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    The only time I run stereo is when I'm noodling on the couch. For recording, it's always mono and dry. I don't gig anymore, but when I did I used little to no effects as well (I quit the bar band scene in the late 90s, so modeling wasn't much of an option back then, and stereo meant hauling a LOT of heavy gear).

    Two modeller in series - interesting but unusual.I can imagine they don't get along so well.

    I'm running my Kemper in the GT-1000 loop, they get along fabulously. No noise, no hum, and the effects in the GT-1000 fill in the few gaps in the Kemper's selection. And the BOSS is just slightly deeper than the Kemper Remote, but the same width.

    Hi ZSchneidi,

    I don´t know if you are aware that your first posting is quite disrespectful!?

    I think he was just REALLY frustrated and was venting a bit. We've ALL been there with gear at one point or another. :)

    I use Mike's profiles with both single coils and humbuckers, and they aren't thin or distant sounding at all with my gear (QSC K10s). I'm thinking maybe something is tweaked in the global settings in OP's Kemper that is messing with his sound. We've seen that many, many times around here.

    My current problem with the Interfaces headphone out is exactly that the representation of stereo effects are not the same as on the kemper.But i already going with two xlr cables and main output set to "master stereo" but still dont get the sound right on the interface.

    I guess i have to double check the signal chain and processing maybe somethings still messing up my signal.

    Check the mixer settings for the interface, using two inputs usually doesn’t automatically give you a stereo signal.

    I have the power rack and it can literally blow you out of the room with volume. If it’s not loud enough there’s some other issue going on.

    Yep. I also have the power rack, and often run it into a Marshall 1960A set to 16 ohms (which makes for a good power match with the KPA power amp, as the 1960 is rated for 300W). There's enough power available in the KPA to peel the paint off of the walls. The trick is proper setup of the various volume levels in the KPA.

    As great as the Kemper is, I felt bottom line it was an overkill for my bedroom playing. I wasn't using it in a way to justify the cost of it.

    At some point I decided it has to go. Of course I'd love to keep it, but the rationale to keep it was simply not there.

    Big thanks to you guys once again. :)

    I felt the same way. So I moved mine out to the living room and that settled my concerns.

    I am actively interested in this thread as I've just ordered a GT-1000; ultimately, I may end up utilizing it paired with the KPA.

    I like the GT-1000 for its tone & dynamics (I am a sucker for BOSS stuff), seamless patch switching, and how compact it is - it's almost ridiculously small. I will treat it as a plug & play platform for fx experimentation, and quiet guitar practice.

    I wonder how the KPA & the GT-1000 get along in the same signal chain - I am expecting a lot of goose bumps, lol.

    I'll be trying that as soon as I get some spare time to goof around. Been working a stupid amount of hours lately and life has been put on the back burner.

    Same GT-1000 experience here

    I play in a Surf band and the GT-1000 Spring Reverb and amp tones work excellent for my needs

    It was your posts on TGP (I'm SteveO there), IIRC, that mentioned moving the reverb block in front of the amp. Tried it, and it made all the difference in the world.

    I picked one up last Sunday. The intent was to use it as an effects-only companion to my KPA, using MIDI from the KPA to select preset "pedalboards". I knew going into it that the effects were very good, but wasn't at all impressed by the amp tones in the demo clips I saw.

    Well, spank my ass and call me Sally... With a bit of tweaking, the GT-1000 amps sounds are VERY good. Not quite Kemper good, but good enough that I've been using it alone and getting some really good sounds out of it. And yes, most of the presets are pretty bad for me. They're workable with a bit of tweaking, but out of the box they're not all that impressive after having a Kemper for many years.

    Oh-and the spring reverb is really good. :)

    Hate to be negative here, but expected this to happen a long time ago, all Gibsons I've tried out at stores in the past couple years in my opinion are overpriced junk..bad finishes etc, Be careful if you buy without trying..

    Their guitars have absolutely nothing to do with the bankruptcy. It was caused by Henry borrowing large amounts of money to acquire other companies that couldn't turn a profit. No profits=no way to pay back the lenders/bondholders.

    I'm guessing that Guitar Center/Musician's Friend is Gibson's largest customer. They're not exactly flush with cash flow at the moment, either, and I think they owe Gibson a few bucks themselves.

    I have no idea how any of this is going to play out, but I do know that we're in for a ton of entertaining speculation threads on just about every internet gear site.