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    Yes, it is possible. I do this all the time when performing live, I have my Kemper case standing up on it's closed back cover.

    I have added a patch bay to have all my connections up front and if it starts to rain I just place my front cover over it ;-)

    At home I put it next to my desk as on the picture. The second rack is just for my in-ear system which is connected to a rack line mixer. This way, I put my Kemper signal in this mixer and receive a signal from the mixing desk with all bandmembers (without my own signal) so that I can adjust my own signal .

    Indeed, I would advise to only upload RIgs of your own, certainly not commercial rigs (being it modified or not).

    If it is a rig from another (non-commercia) user, I suggest you best first ask permission to that user to post it...

    pamplemousse : If you want to hear the same as FOH you are again with FRFR and cab monitor ON. In the explanation above you could read that the Kemper Kone automatically switches to a kind of FRFR setting (without imprints) if you switch cab monitor ON. In other words, you can use the Kemper Kone as a regular "FRFR" monitor, or if you cannot get used to the miked amp sound on stage, you can use the imprints (with switched of Cab monitor setting) and have again your regular feeling of your amp blasting near you. This wil than of course sound differently than what you hear through the FOH.

    faraway : with our band we are also interested in making the jump towards iem's and we were currently looking into the LD systems mei 1000 and Shure PSM300. The ANT MiM30 is now an interesting third option.

    Would it be possible to write a more in-depth review of the 3 systems since you seem to have experience with all of them!

    We are not really into the included earbuds, but more in quality of the transmitter and receiver.

    At the moment it seems that the LD mei1000 is not that bad, but seems to have some dropouts, which the PSM300 does not have. What is the difference soundwise and how does it compare with the new kid on the block: ANT MiM30?

    digbob this is an option, but only for mono use. In this way I could indeed feed a mono general mix and the monitor output both to the IEM and mix it there.

    In my description, I could have a stereo FOH general mix in the aux input and mix this together with my guitar in stereo for a better spacing (and the ability to easaly grab the volume knob on the kemper to increase/decrease the guitar volume against the general mix).

    Currenlty, I see no other alternative than sending the FOH mix and my (second) main outputs to a separate small mixer to achieve this...

    In my live setup, I want to connect some components to the Kemper but I’m afraid that I’m a bit lost…

    I want to connect the following equipment:

    -         A guitar wireless system (Sennheiser EW100 G2)

    -         An IEM system (Shure PSM 300)

    -         Freqout pedal in effects loop with a momentary switch

    I have the guitar wireless connected to the Alternative Input. In this way, I’m able to switch to a real cable via the front input in case of troubles with the wireless.

    To attach the Freqout in the effects loop, I need to use the Direct Output/Send with the Return input.

    So far so good.

    Now for the IEM, I would like to use the auxiliary inputs to feed the general FOH mix with the Kemper output. In this way, I can attach the IEM system to the headphone output and I can change the balance between the FOH general mix and my guitar signal via the volume knob of my Kemper.

    The problem is that the auxiliary inputs needs to be connected to the Return and Alternative input which are both already occupied…

    Is there another way to solve this issue?

    Hi Liam,

    Thanks for the explination about the x-slot. it explains a lot. I'm indeed not on the beta version and in my kemper when pushing the button it indicates to be the loop distortion. I was quite puzzled to hear the difference in sound when turning on or off the "loop" ;-).

    Now it is quite clear.

    Anyway, really fantastic profiles! I like them quite a lot...

    Best regards,