Mr. Kemper brought up the "beaminess" of the Kemper speaker a couple of times, so I'm guessing that the Kemper speaker, though essentially full range, was tweaked to behave more like a guitar speaker and less like a typical FRFR speaker.

    Either way, this is all just another "Hey, let's all run this for 200 pages speculating and arguing about something that doesn't even exist in the wild yet" thread, so we're all just throwing out ideas to keep ourselves entertained until the cabs hit the market.

    Hello Frodebro,

    Please note the qualifications, highlighted in bold blue font:

    I posted what I did because I've seen more than one person here and on TGP thinking that the new Kemper speaker is going to be the same thing as Celestion's existing FX-200, which it's pretty much certain not to be.

    Celestion makes a proprietary Vintage 30 for Mesa/Boogie that you won't find in cabs by any other manufacturer. It's not just that Randall Smith wants them made in England, but there is also a tweak to the voicing.

    It's probably the same thing with the new Kemper speaker: Start with an existing model, and then tweak it from there to achieve the desired results for this particular application. It wouldn't surprise me if the wattage rating was increased as well, as the powered KPA has enough clean power on tap to smoke the voice coil in the stock FX-200, which would be a warranty concern for sure.

    here is more info on the new celestion speaker:

    That's not the speaker that Celsestion worked with Kemper to produce, though. It might utilize similar characteristics, but if the bone-stock FX-200 was able to achieve what Christoph wanted he wouldn't have invested his time working with Celestion to produce the new speaker for his cabs. It's not like he sits around the house all day eating corn chips and watching cartoons, he's a pretty busy guy.

    My updates were just as quick and easy as all of the previous ones. Download the RM update, install the RM update, connect the Kemper to your computer, install the beta update. Kemper reboots itself, then load factory presets from the system menu.

    I just realized that I have no title thingy whatsoever, and I've been around for a few years. Just checked my profile, and I have -38,000 points! How in the heck does THAT happen? I don't get into any of the pissing matches with anyone, and generally keep all of my posts above board...

    Nah. These are businesses and that guy gets paid by Line 6 to browse forums and chime in to sell their product. Just because he has a convenient excuse, comes off as a cool cat and sometimes praises the Kemper doesn’t change the bottom line. Business is business and I don’t mistake these shills for unbiased benevolent souls for one second. I see the same tactics on other forums for various products. Sorry if that comes off harsh but it is what it is.

    I have been on TGP for a long time, and as an owner of both a KPA AND a Helix, I have paid attention fairly closely to threads there regarding both products. I have NEVER seen the Line 6 guys show anything but positive respect for their competitors, and I have seen it happen many, many times. As one of them put it a while back, a win for Kemper or Fractal is ultimately a win for digital technology overall (including Line 6), as everybody benefits from success stories from any of the manufacturers.

    Seems pretty open-minded to me.